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Letras: Hell Paso

01. grand mox turkin
02. red planet
03. emptiness is a mule

grand mox turkin

Today the horde machine went rollin'
In sequence grasp, prepared to falter
We were born to self destruct on birth row

An hour glass is punctured yearning
This malevolent structured duplicates
But we all love to disobey on birth row

And the question remains,
Everything is spit and shined
Everything is wiped out twice to make sure
Nothing's on our mind

I was the fuse but your truth will always trust
But your truth will always trust

But the question still remains
We're nothing but a bunch of mistakes
What a sorry excuse for a human being

red planet

I don't mind all these blatant stares
Cuz my words are like all you
People, meaningless
Spineless like the mime, imitates
The shrine, the shrine of college
Cretin bags, yeah come pick me a winner
Mr. A&R dinero thug

Used to be that fun was our
Main objective, but Mr. old school
Will tell the new fuel, they're
Igniting in the wrong direction
Cash crop clubs in the entertainment

Do you know the red planet?
Do you know yourself?
Do do do company policy
Do do do all rights reserved
Do do do funds are pending
Do do do you're a sales figure

I don't mind if you take me there
In fact I want to see the stars
We'll take the plunge in a fabric boat
And we'll sink together, just sign my
Destiny and I will seal it forever

emptiness is a mule

Once upon a crime, with the radio on I was trampled underfoot
By the prince far guard broadcasting
To your living room two miles from bangledesh
I will walk your rope without that safety net this member is dismembered
But who still remembers that we're all pretenders

Watch your step because the mule is an empty
Because the mule is free

Fifth time on the mission
Her volcano erupted so respect equal's embarassment testasterone coward
i' m ashamed to be a pig amongst the pork
That fights the war against the wounded
And disabled the life I've encountered

Take the time dont you hold your breath
Cuz as the years pass by we turn blue
You can't be absolute within the obsolete
So don't whisper and murmur like a fool
Pick a card from the shuffling base
But all your kings and queens are gone
So how the hell do you expect to swim in all your filthy cesspool of psalms