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Letras: Fontanelle

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01. Bruise Violet
02. Right Now
03. Bluebell
04. Handsome and Gretel
05. Blood
06. Magick Flute
07. Won't Tell
08. Quiet Room
09. Spun
10. Untitled (Short Song)
11. Jungle Train
12. Pearl
13. Real Eyes
14. Mother 15. Gone

Bruise Violet

You got this thing that really makes me hot
You got a lot and more when you get caught
You got this thing that follows me around
You fucking bitch I hope your insides rot

Liar liar liar

You see the stars through eyes lit up with lies
You got your stories all twisted up in mine
You were born with glue instead of spine
Of thee I sing tied to a string

Bruise violet

Right Now

Pray the one my soul to keep
Servant's service
Too scared to sleep because of the creep
Scarred surface
In the right now
When I'm next to your head I see white
Heaven's presence
Mother dying all of the time
My sickness
In the right now
We'll take you
We'll take all of you
In the right now


Flys through the air with the greatest disease
Takes little pills and calls them trapeze
I know you're right
Everything you do is right
Everything I do is true

Bluebell to hell

Lo and behold a girl with a goal
Looks so old she's made out of gold

I want to live in the smallest corner of the densest mind of the
fuckmost room and sing the stars they swing from the chandelier strings.
You know who you are
You're dead meat motherfucker
You don't try to rape a goddess

You are so obvious

Handsome & Gretel

Gretel said I know what's in your head
I vacuumed out my head
I know you're feeling bad
You fucking bitch you cunthole bitch
I thought she meant it yeah
She really jacked my head
She went and done it

Handsome Gretel

My name is Gretel yeah
I've got a crotch that talks
It talks to all the cocks
It's been 12 city blocks you fuckin bitch

Gretel said "Oh you feel so bad
I know you feel so bad"
I thought she meant it

I vacuumed out my head
Jumping from bed to bed
My name is Gretel
A soul of metal
My name is Gretel
I've got a sloppy slut

Say violets hang around with toilets and look smack at us and symbolize
everything that is disgust and mistrust
Licorice eyes pin me down thighs

My thighs are vices
He is a stupid man
I love him all I can you fucking bitch
Addle girl
She pulls out all her curls
She is a stupid crotch
That spans 12 city blocks


I never thought that you'd explode through my eyes
I never ever was amused
Dear liver down on your knees
I never wanted to be alone

Good God!
I'd love to...
I had to

I never thought that you'd implode through my mind
I always wanted to be infused
I lied psychic spy
I always wanted to be alone

You are real sometimes you are unreal ceilings peel sometimes

Magick Flute

Draggin' my ass around countryside
Leave it to you I've got nothing to hide
Don't worry I won't touch you your eyes
Pierce me and leave me to hang

Please touch me and don't worry 'cause I'm
Burning the vein straight to your heart
Kick Tom upside his head
Regretting the things I've already said

Distance captivates me it holds the hook
Secrets hold the breath that I never took
Lactating eyes looking from my thighs
Seeing and wondering...what went wrong

Won't Tell

I won't ever tell on you ever
See me do

I wait forever for you
Figure out your problem with me is you

I won't ever be like you
See right through

You come running through
I won't ever tell...

Quiet Room



I live inside all invited inside
Eyes flutter feathers my hairs fair like weather
I've blown my recovery
Living is nice when you're spun like a kite

Sugar and tea and cream
Looks like the sea is green with rivalry

Now that I know just what you're all about I want out!
I live inside all invited inside

Sugar and tea and cream
Looks like the sea is green with reverie

Life is real when you're dreaming
Life's a dream when you're reeling

Now I want out

Untitled (Short Song)


Jungle Train

Rip strike
Let me enter you
You entertain center
Entertain you with my pain

Rip strike
Black eyes
Your side - capsized
Revel and strike

Got my love in pocket gonna hock it for my life

Fall shirt
Rip strike


Little she was this girl
Her thoughts and notions in a whirl
She was pretty quick
Found her stick
Filled it thick with...

Ole blackglasses
Spoonful molasses
Drinking wine
Killing time
Burn it black with a candle
All bent at the handle
Devil spit makes sick

She had a name her name's insane
A little maid picks away at her brain
To much disdain her brain remained
To think thought all axe and maim and...

I live inside...

Off with their heads for I'm staying in bed
I'm sick of that blackbird that shrieks in my head
Blacksugar shit is shit

Real Eyes

3 seas between us and the very next bus
And it takes so long to get there
'Cause the now and here spells nowhere
Heretic-toc goes the Easter clock
Your friends they're really not
I can't take it any more...


3 seized between us and the very next bus
Got a 30 dollar pocket built the plank
It begs to walk it
Every thought is mine or not
Just get your fingers off my spot

I can't take it any more...I REAL EYES


Mother...this is my life
Sister come and take my life
You are obscene and you know it
I run from me and it shows that's what you like me for
Huh sister crawling now on the floor
Do you like it...sister?

You are me you are me...mother


Now I stand with you at hand
Now I live with nothing to give
Cause it's gone
Now I stand with you underhand
Cause it's gone