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Letras: Come On Down

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01. Come On Down    
02. New God   
03. Swallow My Pride   
04. Ride Of Your Life   
05. Corner of My Eye  
06. Tunnel Of Love


C'mon down to the river...
Lift your eyes to the skies above
Come on in, feel my love
A little bit here, a little piece there
Pieces of love everywhere
C'mon down to the river...
The river runs shallow, the river goes deep
The river calls in your sleep
Dig this baby, now dig this hole
Your body's so warm, the river's so cold
And you're the one I want to hold
You're the one I want to hold
You're the one to fill this hole
You're the one I got to hold
C'mon down to the river...


Why bow down to something else
When you can worship me
Bend over, receive my truth
It shall set you free
Free from the false gods
Who want offerings of gold
I demand no material things
I only want your soul
I don't want your money
Or anything you own
I'm really not asking for much
I only want your soul
I only want your soul
I'm the new god on the block
And I won't destroy the Earth
If you give me what I feed on
Born-again afterbirth
Give me your first born
Give me your last
And all those in between
If you don't you'll awaken my wrath
And I'll get ugly and mean


She looked at me with dignity, said
"Baby there's one thing you've gotta see
Even though we're headed for war
this nation's prouder than ever before
Yes, there's a sprit in the air
We're more American than anywhere."
Well, I just smiled 'cause I could tell
This little girl's going to hell
All the warmth in her heart can't keep
My blood from running cold
First I fell for her looks
Now I just wanna go for the throat
I tried to tell her a hundred times
This little girl didn't understand at all
Pride comes before a fall
Now I wouldn't mind if you swallow my pride
Make me feel all right, deep inside
Feel all right
Pride comes before a fall
This ain't the summer of love(x4)
I don't know what you're thinking of
This ain't the summer of love
This ain't the garden of Eden
There ain't no angels above
Things ain't what they used to be
This ain't the summer of love
This ain't the garden of Eden
There ain't no angels above
Things ain't what they used to be
This ain't the summer of love
This ain't the summer of fun


Going down...
The ride of your life leads you down
Speeding to a hole in the ground
Your life's a blur, you've lost it inside
Too late to be scared, it's your last ride
Not turning back, no turning around
Plunging face first to a hole in the gruond
Going down...
Going down...
One time too many one step too far
You bought your last ride with a shot in the arm
Fingernails sink deep in your skin
No time left for wondering
The roar of death fills your ears
Try to focus on useless years
The ride of your life takes you down
Your last kiss is a hole in the ground


I've been watching you
From the corner of my eye
I've been watching you
For most of my life
I've seen you try
To hide your desires
I've seen through your
Desception & lies
You can't change
What's already been done
You can't hide
What I've known all along
And there's nothing you can do...
(You know nothing about me
I know all about you)
You can't point
Your finger at me
'Cause I know
I know I'm not
I'm not the guilty one
As long as you meet my demands
I promise I won't tell anyone
I caught your secret
Without even trying
You've always been in
The corner of my eye
Tonight I find out if there's
Anything more to learn
I'm your unseen shadow
As curiosity burns
And I know what I know
'Cause I've known it all along
Yeah, I know that I know
My knowledge makes me strong


Let me tell you a story
About an old friend
He seemed pretty happy
But said he was missing something
Down on the street one day
He saw a shining light
He let his thoughts consume her
All through the night
He said "Baby won't you take me
To your tunnel of love"
She said "Maybe, only if you're
Willing to give it all up"
He smiled and said "Sure whatever you say"
That's when he started
To drain away
All he ever wanted was a taste of her love
You know he lost more than he ever got
A love so tender, a love so sweet
Two cannibals devouring each other's meat
Then one day he came over to my place
I opened the door to his greenish-white face
He fell down shaking, down on my floor
Writhing and screaming: "no more..."
That's when I began to understand
What he came here for
When she was young she was told
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach
She didn't listen to her mom
She slipped in through his prick
He thought she was the girl of his dreams
She turned out to be the woman of his screams
Woman! come out...
He lost himself in a tunnel of love
He never learned how much was enough
You knw he gave her everything
Now she controls all of him
Woman! come out...