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Letras: Bellybutton

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01. The Man I Used to Be
02. That Is Why
03. The King Is Half-Undressed
04. I Wanna Stay Home
05. She Still Loves Him
06. All I Want Is Everything
07. Now She Knows She's Wrong
08. Bedspring Kiss
09. Baby's Coming Back
10. Calling Sarah

The Man I Used To Be
A.Sturmer / R.Manning

I hope you remember me
I was your daddy once
Wearing the sailor cap and dirty nails
To you I’m just a picture on your
Mother's mantlepiece
Who chose to fight the good fight in
Time to fail

Into battle
And in your shadow
Your daddy loves you still
Yes I do

I never thought it'd be so hard to
See you grow so fast
And turn into the man I used to be
But I hope you have more sense
Than I in matters such as these
Medals don't mean shit when a
Family is lost at sea

Into battle
And in your shadow
Your daddy loves you still
Yes he does
Yes he does

I save every moment i've reached out
And almost touched you
But they all fade away must be a bad memory

That Is Why
A.Sturmer / R.Manning

Though it's hard to admit it's true
I've come to depend on you
You and your angelic shout
Loud enough for two

And that is why
I'll confide in you the truth
This time
That is why
I just can't go on and live this life

Yesterday I was right as rain
But now the forecast's not
It's partly cloudy with trouser stains
And his copy of enquiring minds

But that never meant that much to her
She chose to keep her nose too clean
She'd rahter keep it pointed
In the spine of a magazine

And when you say I trust in you
I promise you the truth
And when you say I bet you won't
You know I will
And it'll be better in the end

So when you think you've got it
Figured out
Then you know you don't
Like all the rest you'd like to sit and pout
But of course you won't

The King Is Half Undressed
A.Sturmer / R.Manning

So this is where she stands at night
On this cold avenue of lights
The reds and greens but mostly reds
For you he's stopping

In seeing him she knows him less
His stick is wet she's half undressed
And all in all they're both obsessed
With so much nothing

I know it's hard for you to see
What lies behind's a mystery
If words could speak they'd
Mean even less
When the king is half undressed

She dots her "i's" with a smiley face
A work of art in all but taste
The fool deserves the bed he's made
Where idiots slumber

Divine she is to aire this fate
A crack of smile through all
His hate
Means nothing more in this
Nervous state of
So much nothing

I know it's hard for you to see
The truth behind is misery
If words could speak they'd mean
Even less
When the king is half undressed

Blue autumns
Sunshine kisses
Hearts and flowers
And broken wishes

I Wanna Stay Home


When you need someone
And there's noone there
There is always the 9 o'clock
To take you out somewhere

I take the train in town
Like I did for years
There is only 7 more blocks
I could walk from here

I wanna stay home
I wanna stay home right here
I wanna stay home today
I wanna stay

It's only 6 o'clock
When my day begins
There is always my alarm clock
To wake me up again

When I realise the weight
That's firmly on my shoulders
On my shoulders
I just try and find the place
I can take a walk on my blind side
On my blind side

When these memories fade
In my ripe old age
Please remember my dear

I wanna stay home...

She Still Loves Him
A.Sturmer / R.Manning

He writes her a letter
Tells her he won't be home soon -
She still loves him
He lost his temper
And belted his love 'cross the room -
Shes till loves him
Drinks when he's sad
Gets happy then mad at the world -
She still loves him

Never remembers that day in september when wed -
And she still loves him
She recalls the days when they
Were younger
Flowers could heal her wounds
But now those days are long since
Gone forever
Now her pain just fills every room

Faces aglow
As the light form the tv show seperates them now -
She still loves him
And all they wanted to be
Was as happy as couple number 3
On their favourite game show -
She still loves him

He recalls the days when they were younger
The futurecould heal the wounds
But now those days are long since gone forever
Now her pain just fills every room

I know some day this will all work out
She'll never face this alone
The light in her eyes may be flickering dim -
But she still loves him

All I Want Is Everything

Ever since I was a twinkle in my
Father's pants
They told me I could have it all and
More when given chance
"we'll get you anything you
A ferrari on my 16th birthday
"we'll get you anything that
You need"
But what I need from you is so
Much more

All I wanna be is wanted
All I wanna be wanted by you
All I wanna be is wanted
All I want is everything

I think i'd to play guitar and
Be a beatle that would be so swell
And every show I would just dedicate this
Song to you
And I would envy all my fans
While I bithc aout the price of fame
To my french maid low-ann
She looks so sincere but she don't understand

All I want is to be wanted...

Now She Knows She's Wrong
A.Sturmer / R.Manning

It's not the same without him here
20 years of him dead and gone
This vodka does a memory clear
Though it's too hard to imagine what these
Tears are for

A walkin posterboy for all that's good
He got swallowed by the cracks
Before he understood
She likes to think he loved here but it
Hurts so bad
Cos now she knows
She's wrong

It always seemed to strike
Her strange his working late until
The morning spending as much cash
And the sweet smell of his angel's
Hair that seemed to cling to his
Lips like a wax moustache

A walking monument to dna
Makin love under the podium at
The p.t.a
He's the principle of principles this
Love gone bad cos now she
Knows she's wrong

It hardly seems worth it baby
Too late in asking why
He juggled his honesty with 2 balls and an alibi
Now she knows that
Now she knows that
Now she knows she's wrong

Bedspring Kiss
A.Sturmer / R.Manning

His secrets out
The one he locked inside and denied every
Word about
He's guilty so his story claims
Twisting in his seat he repeats alone his name

Counting the words
Between his every line
Searchin' miles and miles to define
Just what it all means

As quiet as a church mouse
Painted every graphic scene but
With few details
His accomplice had made sure
Of this
When she sealed it with a
Bedspring kiss
And when her time had come to go
Jimmy washed all the bloodstains from her
Bloodstained clothes

But with a needle in his vein
It became too hard to explain
Just what it all means

Counting the words between his every line
Searchin' miles and miles to define
Just what it all means

Killing his time
The monkey in his veins
He knew he could not explain
Just what it all means
Just what it all means

Baby's Coming Back

I knew that when I saw her
That my life would soon move over from
The fast lane
Gone would be the days of all my drinkin'
And my carryin' on

But when I settled down
The party king uncrowned
The stubborn memory hadn't faded
Too many dumb mistakes
And the grief it makes
Left nothin' else to be debated

And if you say that you
Understand then you're lyin'
But if you figure that I’m alright
Now I can't deny it

Baby's coming back
Baby's coming back
So I’m on my best behaviour
I can't take it any more
I just woke up on the floor today
I've long run out of my last chance
But she's on her way

If I had a dollar
For every single time that I fought her
I'd buy a handgun
But that couldn't shoot away
The bullseye that she made on my heart

And if I sound like a beaten man well
I guess so
But on her its the sweetest prize and i
Can't let go

What I told her on the telephone was that i'd
Been so bad
I wouldn't blame her if she mowed down these
Wild oats i'd sown
But when she said she'd give me one
More chance
I said knock three times when you arrive

Baby's coming back...(you know the rest)

Calling Sarah
A.Sturmer / R.Manning

I know it sounds unfair
She's like a picutre standing there
I thank the heavens up above
For the one that I’m thinking of

Calling sarah
Crawling back to sarah
'Cause you're the one
Sometimes its awful hard to take
The way she takes me all the way
She's delicious beyond compare
I'd love to tell her but instead I stare

And when you ask me if I really love you
I can't wait to tell you
But if you ever feel you don't believe me
Don't you trust your feeling
'Cause its so hard to take when you're away
I wouldn't last one day