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Letras: From The Sounds Inside

01. So Would Have I
02. Three Throughts
03. I Go Through These Walls
04. Murmur
05. Saturation (unmastered version)
06. Interstate Sex
07. Dying (I Don't Mind)
08. The Battle of Time
09. With Love
10. I Will Always Be Beat Down
11. Fallout (unmastered version)
12. Penetrate Time (Lou Bergs)
13. Slow Down
14. Nature Falls
15. Beginning Again
16. Cut Myself Out
17. Place to Drive
18. How High
19. Fallout (alternative version)
20. Leaving You
21. Sailing Outdoors

Não existem letras oficiais para esse álbum. As letras reproduzidas aqui são interpretações extraídas do site The John Frusciante Tablature Archive e estão creditadas ao autor, quando citados.

So Would Have I
Transcrito por Thatyou

Make her into a man a key of (???)
So would have I
I collapse its time to breaks up
runs out

Take your face to the god
Noone works so hard
to keep you out
play on here
before its your turn to fade out

Make her into a fan a key of (???)
He would die
Just to take fate somewhere it could have been
Maybe been otherwise

Trading the far for the near (??)
Stand your bodies clear out
Oh won't you whats stay
Someone fakes you, step where
We standed go (??)
Its not always the move
Say it too
We show you
Say it too
We show you

Three Thoughts
Transcrito por Chimera

Every action going down to murder
every day Im gonna kill my past
time gives endless spark to futures
anyway Im gonna fill my last

The place in the sky she let in light
it drifted awhile and it faded out
it fades all along- it ended
I give three thoughts just to say hey.

Animation of the furthest thought heard
animation hit the street lights
empty gazes hit the strip-mall in
poison veins in the streams flight

awakened by sight to that closed eye
straining through the echoes of doubt
as they FIGHT! as they tear themselves down
you won't give up from swinging will you?

I Go Through These Walls

All on the trains
C'mon with your fast pace
Like you're showing off
You blamed yourself
Blamed a murderer
You are here among this yourself

See you blinded the prey before you
"You are mine" end it all
"You are mine" end it all...

Losing all these moments of place
I know where you've been
(Undeciferable emotive vocals)
And there's no pain, there's no pain.

I go through revolt
Start it all
I go through these walls

I go through and revolt
Start it all
I go through these walls


[não disponível]


[não disponível]

Interstate Sex
Transcrito por Thatyou

Being in line is a dream I'm after
I can take it easier so is fights
Taking time is a way of light
What this takes you here to brings you no lie

I'll be up high
In the air
Between your home
I'll just get out
You'll never die
Chess book lay down
You go places they don't take me


You believe to goes a faces
Theres a way you all arrive
At a place wher you've combined
Every moment that winces make you feel right

A days a low you'll be low being light
behind somewhere to go
you way come back
hearing things you say makes me blind
It's all right the seasons change


Interstate sex, sex, sex
Interstate sex, sex, sex
Interstate sex, sex, sex

Sex, sex, sex
Sex, sex, sex

Dying (I Don't Mind)
Transcrito por Thatyou

Here's one for the unknown past
shooting into infinity
here's one for the cut out frames below you

Hear the sound, I've been down
here at reaching up thru the trees
here is where you'll always be

And dying
you're dying

Here's where the futre
Here's one for the marry mount (??)
Here's one for the dealine we push back

Here's one forsaken
Here's one to delay
You can hold my time I'll drive
but I don't mind

The Battle Of Time

Seems to be away is peachy now
Feel like may be far at all
I've got these clothes to deceive me
I've been lost all along
You've got a mouth that's bigger
I've got a man on the side
You'll see my lie

You've got a town to speak to
You've got rented dye
I drive it around somewhere
Before I was alive
I was alive _________
You've got a mountain beneath you
You're always known in archives

I'll always have the side
All the times of hate
All around, this is here

You've got a running see-saw (it's me inside)
That's what I heard (it's the battle of time)
I have always felt fine (I know, hey)
I've nothing no-one nowhere
hey... (cool solo)

With Love


I Will Always Be Beat Down

I am hopeful for you
Go from to a few
Train the horses all right
Cut the air off with good knife

All the pastures of time
Move around and combine
Break the lock, stay seen child
Break the forces which collide
You are this.

I will always be beat down
I will always be down


Carried thru the road so far alone
Days glue themselves to what is wrong
And soon the hills will swallow us up
Plans will pass her
Land on the walls is laid out
I know you're in pain
Train for the cause is staying down
It plays you out
Fall out of love again
Your dreams all end

Lou Bergs/Penetrate Time
Transcrito por Thatyou

Flying over the black town
Forces call to me to get right down
Work it out again to catch my trout
throw it in these effects unpacked

Ground breaks, direction
No one else could penetrate time

Learn you to move the grass above all time
Past moving up and all futures go back
Look at where you are you find no trace of time
Going in around in the only places you're free
low birds, you were the full taste to this from downtown

Lou bergs, you were the full taste to this from downtown

You say what you want it was yours till you die
to come up, you float down
i drew and agaony fall
You grow back with your face down
The breast bone it feels
You glow bright and you will always hear this sound

You can always have this back
Its so hard to make joy so sad
You can always just stand back
its a hearts (??)
that make it (??)
grow down on faces (??)

Slow Down
Transcrito por Thatyou

Severed hands of tragedy
tears of the men and stolen
all tried to pass their children
all tried to kiss them somehow

whats here to feel this morning
formed into a worn of gun (???)
wondered how it liked the days if
they're inside and now you're dead though (???)


I basically have no
clue on the lyrics of the last verse.

No one go on home
in down
reach out
in front of
an a medalion
when I beat the world
some........ (???)

Nature Falls

Help us about with the star now
They become the cream
You're at home, you thought how
You been living sleeping
In all the waste you'd lie
And all the times
Your soul should dine on your shelf
You can never go on
And now your singing this song

Nature falls, make the wrong
Who you'll thread a new day
And I tasted a lot
It will go on

Meet your ______ (?)
Go on with a simple home
Initiate a sound
Move the waves around

Beginning Again
Transcrito por Thatyou

I know you're a slave Kid
And you were my slut
Bleed in my blood
You'll be on both ends
I'm me again
Days can be erased
invisibilities traced
one day you'll face
days you never saw
they rush ahead
I know of the space kid
I stumble through the mazes
I fold the pages
wherever I
wanna begin again
no, now, it swears to be full


Cut Myself Out

You fall around these thoughts
Where you made me come, dear
Leave all the days behind that made you run.
I shall forget the days that you told me to
I was such a waste when I cut myself out
Now the fall is over baby

You'll descend but at a rate you'll find is slow
And all these times afraid to walk the room
That you have to take, there is no other way
It's forces far above you, though you want me to
I'll decorate these heights, I'll make it fit right
Somehow we wait from old to young
Now the word is small

Place To Drive

Empty your half and mind
Wait on, erase time
There's bound to be too many
(?Crawl to numb her sucker womb?)

In chambers calm yourself out first
They all break out
And they all break out

Seem to wish I'd a revolver,
We move away from God

There was a place to drive
There was a place to drive
All along that day

How High?

We magic through your thought
Shine, you're made of pine
You slip through the streams of the city
We sleep your mind

How high, how high?
That's right
How high, how high?
Leave your body

You lay the past in a field
When you're outside time
We stand in a plane
This ground is right

How high, how high?
That's right
How high, how high?
Leave your body


Carried thru the road so far alone
Days glue themselves to what is wrong
And soon the hills will swallow us up
Plans will pass her
Land on the walls is laid out
I know you're in pain
Train for the cause is staying down
It plays you out
Fall out of love again
Your dreams all end

Leaving You


Sailing Outdoors
Transcrito por Thatyou

Evened it out all along
sailing outdoors

By the sun came thru the shore
now I'll lying in doors
for a long day
lean on the ocean
burn all the skies

Scatter the days around us
have a win eating paradise

Where did you go laying on
I see that it shows me I smell
Under the flame lay it all
The sky around us

Thoughts I need far away
Could be on that own way

Sailing outdoors
for the sun
leaving all worries behind me
hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm