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Letras: Forbidden Places

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01. Sam
02. Nail It Down
03. This Day
04. Open Wide
05. Another Moon
06. That How It Goes
07. Whirlpool
08. Popskull
09. No Longer Gone
10. Forbidden Places
11. Six Gallon Pie


Maybe they had a ridiculous statement
To make about something they hadn't experienced
Possibly Sam had a different oppinion
That nobody'd ever concidered important
And damn it if Norman and Betty were listening
Somebody would have become a phenomenal
Howling, lightning, tampering with the electrical
Evidence shown to be relevant

Possibly with the exception of ivory
Everyone else had abandoned the obvious
Chipping away at erroneous garbage
Which definately is as exciting as pudding
Deliciously spooned from the lap of the ludicrous
Into the mouths of the questionless idiots
Licking their lips as their eyeballs are rolling and flapping
Their tongues as they're losing their marbles

That's the way Sam played around
That's the way Sam played

Someone who wasn't related to anyone
Twisted the facts 'till the truth was apparent
And dished up a dollop of dubious doo-doo that
Sparkled like something folks scrambled to swallow
Slipping the rich through the eye of a needle
Is easy as getting a camel to heaven
And Granny transgressing had blubbered a bibful
Of classified info on Milton's imbroglio


In or around this cold and broken sight
In the heat of events got one thing right
I walked through an invisible fire, I got burned
I remember and I still got the scar
Like the losened connection on your personal circuit

Don't need a hammer
Just to nail it down, nail it down

You know the thing with the sideways glance
In the heat of events there's a little chance
Little face with a painted grin
Comes the realization you must backwards walk in
If it tries to escape you through an open window

Step aside to miss the opening verse
Catch the full-on blast of what's a little worse
Within a pond down inside somewhere
There's a rustle of quiet and the salt of air


On this day we're miles away
We saw a clock up in the sky
The hands lay on the show to pay
Number fallen on its side

This day
This day

Just one note that was all she wrote
And the sound blew down the walls
The one boat that was set to float
Took a trip right down the falls

In two ways we could count the haze
And we never used a knife
In those days there was zero waste
Now the waste of time is life


Twenty-one little pink salamanders pass me by tonight
Twenty-one little red tongues are flickering in my sight
Amphibious thoughts are flowing with the salamander's showing
Of the touch of evil tinted black and white

Seventeen fat ripe rats hold stacks of juniper pie aloft
Thirty-four clever rat hands are juggling tarts on high
These rodents know the craving for a slice, a sliver, or shaving
No request for satisfaction is denied

Open wide
Open wide


All these nights have made me crazy
I can't seem to come around
Days of hiding in the sunshine
Feeling nighttime's falling down

Oh, I see another moon over me
Oh, I see another moon over me

All these lies have got me thinking
Maybe this is just a thought
Soon my ship of thought is sinking
Slipping through the thinking knot

Pulling back the veil are monkeys
Hidden there are monkeys more
Someone spills a jar of honey
Sticky monkeys crawl the floor


Maybe you won't try to hit me again
Maybe you won't try to slap me for lying
I did what you heard and I can admit that
I'd do it again in a second tomorrow

Little or nothing makes much of a difference
So I took the chance not to bother with trifles
You mind your business and I'll pick the slack up
And you'll never know just how mucg I have borrowed

And we say "That's how it goes", and we stay
Watching the mess that we've made as it grows

Little or nowhere is closer than ever
And I got the feeling we're stuck 'till tomorrow
Carry on fishing and I'll keep my hat on
And together we'll see just how much we can borrow


There was a swirling mass of water
That lived in a quiet pond
It asked permission from its master
To visit the lands beyond

And its master allowed it to fly
So the wind swept the whirlpool across the sky

The whirlpool's mother wore a jacket
She'd sewn out of dental floss
It was stolen by a monkey
That sold it to an albatross


Love flies on wings
Listen to the angels sing
Love flies on wings

Put it in the calibrations
Show it to be ornamental
Wrapped up, crapped on, thrown away
Love flies on wings

Oh, by joyful
Try to knock 'em stiff
Send in the clowns

Here come the clowns
Welcome all to Tiny Town
Send in the clowns

Put it on the burner
with an extra shot of bubble water
That's right you take more little dribble
Here come the clowns


Ice on the wings and we were flying
Sand in our eyes but we were seeing
Below us a crowd that wasn't buying
Watching us pass and not believing
No one else has seen the sights that crossed our eyes
Everything beyond these purple skies

No longer gone, we're back again
No longer gone, we were dead but now returned
No longer gone, though the tides are standing still
No longer gone, and our bridges are still burning

Marks on the floor where we were laying
Better explain what I'm saying
Put us to rest we're not staying
Life is the price that we'll be paying


You said I shouldn't have gone
I don't know I went ahead on anyway
Night time wore to dawn
I found my free will had gone away from me

Behind the masks that pass for faces
Hours are lost in forbidden places

Nowhere for me to run
Not that I feel like running anywhere anyway
Somethings are clear at night
Then become confusing in the light of day

Within the darkness, behind the faces
Pioneers of forbidden places

Something I wouldn't have thought
Crept up from behind me now it's here to stay
Too real although it's not
Couldn't have possibly been avoided anyway

The crazy landscapes behind the faces
Holding back the forbidden places
Abolished music, lost for ages
The living words of forbidden pages
Though dust has gathered on honest feeling
Forbidden truths through twilight stealing Glisten hints of forbidden places