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Letras: 10 Songs

01. Easy It Was
02. Now a Limo
03. Grinding Process
04. #2 Pencil
05. At a Crawl
06. Disinvite
07. Snake Appeal
08. Show off Your Red Hands
09. Over from Underground
10. Crayfish

Easy as it was

Trish! Your broken heart's a piece of this
You hold it up, a vicious twist
I guess you're better than your love
You knew that, Easy as it was
Come on
Give me something special, something that I need
She makes a try, a simple lay-o
Gathered through the power sesho
So I do hear your words
Peel the skin away from my eyes
And look in She's all the things that you put away
So it's inside
They slip it in
I can hardly mix in
Without it all, your sin
Make the monkey crawl, my love
So you will let me know.

Now a Limo

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Grinding Process

sitting in your smile chair
I sniff here lips and spit
he keeps on calling lies
of those less fortunate
I must exterminate
the lucky hunch and guilt
I win my lottery
My fingers need a bath
he moves around and licks
she chokes her dying breath
and does it in my face
her sticky druggy sticks
to my more waiting flesh
it doesn't number mine
for my last kiss to taste
for my last kiss to taste
that I know it is wrong
but I'm waiting to see
how very long I can keep up the pace

#2 Pencil

#2 Pencil inside me
And the lead is yards deep in my face
Lick your tongue
Flat on the glass lathe
Smell the smell, the big P of this
Roll your head, chop my blood in yours
Leech the pain they drove in us
Count on this: Call off the land, true
To be used, and then you call me yours.

At a Crawl

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Snake Appeal

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Show off Your Red Hands

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Over from Underground

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