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Letras: Hostile Ambient Takeover

01. Black Stooges
02. (Untitled Track)
03. Dr. Geek
04. Little Judas Chongo
05. The Fool, the Meddling Idiot
06. The Brain Center at Whipples
07. Foaming
08. The Anti-Vermin Seed

Black Stooges

why deal?
and then appeal?
to pirate along
and it's not alive
i don't know if i can lead
the wielder beast
and he's white
soggy lies
and i'm awake
it's hot in here tonight
and there's not a lot of light-
what are you?
and what is he?
apposed to work
and i sit aloud
moats of rays
and in my way
the wings collide
and it's lonley
seems to be
that we could eat
the world of war
and i'm wound

(Untitled Track)

[não disponível]

Dr. Geek

now talk to Dave
the king is our job to the night
it's sanitary
and crazy with delight
and people say
ignore about the night
it's tips away
and now it's alright

it's time to deliver
it will make my day
and we will get crazy for free-
now talk to Dave
the years gone to our lord
it comes to be
that mabey it's too hard
and hopefully
it falls and sticks on mars
the opening
it's clean and it's all-
it's time to deliver
it will make my day
and we will get crazy for free

Little Judas Chongo

a heman come like sinner
when ever i allowed re-arrange
ima load of teet to eat
it's automatic
right now when your ready
the horse is sound in same
i caughta dead mans hand you see
its all the money
see my soul to the right left right
watch my see in
a terror in my way
ive gotta goddamn world due
it so eradict
where is all my we
and where is this thou hate
itsa load up nail me
to reveal me send my soul
to the right left right

The Fool, the Meddling Idiot

I can feed
From the angel
On down here
To blow my mind
I'm away
From the nail
All we be
Will come alive
And you are
My horrid
Rotten rings are wrong

Away from the mangle where we don't need
I got the one to make me alright

We ride
For never
Nothing can or will
We fight
At zero
Come holy rise 'round
Do you will?
We will in
Hired hand for the eye

They are alive and wasted on me
You are so even

Will you leave me?
Will you ask in ten days
When I'm not worried?
Are they really harmless?
I don't believe them

None of us
None of us don't know
Sat down on the dusk

Brain Center At Whipples

where am I fortune?
it's just my forced reaction
does anyone had helped me read now
does anyone had helped the other one
put down the wild
clocking like a pace of reality
I've got it in my brain now
I've got it in my center
so what are you talking about?
you started the war
so what am I?
it's in my motor
it's in my head
I had to wing my motor
and had to win my high goal
Submitted by Mark T.

Where is my fortune?
It's in my forced reaction
Doesn't one hand help me read now?
Doesn't one hand help the other one?
Put down the wild
Cooking like the face of banality

I've got it in my brain now
I've got it in my center

What are you talking about?
You started loud
So am I

Is it my woman?
Is it my head?
I hide up wing my motor
And hide up wing my hot goal


Their low decision
With it 'til the end
I met a blue then
I'm more wire
What am I?
Qoute a manly lady
Cuz that's not why you hear
Seperate your leader
And mine keeps lower

I just wanted bottle
To live with civilized men
And change only science
Decide who would end it
I did my breathing
Sitting on the head
Borrow your meager
And I'll go and
Be a t-o-d-i

What we don't see
By nine we'll lead
By 90 degrees
By ever skin
By needle bins
Lie on the ground
Turn around

The Anti-Vermin Seed

if i could get the nerve and mood
i'd put them all to sleep
that would not be wrong
for either you or what it is we see
somewhere there's a king
who keeps his days for forgiving everyone
if i could hold one thing
an anti-vermin seed then i won't ever need
only for real
will we all pretend it over now
over my hand
i remembered all and what it do to them
and when you search your soul
you had better damn well tell green from gold
and when i look for hope
if its in my head i'd say its a bargain