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Letras: Millennium Masterwork (The Fantômas Melvins Big Band)

01. Good Morning Slaves
02. Night Goat
03. The Omen
04. Cholo Charlie
05. White Men Are the Vermin of the Earth
06. Terpulative Guns & Drugs
07. Ol' Black Stooges
08. Ripping Chicken Meat
09. The Bit
10. Musthing With the Phunts
11. Me and the Flamer
12. She's a Puker
13. The Turkey Doctor
14. Hooch
15. Mombius Hibachi
16. Liquorton Gooksburg
17. Skin Horse
18. Cape Fear
19. Untitled

Good Morning Slaves

[não disponível]

Night Goat

She wants my way to feel
And I cut my teeth
It's more nine hundred miles
Oh, I got no more me
Well you can make my teeth grind
You can make my underworld
IT's a bit done well now
It's a big dark hell
You sit and watch out for your tails
Like a poison sold on demand
Like a hard chance
Like a pig tail
I walked my self away
Well, baby I'm talked about
And I felt it grow
She makes you undefiled now
And she'll clean my nose
I looked so Peaceul
I looked so underworld
I ain't got no mind, but
I ain't got no tail
You looked like such a worthy man
Like a sinner tossed on the wind
Like a hard sell
Like I've passed on
Like a willow thrown away!
On signs I'll walk down for the way
Like a poison sold on demand
Like a Hard sell
Like I'm set down
Like the well on goes away!!!!!!

The Omen

Ave Satani
Sanguis minimus
corpus animus
tolle corpus satani

Sanguis minimus
corpus animus
tolle corpus satani
Sanguis minimus
Corpus animus

tolle corpus satani
Ave versus cristus
Ave versus cristus
Ave versus cristus

Ave Satani
Sanguis minimus
corpus animus
tolle corpus satani

Cholo Charlie

[não disponível]

White Men Are the Vermin of the Earth

[não disponível]

Terpulative Guns & Drugs

[não disponível]

Ol' Black Stooges

why deal?
and then appeal?
to pirate along
and it's not alive
i don't know if i can lead
the wielder beast
and he's white
soggy lies
and i'm awake
it's hot in here tonight
and there's not a lot of light-
what are you?
and what is he?
apposed to work
and i sit aloud
moats of rays
and in my way
the wings collide
and it's lonley
seems to be
that we could eat
the world of war
and i'm wound

Ripping Chicken Meat

[não disponível]

The Bit

This is for cows
It's not for the size of me
Into my mouth
Nine-hundred and fourteen

Try some force
Try to lead
The foundling die is close determinate
Raise head and stomp the blood
I'm not even sound raide

I'm alive
I got the silver
And I wonder
What will you follow?
When your head is not in order
And I'm stomping your little
How can you laugh
How can you lie awake
Making me drive
Making my heart a
Not too fat
Not to lean /
The foundling die, is close excitedly
Raise head and stomp the blood
I'm not even soundly

Musthing With the Phunts

[não disponível]

Me and the Flamer

[não disponível]

She's a Puker

[não disponível]

The Turkey Doctor

[não disponível]


[não disponível]

Mombius Hibachi

The singing Chinese holding Kang What's the difference?
A light for all time.
The buried secret, sings to get up What's the hurry?
You're not Harry To close your eyes, keeping open

Liquorton Gooksburg

[não disponível]

Skin Horse

Ty plays the battle fold though bastardly
Follow said criminal in the form of his hand
He'll chance the overload when it's all about the end
Maybe the size and soul will settle in
Everyone is shifting all around his agonize
Can't make the sort of sound this and dust could sanitize
Gonna see in Earth all edge
Wishing I was at the where all dull razors all began

Shoulder only angel seven half of every golden an
on those who really help me time unveils
Ty regarding visionary

Give it all to me I didnt' wanna be
Singled out for the fire you little tangy
Make a mind to make a friend give it up toenail
Too old for that buy me a big one
To say what's real your not the boss of me
Meet my old man he's just a funny
He makes more than you will take it away
I've got the only wisdom we're still friends
In time it will all be over it will be good
But i'm old and i'm getting older knew i would
Later days finally coming on take me away
Little place near the holy one and let's run

Cape Fear

[não disponível]


[não disponível]