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Letras: Neither Here Nor There

01. Bar X the Rocking M
02. Night Goat
03. Hog Leg
04. The Fool the Meddling Idiot
05. Revolve
06. Colossus of Destiny
07. Manky
08. Oven
09. With Teeth
10. If You Get Bored
11. Let It All Be
12. Boris
13. Forgotten Principles
14. Prick
15. Mombius Hibachi
16. At A Crawl
17. Hooch
18. Eyeflys


Big slide across bitter by hiding hold a hail
Sit down and hold this town infever
This mind is most of all like a vulture on a nail
And now he knows distorting feeler hell
this time he knows distorting
Be now the first of all by the low end on avoid
It's a pig in's an eye it's a soul it's a seether
Big eye and hold it all by the riding on a head
Dig down in the voice dic-storting feeler hell
Chicks hid the most dic-storting


She wants my way to feel
And I cut my teeth
It's more nine hundred miles
Oh, I got no more me
Well you can make my teeth grind
You can make my underworld
IT's a bit done well now
It's a big dark hell
You sit and watch out for your tails
Like a poison sold on demand
Like a hard chance
Like a pig tail
I walked my self away
Well, baby I'm talked about
And I felt it grow
She makes you undefiled now
And she'll clean my nose
I looked so Peaceul
I looked so underworld
I ain't got no mind, but
I ain't got no tail
You looked like such a worthy man
Like a sinner tossed on the wind
Like a hard sell
Like I've passed on
Like a willow thrown away!
On signs I'll walk down for the way
Like a poison sold on demand
Like a Hard sell
Like I'm set down
Like the well on goes away!!!!!!

Hot Leg

[não disponível]

The Fool, the Meddling Idiot

I can feed
From the angel
On down here
To blow my mind
I'm away
From the nail
All we be
Will come alive
And you are
My horrid
Rotten rings are wrong

Away from the mangle where we don't need
I got the one to make me alright

We ride
For never
Nothing can or will
We fight
At zero
Come holy rise 'round
Do you will?
We will in
Hired hand for the eye

They are alive and wasted on me
You are so even

Will you leave me?
Will you ask in ten days
When I'm not worried?
Are they really harmless?
I don't believe them

None of us
None of us don't know
Sat down on the dusk


Freedom or lies Step from, walk away
You gotta hold your time You gotta hit it with the right of way
Maybe if you like to fight for any like of what's seen
Either way it's sane Either way it's gotta mean
Red sister might be chokin' But I ain't about that kind
It'a a beat with the rythm of a body that was born to lose two times

Hey big body He said that i'm a true fortune lie
Held my shoulder Big pointy looks, big broken knives

They might try to hide They have to answer both dead sense
You might be right I could afford either way in
Poison dandilion forms cross
Big spoke down cross Stick your head on the line
The flavor might be missin' He's last to cross that anyway
You can bet he can fiddle with the brothers to the power of another day

Hey big body He said that I'm a true fortune lie
Held my shoulder Big pointy looks, big broken knives

Two of them stole my might One of them stole my time Didn't you say what you wanted Denied

Colossus Of Destiny

[não disponível]


We mate to be relieved
sick animal come on and eat me
we seize to be released
but we don't want to lay
a lesson died a lesson done
we played and that's my secret
I've burned to keep them down
but that sick keeps coming around
i gotta crawl to be to buy
this sick just makes me stronger
stomp the sick or stomp the lies
and i will kill them all
i hate days all at once
i hate misery and it's no wonder
I've burned to keep them down
but that sick keeps coming around


I coulda swore I gave my wedding ring to you.
Among the chewing gears you taunt me tear.
Elements are still alive to shake from ear to ear.
Pez are gonna let it slide gonna burn what cotton decides are apelee.
My main oven drive he took from under what's come over me.

With Teeth

You got the part that's livin' now
It's a tiny bit nasty,
But it's the part that nescessary,
And you've time to make it right Lord knows, I'm not the living light.
I know it's not for me, your heart But you've just got to learn to make it real.
Sometimes the heart keeps watch Take it on the doves!
Life is the world on water
Life is a well done war
Life is the world on water
Life is a well done war.

If You Get Bored

[não disponível]

Let it all be

(Part 1)
when did it begin?
and will it ever end?
the way you take the muscle from the song
and kinda swing it
you lay it on
and I aint one of your friends
losing all the grain
and now you say it
now why would that be me?
and why would I agree
to keep it in my head
and what you think is cold
the nature of my soul
sorry man
I aint gonna be told
let it all be
I wonder why
you put this on me
I speak my mind
its sorta funny
I’m violent with the hands in my head
they kind of move
but movin gets me nowhere
now you can all decide
and you can tell your lies
but who you call your friends
and what you think is cold
the nature of my soul
sorry man
I aint gonna be told
let it all be

(Part 2)
tangle it in the ends
heart in hand
lookin for the blood
of the white man
lookin for the day
when I can be an indian
after all this time
I get my revenge
but I, I aint no indian
I have to kill
with what I can
dream of their fight, dream of their death


I'd like to take, I'd like to feel wanted
Take 'em up and take 'em down
I'd like to make a lot of, Generate the one eyed males
Build 'em up and let 'em fall
Just lay 'em on and leave the lily tight
Take 'em up and take 'em down
Generate, lay 'em flat like monkey eyed man
Leave 'em built right?
Stand 'em, tie 'em down
It's like sin
Boris likes a lot of little pigs to kick
Makes every single weapon he could ever feed
Boris feed
Let friend stone friend stone lie
Let's make, let's feel wanted
Take 'em up and take 'em down
My shake, mines monkey metal
Boris knows and Boris likes it all
It's like sin
It's a killer, she's a killer maker
It reaches in and takes from a value mind, and not awake, still live
20 bulls have the back and see the lions
I got a small, got what they call a lack
A lack of half-way cut bullets on my arm
I say I can't but I really mean I won't
In their arm, or maybe up a nole
I see it all
See Boris has a whale, see through my isles
He touches an affection, a master mime
Nebulae to me my arms and legs and spine
He's got you palled
I'm sinking, told you wait, like a straight armed druid
Let 'em room

Forgotten Principles

[não disponível]


[não disponível]


The singing Chinese holding Kang What's the difference?
A light for all time.
The buried secret, sings to get up What's the hurry?
You're not Harry To close your eyes, keeping open

At a Crawl

[não disponível]


Los ticka toe rest.
Might likea sender doe ree.
Your make a doll a ray day sender bright like a penelty.
Exi-tease my ray day member half lost a beat away.
Purst in like a one way sender war give a heart like a fay. Cuz I can ford a red eed only street a wide a ree land. Die-mond make a mid-evil bike a sake a like a ree caste. Cuz I can ford a red eed only street a wide a ree land.
On a ree land.
Find a ree land.
You sink a my swan.
Rolly a get a worst in.
Maybe minus way far central poor forty duck a pin.
Milk maid dud bean.
Master a load a head.
Pill pop a dope a well run general hash pump a gonna led.


I lay like you
I feel good sin
I'm blind like you
In such pieces
That's the mood
Touch lain clothes
The rings you bear
And that's good sense, so
Don't blaze lo rays
The rings you bear
And that's good
Senshun through
At your may-pole
Take me crazy
Do it right
Do it right
Do it right
Right. . . Right