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Letras: Stoner Witch

01. Skweetis
02. Queen
03. Sweet Willy Rollbar
04. Revolve
05. Goose Freight Train
06. Roadbull
07. At The Stake
08. Magic Pig Detective
09. Shevil
10. June Bug
11. Lividity


When I sold you for you now
Caught in a holder, yeah!
Mixed and rolled and scold you go
Caught in a hollow yellow you.


As a measure of a soul
Like a dumb run: bring your fear
You and me, we got the same air going
Breathing here
You got sent the cold water you're in
Like someone left to could half breathing
Maybe me and the Queen could take another order
Lock it away

Oh little wish it away
I got time to wish away
Little wish it away

Head look about for freedom
Like a do-mo bring on feel
I might take the T-mind looker
Love and see
High tongue hit the cold wide looker
Aw Damien has the free minds mover
Maybe me and the Queen could give a side order
Love it away, yeah!

Oh little wish it away
I got time to wish away
Little wish it away
She don't hang


Seeing ready chee Like I sold your way
You make a mold of me Shake it, like it Yesterday
Life without your smile I can free your tail Right ?!

I got a motor ready so ready I
I got a motive so that I don't.


Freedom or lies Step from, walk away
You gotta hold your time You gotta hit it with the right of way
Maybe if you like to fight for any like of what's seen
Either way it's sane Either way it's gotta mean
Red sister might be chokin' But I ain't about that kind
It'a a beat with the rythm of a body that was born to lose two times

Hey big body He said that i'm a true fortune lie
Held my shoulder Big pointy looks, big broken knives

They might try to hide They have to answer both dead sense
You might be right I could afford either way in
Poison dandilion forms cross
Big spoke down cross Stick your head on the line
The flavor might be missin' He's last to cross that anyway
You can bet he can fiddle with the brothers to the power of another day

Hey big body He said that I'm a true fortune lie
Held my shoulder Big pointy looks, big broken knives

Two of them stole my might One of them stole my time Didn't you say what you wanted Denied


Oh Die! They gone and left me for her
On the way
Each every time a think the wheel around [around around]
And it's gone [around around]
I got a reason for heading home
It's not serene
It don't make sense to me
I got the four eyes blooming under half of my bed
Seems to jingle as the razor comes with color and claw
I see it shine I see it stare
Holding hearts in my hand
Take the master morgue and make her have it sitting on side
Let the glory boy of Mr. Henry have it alright.
While it's in front of me
Keeps me insane.
Disguised to take away the feeling the house survives
But all on demand
Disguise thrown over me
Teenage hand
Oh! die You should have known you could have rested on me
Each every time I kept the reel alive
You took me for the drive
To feel the fear and it's hard. . .


Is it all on your demand?
Seems as to
Where I see, yeah!
I'm for the Gingeree
Miss it all Miss it all

Get Loud! Make War! Make freedom!
Get loud! Make war! Make freedom!
Key !
Get loud! Make War! Make Freedom !
In the path of Gingeree
I'll warm and hold the key
Been warned in time
I let the War man die.


Maybe once and maybe came away
I took a quarter of your wishes
Fed them all aside
The weaker of the fortune's mystery
Hasn't yet all appeared to me
But then I never wanted more than 3

Shade's know any reason
Blame's are all I see
Her allergy's been forsaken maybe
Stir it all on at me

So it seems and so it's came away
Might be the voicings frighten
And so it's gotten me
The weaker of the fortune's mystery
Has finally pissed indee
Indeed, made it for the ee

Shade's know any reason
Flames are all I see
Hala-tease been forsaken maybe
Stirin all on a lee
Now they're gonna burn me
Make all my flesh away'd
Real green turnin half ball shakin
Leave me, horror day.


Lo-s o needs no medic
Feels only queen
We'll try for for the one for Anglais
Just makes his deal
'Cause I say, "No! You're mine"
And I'll go on for I feel
I got the cross confusing man, yeah!
I got no more me, Uh!
'Cause I say you're either ready
He's got a voice
A wretched voice indeed
Prosthetic you, waiting to disrobe.

True right, try to shock me
Feeling like a seething head
God looks right through me
This is what you do to me
I see you're a choking hot wheel
Seeing opportunity
Guys done wheel to shark me
He's not me!
We're stuck in cartwheels
Feeling like a perfect nuclear
He's a real meathead


It's nice to take a narrow man
And hold in a heaven
Grab it hold of for lamb
You try to deafen me
And leave it for shavin
Man over for same
Ben stars in all my wars and more, they're gonna act in emergency
When he beats them down and haunt it all away

It's nice to pick a lame vein
And mold it for metal
Raw load is a gran
Budweiser eppen me
Ex-ect us for favors
Why one does a hang child
Piston story yeah
And sorta sorry
Wind highs are livin
Will you all come calling
We sell are soul.

June Bug

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