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Letras: The Maggot

01. Amazon
05. We All Love JUDY
07. Manky
09. The Green Manalishi
11. The Horn Bearer
13. Judy
15. See How Pretty, See How Smart


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by the time you’re natural
by the time you die
I’ll take my head and spin it for you
I’ll just look around
and I call you liar
and I call you dead
you come and poisoned all the things that I once set up on
everybody’s hungry
everybody’s high
we’ll sit around and ask ourself if it was all a lie
and I already told you
and I already say
but you have got to know yourself and so I let it slide
can you get together
can you hold my hand
it takes forever for the sound to get around
and I already love you
and I already want
but will we all just sore

We All Love JUDY

send it all into find us
can’t feel it’s weight
left it all to remind us
that it all just anyway
we’re at the door
will it ever be me
let down it’s a final
let down and standing alone
see them wait
locked down when you die


We mate to be relieved
sick animal come on and eat me
we seize to be released
but we don't want to lay
a lesson died a lesson done
we played and that's my secret
I've burned to keep them down
but that sick keeps coming around
i gotta crawl to be to buy
this sick just makes me stronger
stomp the sick or stomp the lies
and i will kill them all
i hate days all at once
i hate misery and it's no wonder
I've burned to keep them down
but that sick keeps coming around

The Green Manalishi (with the two pronged crown)

Now when the day goes to sleep and the full moon looks
the night is so black darkness cooks
you come on creepin' around making me do things i don't wanna do
i can't believe that you need my love so bad
comes in and around trying to drive me mad
how'd you know my dreams?
making me see things i don't wanna see
'cause you're the green manalishi with the two pronged crown
all the tryin' is up are you bringin' this down?
take all my lovers away
leave me here just to try to keep from following you


The Horn Bearer

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See How Pretty, See How Smart

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