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Letras: Disco Volante

1. Everyone I Went To High School With Is Dead
2. Chemical Marriage
3. Carry Stress In The Jaw (Sleep Part II)
4. The Secret Song
5. Desert Search For Techno Allah
6. Violenza Domestica
7. After School Special
8. Phlegmatics (Sleep Part III)
9. Ma Meeshka Mow Skowz
10. The Bends
11. Backstrokin'
11. Platypus
12. Merry Go Bye Bye


Another summer rolls by
And I can't help but feel pain
All those familiar faces
Come back to haunt me again
Whether I hated their guts
Or hardly knew them at all
I always felt far away
Beside them there in the halls

My yearbook keeps me informed
My yearbook keeps me in line
Its an obituary
Gives me a concept of time
We've graduated and grown
From a real world once our own
Yet we have proven them wrong
By dropping off all along


Powder grinding mouthful
Pull the day from the nocturn
Sonmiloquist is the nightmare's song

"In the multiplied objects of the external world I had no thoughts
but for the teeth...and of Bernice I more seriously believed that all her
teeth were thoughts...the white and ghastly spectrum of the teeth...
meditations were never pleasureable...the phantasma of the teeth
maintained its terrible ascendency..." (Poe)

Lock into bitten dreams perfectionist
break like a childs mouth


Don't tell anybody
Don't let 'em know
There's a secret

I know the secret song now
They wouldn't tell me
But somehow I found out

Goddammit, I'm pissed off

I didn't get to play on it at all
No way

They kicked me out of the band


All but the truth - forget
And from this union cup
We will drink wine tonight

Qiyamat qiyamat a tawil'
Qiyamat qiyamat insan al kamel

Haqiqat itself is drunk
So drinks the Hidden Imam

Pride of the peacock angel
Under the feather veils

Dark tresses under the black light


Cattiva come adesso, non sono stato mai.

Ti faro male in posti nessuno potra mai vedere...nessuno!

Posti che ti faranna male per il resto della tua vita!


"Ma perche?"

"Ma sempre, sempre cosi..."

"Guarda eh... Ma, ma voglio dire che...che"

"Io non sono una persona che..."

"Basta! basta...basta, hai capito!"

"Ti prego!"

Sai che puoi fidarti solo di me, non ti crederanno mai.

Escolta, escolta, escolta mi bene, occhio!

I denti non possano dire niente, senza la lingua,
perche la tua lingua e' mia, mia, MIA!


My mom is better than
Your mom and your dad too
She knows nutrition well
That's why I'm trim & lean
Because she cooks
She cleans
She lies...she says
I'm handsome

Once dad hit me so hard
Mom felt it on her cheek
Because she cooks
She cleans
She lies...she says
I am handsome (that's right)

My mom
Is better than
Your mom and your dad too
She's there when she needs to be there
That's why I'm here today
Because she cooks
She cleans
She lies...she says...
You fuckin' lied to me


I awake covered in snot
Dreamt I swallowed my teeth
And tried to cough them up

Pulmonate gastropod

Oh, for insomnia!
Render me proficient
If not at least useful


Happy to be backstrokin'

(do dat do dat do dat dat do dat...)

Fartin', pissin', and strokin' my fucking dick


Ornithorhynchus anatinus - platypus

Sleeping geology
On the isolated shore
For millions of years

Experimental continent
On purpose or accident?

Mysterious evolving
Problem solving

A vaudeville? A nation including one superior creation
A vertebra? Inverted...quite unheard of...

Orphan in a family
And a sole survivor
He's a living fossil

Reptillian? Mammalian
He's a bird-beaked, beaver-butt Australian

Amphibious? Paradox wearing plaid socks
Furry beetle? A bugbear, and a palezoologist's nightmare
Symmetrical physique of disbelief

The platypus has the brain of a dolphin
and can be seen driving a forklift in his habitat of kelp
He is the larva of the flatworm
and has the ability to regenerate after injury

No relation to the flounder.

Someone shipped him to the blokes
Who said he was a hoax
So they cut him to pieces, wrote a thesis

A cranium of deceit, he's prone to lie and cheat;
It's no wonder -- a blunder from down under

Duckbill, watermole, duckmole!



They're shining searchlights in the sky
'Cause there's a new God in the sign
It says their map is not their terrier work
And then I broke my telescope
But that's the nature of the game
And you have to play

Bring back the pain of a god that's never blue
You're in control of the whole damned universe
Bring back the shame and the bright lights on a few
It keeps me coming back to you

The deaths were faked, the laughs were cries
But ressurrections are doing fine
You got me walking into suicide
And I'll be there right by your side
In reproduction at your merry go bye bye

Here to paradise they go
Brighter made is their woe
As above, so below

We reached for an outside point of view
But its out of touch with me and you
I feel I'm walking into suicide
But you'll be right there by my side
To beam my message into space as I die

Bring back the shame of the many for the few
Get on your knees and I'll be coming back to you
Bring back the pain of an inverse world for two
It keeps me coming back to you