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Letras: Isn't Anything

01. Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside) 
02. Lose My Breath
03. Cupid Come 
04. (When You Wake) You're Still in a Dream 
05. No More Sorry 
06. All I Need 
07. Feed Me With Your Kiss 
08. Sueisfine 
09. Several Girls Galore 
10. You Never Should 
11. Nothing Much to Lose 
12. I Can See It (But I Can't Feel It)

Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)

Soft as snow but warm inside
Penetrate you cannot hide
Feeling lost forever
Really need you
Feeling dark and feeling true
This is all I ever knew
Soft as skin in leather
And I whisper 'you'
Harder you come down on me
Sink away you look happily
Secrets keep forever
They're undressing me
Come inside it's warm in here
Better now to have no fear
Carried on a wave
(Where it can lead) you

Touch your head, then your hair
Softer, softer everywhere
Fingertips are burning
Can I touch you there
Soft as velvet eyes can see
Bring me close to ecstacy
High away to heaven
And I'm coming too
Float now coming down on me
Handed you what I cannot see
Feel the big happy, you're exploding me

Soft as snow and warm inside
Penetrate then we divide
Slip away forever
(Do we) need you

Lose My Breath

Keep coming now
Possessed of nothing more than hell
Before I can speak
My world is wishing me asleep

Weigh me down
And when the darkness comes around
Repeating heads
Remember nothing I have said

Where are you
Come back again I want you to
'Not now girl' you say
But I was born to lose my breath

Cupid Come

Cupid come from coffee cup
Sickly heavy heart
Semi-set adrift in your
Lifted sugar eye
Come back down I'm waiting here
And lick me with your fire
Connected silver tounges
Our lips beside

Everytime I look at you
Pins me to the ground
Mirror me your memories please
And let me help you down
Swallow me into your bed
With glimpses of your thighs
Forget your vanity
Come cupid come

(When You Wake) You're Still In A Dream

Turn around to watch all the same
You know (you're) simply a game
I see you with mask off your laughing head
I'll take you again and again

When you wake you're still in a dream
Not real though I love you unclean
I'm telling you you're a sick mind
You come back so fine, so fine

Know your smile is colder than ice
Know you like __ ___ __ __ vice
But (killing hardly's) a weapon for you
Your wasted space is mine too

No More Sorry

They'll have you now
And again
And then again
And again
[Loved/Left] me black and blue
No more sorry

Not alone
You're not alone
Waiting by the telephone
Whatever you do
Don't call daddy

In my hair
And everywhere
For the prints of you
Filthy daddy

Wash and mend
And wash and mend
Some kind of friend
You septic heart, your deadly hand
[Love/Left] me black and blue
No more sorry

All I Need

You don't ask what I needed to do
When I come back you'll need to choose
Oh, whatever I ask you take take take take
Oh, this is all I need to say

It's in your eye, I wondered why
No need to say (how close) can we lie
Oh, we don't talk, you know all I need
Oh, this is what I need to take

You don't ask what I needed to do
When I come back you'll need to choose
Oh, all I ask you do do do do
Oo, this is all I need from you

Feed Me With Your Kiss

Yeah, (can you get) what you see
But you can't have what you can't

Hey, what's come down over me
It's the way you stood, it's the way you stood

'Cause things the way they are
I guess you might go real far
So feed me with your kiss

Oh, come lie down close to me
Do what you dare, oh I don't care

I will get what I can see
I'll crawl over there, I'll crawl over there

(Spread me like a) (appeal to you)
I do what I do I do what I will do

Crave, your kiss will set you free
I'll do what I should, I'll do what I should


I will don't leave
Me here alone, oh


Hold hold hold me
Talk a lot don't brood again


Give me (fuck cunt)
Now you'll taste so good


Several Girls Galore

Heard (that I met me) once before
Was it me or just don't (you care)
Once more ignore
As I wrap me around we
I'm never quite there at all

So which me should I perform
To go out driving in my car
Feeling so sore I took me out dancing
Three of me or more

Insane I'm sure
That living inside me
Are several girls galore

Once more ignore
I'll wrap me around we
I'm never quite there at all

Insane I'm sure
We're living inside me
Several girls galore

You Never Should

Twisting round inside
My heart is burning up, my head divide
But you control these feelings I can't hide
Tried to change my mind
(Until) the end there's nothing in control of you
It isn't easy but that's all I can do

Oh, you took a long time
Yeah, 'cause you probably could
Oo, you said the fault was mine
Yeah, but you never should

Breaking down again
You're running little circles through your hair
I could walk away now and you wouldn't care
Don't look so surprised
You crawl around and then you seem to wonder why
I turn around and see madness in your eyes

Nothing Much To Lose

Your soft hand
But I don't understand
Your big brown eyes
With a small small heart

I'll come down, down, down
Oh, you don't know what you found
Don't, don't walk walk walk away

Take me
I will remember you
Long dark hair
Nothing much to lose

Help you crawl crawl crawl
Oh, I wanna see it all
Eyes asked why why why, too late

Please you
Oh, I know what to do
A soft salt taste
Do you see me as a fool

Can I look look look
Oh, the things you took
Eyes asked why why why, too late

I'll come down, down, down
Oh, you don't know what you found
Don't, don't walk walk walk away

I Can see it (but I Can't feel it)

Don't know when
I will leave you again
Grab a reason
And I'm dragging you down

Come just to make you happy
Shot in the head I can see
I can see it
But I can't feel it