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Letras: Wowee Zowee

01. We Dance
02. Rattled by the Rush
03. Black Out
04. Brinx Job
05. Grounded
06. Serpentine Pad
07. Motion Suggests
08. Father to a Sister of Thought
09. Extradition
10. Best Friends Arm
11. Grave Architecture
12. AT&T
13. Flux=Rad
14. Fight this Generation
15. Kennel District
16. Pueblo
17. Half a Canyon
18. Western Homes

We Dance

there is no castration feeling
in a chair you will be with me
we'll dance (4x)
but no one will dance with us
in this zany town
chim-chim-chim-cheerie sing a song of praise
for your elders, they're in the back
pick out some brazilian nuts for your engagement
check that expiration date, man,
it's later than you think
you can't enjoy yourself, i can't enjoy myself (2x)
move that swing and
watch it break, strength like an ox
but i won't be there to leave you ah-ah-ah
'cause i don't have a clue anymore
maybe we could dance (3x) together
first time you'll see
and then you'll be
five times forever
and you'll never get lost

Rattled By The Rush

know that i could
bend my tongue outwards
leave your lungs hurting
tucking my shirt in
to pants i wear so well
cross your t's -shirt smell
worse than you're lying
caught my dad crying
loose like the wind from the rough we get par
sleek city woman and waiting to spar
well i'm
drowning for your thirst (4x)

getting off on the candelabra
we call her Barbara
breeding like larva
she rabblerousin' dental surf combat
get out those hard hats
and sing me some scat
late lovin' god (?) she's a-changing her tune
i don't need a minister to call me a groom
but i'm
rattled by the rush (4x)


no soap in the john (4x)

makes you wanna say your prayers...
(rattled by the rush)

Black Out

sunday driving past your own hall of fame
it's closed on weekdays, shut for good
pick out no one when you're talkin'
felt like rattlesnakes were walkin'
no one has a clue

the parting shots, the thin caught
fault line dancing across the frigid air shafts
a spastic grass, a criminal's child

count to ten and read
until the lights begin to bleed
lights; til you actually a-see the rays
and your thoughts they start turning
tells you lessons that you're learning
no one has a clue

the gauzy thoughts of those dirty scots
wrestling with the elements up on the trail high
i need to know
where does it go? how do i get there? what will i find?

(fun fun fun, fun for the summertime blues)
(it's gonna set you free)

Brinx Job

it's so funny we went right down to the store-we got the money so we'll put you down
we got the money, we got the money, we got the money
we got the money, we got money, we got the money
ho! we got the money now
and i won't even let you hoooooo....


doctors leaving for the holiday season
got crystal ice picks, no gift for the gab
and in the parking lots --is this the den he bought?
he never, he never complains when it's hot
he phoned the fallen daughter in the sauna playing contract bridge
they're soaking up the fawn or doing blotters
i don't know which ..which...which...
boys are dying on these streets

i know the medical world could knock you out
to sell the coins that you jayed last thursday
dine by candelight and hold your savings tight
you never, you never know when the bridge falls apart

we spoke of latent causes sterile gauzes
and the bedside morale
we traipse around the table talking sentences
so incomplete... please! plea!
boys are dying on these streets...

Serpentine Pad

Frequently called numbers
snorin when you slumber
Everyone, knows you do
why won't you admit it
Screw you!
and take it all
force fed integration
from the corporation
I don't need this corporation attitude
I believe
I will never leave
your serpentine pad
darling when you wake up
better ask the grown ups
if they have posed'm twice
leave them and lead other lives
Think it might be another thing
that i would want to know but
i don't know if I should, if I could
and if I would any way
I beleive
I will never leave
your serpentine pad

Motion Suggests

i traced my family line
it ends up where the
window-passing grainy days
forgetting she's away
here's the straight and narrow:
brought my wheelbarrow
and it's filled with the lies and the dirt and the hurt
but i won't need someone to let me be
i won't need someone to let me be

up up the counting thrones
and the voice could soothe your
captivate the senses like a ginger ale rain
those who've got the mirror
curse the tainted pharaohs
take off!
respect fun, you might learn how it runs
but i won't need someone to let me be
no i won't need someone to let me be (2x)
no i won't need someone to let me go
let me breathe

Father To A Sister Of Thought

rotten device, i'll say it twice
i'm too much i'm too much comforted here
costs too much too much, we'll leave you
everywhere eyes, nowhere to die
no place to shove your sharpened heel
i'm looking looking for a tired face
in case you wanted to go
i know, i'm breathing in to the end

calling the bluffs, talking so tough
goodbye to the ugly steeple fear
good times for ever after
i'm just a man
you see who i am
i'm binding my hooks
and open the books
dirty black hearts
angel of corpus cristi
you're so misty, tell me what i want to hear
i know i'm reeling in...(2x)
to the end (4x)

i know i'll never know (2x)


the expedition has fifty goes
40 roses i neglect
make you way way way way way way way far away
where you stay where you play
where do you play?

can you say what you need
when you really need it?
are you gonna feel it?
lady i know-know-know you don't
no prices for your petty crime
if i should function two layer under

around the circle luxury is so tough
so toughen up, toughen up,
i'm a -toughen up
tonight we interact like seperate worlds
spoken variants you hurl
saw you hurl

Best Friend's Arm

??? liar
(i can see, i can see, i can see, i can see)
???? ah come on, let's go
(i can see, i can see, i can see, i can see)

yeah baby i've lost ???

(i can see, i can see, i can see, i can see)
everybody looks like
(i can see, i can see, i can see, i can see)
when you lay that down with an eight-eight track, everybody laughs
but they don't know what you're sayin'
(i can see, i can see, i can see, i can see)
??? i guess if not...
(i can see, i can see, i can see, i can see)

keep it under your best friend's arms (9x)
keep it under

Grave Architecture

come on in...
grave architecture (2x)
walk the marble malls [?]
the monuments to those who fall
and it's a pocket less than narco shell-bit
stiff the crypt and the others are rough
and the hood's so rad
and i'm fucking glad
glad to see that, know what it means
it takes a lot

grave architecture (2x)
stroll past the strip
is it old? am i clipped?
am i just a bathtub waiting to be gripped
or found on shady ground?
and the lampshade's poised on the overwhelm
drugs, and need the talent to breathe
it takes a lot

oh yeah, you wanna be like a blind fish
positive, we're positive-- go!
takes a lock-grip, baby
to put you to war
and i'm pushin' you back than ever ???
that'll push you hard
it takes em......


maybe somone's gonna save me
my heart is made of gravy
and the laps i swim from lunatics don't count
open up your stocking
pull out all the things you never wanted
'til room service calls
room service calls

open up your hands and let me see the things you keep in there
i want to split up fifty-fifty
that's the way we do it in this rogue's town
i've got all the glory in the world
and i hope it doesn't floor you before you go
room service calls
in the random falls -- go!

whenever (6x) eve eve ever i feel fine
i'm gonna walk away
from All This, all That.
the groovy groovy kitty and little little pity
with your slipshed (?) watch in back
and skinny skinny people don't like that
when you call on them
spell me.

spritzer on ice in new york city
isn't it a pity?
you never had anything to mix with that
listen to the tender behind the open chest in the hall
room service calls
i'm blue 'n green, green and blue-oooo

whenever (4x) ne ne ne ne never ho
i feel fi-i-ine, i'll walk the plank for you
i'll walk the plank
i wore your ?plank? for you in the d-d-d-d-dark
of the captain (seder row?)
Jacob, Jacob Javitz, i'd like to thank you for everything
primarily your glass house

i'm workin' the ballin' stores 'n
i'm cashmir wrap sellin'
come along lads, join hands, 1. 2. 3. go! (guess, levis, guess, levis)
the story it goes and a
distorted ghost
distorted ghost

Flux = Rad

child, don't you know
i don't want to let you go
child, don't you know
i don't wanna let you (11x)

styles, they come and go
but i'm not going to let you go
styles, they come and go
i'm not gonna let you (11x)

Fight This Generation

woke up to people so tall to you
i can't so i won't stand
up chuck break luck
look for the splinters you might see where they come in
go down, sweet yardley
i won't let you fall down, sweet yardley
i won't let you fall down, here, now
ah- god damn the guts and the gore
nobody's crying 'cause there's no one to score for
come up sweet randy
i won't let you fall -what you got to lose?
what you got to prove?
who you gonna screw down here?
here now ..i am.. here now..i am... here... now...

your life is about to-to come
away from the mirror in a rainshed
fight this generation (15x or so)
stop right

Kennel District

hold on tight she wears the seek
it's got more stars than the sky
it's still forbidden to excuse
that little look in your eye
i was busted in my gut that time
that time i said 'i know it's true'
why didn't i ask? why didn't i ask?
why didn't i ask? why didn't i ask?

i can't believe she's married to roe
i would have turned down the light
but she always marked my fear
doesn't make it alright.
i wanted to stay there
but you know i needed more than that
why didn't i ask? why didn't i ask?
why didn't i ask? why didn't i?

why didn't i ask? why didn't i ask?
why didn't i ask? why didn't i ask?
why didn't i ask? why didn't i ask?
why didn't i ask? why didn't i ask?


one trial down in Spanos County
ladies always turn up to watch them fall
and the hands they bind you
they bind you like you want to be broken
but the land is comin', babe
it's coming up golden
gold and silver streaks

when you hit them
you can't buy sand
in the gross land
don't say what to make 'em feel

they got take it off my wrists
Jacob you move up my wrists
Jacob you move..when you move
you don't move! you don't moooove!!

alright i want a cigarette
all those trials and things they try to do
while wondering over why we're insane
damn land ho(?), won't you?

Half A Canyon

ahhh!!! shit, baby.
canyon bro', your life is worked in
dream about the witch trials
you get all too lot of pepper in your forecast
beneath the shady mezzanine
keep it when you want to belong...

july fourth, raging fortune
dream about the witch trials
send in the romance of people with their dreadlocks
tied like winshields in the night
keep it when you want to belong...
i keep my head on for pretty jades
i keep my head up for ships and shade
i keep my head up for richie raid?
i keep my head up for guilty rays?

--(feel like i'm falling!!)
allez! allez! allez! allez! allez! allez! allez! allez!...

Western Homes

your western homes are locked forever
the new frontier is not that near
magnetic screens that fold in backward
will only bring you years of fear

this is what i always wanted,
a new home with a place to breathe
bring your congregation someday
and you will never...

never see what i want
i can't see what i want
can't see what i want
i can't see what i want
what i want
can't see