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Letras: Frogstomp

01. Israel´s Son
02. Tomorrow
03. Faultline
04. Pure Massacre
05. Shade
06. Leave Me Out
07. Suicidal Dream
08. Madman
09. Undecided
10. Cicada
11. Findaway

ISRAEL´S SON [ver tradução]

Hate is what I feel for you,
And I want you to know that I want you dead.
You're late for the execution...
If you're not here soon, I'll kill your friend instead.

All the pain I feel
Couldn't start to heal
Although I would like it to

I hate you and your apathy.
You can leave, you can leave, I don't want you here.
I'm playing this pantomime,
But I don't see you showing any signs of fear.

All the pain I feel
Couldn't start to heal
Although I would like it to
This time I'm for real
My pain can not heal
You will be dead when I'm through


Pain and execution
Put your hands in the air
Put your hands in the air
The air... yeah

I am, I am Israel's son
Israel's son I am
Put your hands in the air
Put your hands in the air

TOMORROW [ver tradução]

It's twelve o'clock, and it's a wonderful day.
I know you hate me, but I'll ask anyway.
Won't you come with me, to a place in a little town.
The only way to get there's to go straight down.
There's no bathroom, and there is no sink.
The water out of the tap is very, hard to drink,
Very hard to drink.

You, wait til tomorrow
You, wait til tomorrow

You say that money, isn't everything,
But I'd like to see you live without it.
You think you can keep on going living like a king.
Oohh babe, but I strongly doubt it.

Very hard to drink.

You gonna wait til, fat boy,
Fat boy, wait until tomorrow

FAULTLINE [ver tradução]

Unsuspecting brother doesn't know what to do,
When everything just falls to the ground, ohh.
He runs to find some cover, he doesn't have a clue,
That his friend will never be found,
When he's informed, that he...

Will never see the boy,
Will never see the boy,
Never see him open his eyes,
Will never see the boy,
Never see the boy
You'll only hear his heavenly cries
ooh, yeah.

Thinking of the past, it's all over now.
Mother nature strikes once again.
It happened all so fast, my only question's how,
How could they let that building descend.
Ohh, yeah, ohhhh...

You will never see the boy,
You will never see the boy,
You will never see him open his eyes,
You will never see the boy,
Never see the boy,
You'll only hear his heavenly cries.
ooh, yeah.

Off to the new life, I live on death.
You're leaving me all through the night.
If he's born again, I need you to find,
Need you to find where he is.

PURE MASSACRE [ver tradução]

People dying for no reason at all,
Age is no difference or if you're large or small.

Families being torn apart.
Doesn't have to be this way.
Some people, just have no heart.
It's happening every day.

Pure massacre,
Pure massacre...

Machine guns pumping, hearts thumping,
Death is all around.
People crying for freedom,
No one hears the sound,


There's people crying.
There's people dying.
But someone's taken it all, yeah.

[Repeat Last Verse]

It's gonna be a pure massacre.


If you're hurt,
Why don't you tell someone.
Don't feel bad,
You're not the only one, yeah.

Don't go hiding,
Hiding, in the shade.

If you were abused,
I'll find someone to help you.
I know you were used,
What are you gonna' do?


Ohh, you can lead a throne,
But I'm something you don't own.

Greed is a sin,
so don't lead me in,

Ohh, you can leave me out,
Leave me out,
Leave me out,
Ohh, yeah,


(antes do 1o. verso)
- Darkness in front of me,
- Looking out through a hole.
- Tripping, wondering,
- If we can see at all.

I dream about how it's going to end,
Approaching me quickly.
Leaving a life of fear,
I only want my mind to be clear.

People making fun of me,
For no reason but jealousy.
I fantasise about my death,
I'll kill myself from holding my breath,

My suicidal dream,
Voices telling me what to do.
My suicidal dream,
I'm sure you will get your's too.

Help me, comfort me,
Stop me from feeling what I'm feeling now.
The rope is here, now I'll find a use.
I'll kill myself, I'll put my head in a noose.


Dreamin' about my death, dream...

Suicidal, suicidal, Suicidal dream


Ohh, there's no time,
To choose for yourself.
It's like the candle's lit at both ends now,
Deteriorating health.

Parent's breakin' up,
Wish they would decide,
Whether to stay together
Can't make up their minds,

They wonder why you need someone,
You get no freedom at all.
They want you to drop down and conform,
They make your self-esteem fall.

Undecided, can't make up their mind
Your parents collided and left you behind

If there's a lock to their minds,
Can you tell me please.
I'll be straight,
Straight to get the keys.


Her mother doesn't even know her name...
If there is trouble, well she just gets the blame,
But denies it.



When he was just a little boy,
He only had one favourite toy.
And he had nothing on his mind,
He never left anything behind.

As he got older, things got worse,
Like he'd been born under a curse.
Things started to fall apart,
They weren't like they were at the start.
No, it's like a civil war.

Growing up,
It's like a civil war.
Don't turn away,
It's something you can't ignore.
Growing up,
It's like a civil war.

And now that he was in his teens,
He'd started to learn what life means.
Problems were still appearing,
They didn't look like disappearing.


FINDAWAY [ver tradução]

You've been locked up, and you need to escape.
You broke the law, it was your first offence.
Drug addiction, subtracting all your privileges,
But giving up just makes no sense.

We'll find a way,
We'll find a way.

Don't give in, don't give in,
Don't give in, don't give in,

All you can think about is breaking free.
You can't make it on your own.
You're thinking negative, nothing can go right.
It's eating you down to the bone.