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Letras: No Pocky For Kitty

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01. Skip Steps 1 & 3
02. Seed Toss
03. Cast Iron
04. Tower
05. Punch Me Harder
06. Sprung A Leak
07. 30 Xtra
08. Tie a Rope to the Back of the Bus
09. Press
10. Sidewalk
11. Creek
12. Throwing Things

Skip Steps 1 & 3

I see you ???
You take a slow sharp step and run it through
'Cause if the sound's as good as the action - just like a kiss
Well you hesitate and you waste
Why don't you move?

Hit the gas straight on
Run through the lights
Run through the tree
Skip steps 1 & 3

You see what you want to say
Get to the point
You're gettin' to me
Skip steps 1 & 3

Yeah you can blaze ahead and go home happy
Well it's your free time in the back of your skull
And that's fine for now, but what comes after?
You've been sucking wind so long it makes you feel full


You've been sucking wind so long...

Seed Toss

I put a stake in your spokes
And you'd better laugh at my jokes
You better memorize this face
You better stay in my good graces

Here you come on your broom
Your mood ring's turning brown
You will begin to feel it soon
You're tossing your seeds around

You better memorize this face
You better stay right in your place
I draw the lines here from now on
And the picture's already drawn

And this movie goes on too long
And this coffee's a little too strong
And I think that I'm running on;
Well I guess that I'm running . . .



Cast Iron

You think see everything with those glasses
My eyes the color of molasses
All you have to do is ask is all
And I'll tell you

I'll tell you from my front porch
I'll tell you from my cast iron chair
I'll tell you about my special friends
I only wish you were there

Don't get uppity with me
I see things that that you never see
I've been seeing them for years
Let me whisper in your ear

I'll tell you from my front porch
I'll tell you from my cast iron chair
I'll tell you about my visitors
I only wish you were there, well

The man in the airplane was looking for you


She climbs the tower, gun in hand
Every day at 5 pm
She has a ball she has ???
She kills imaginary men
Kills them with her lipstick head
But she's safe from them
Cause they don't understand

My guts fell out on top of my head
I'll live without them
I have my days for sure
But I don't count them

When everything's just right
I'll come down off my mountain
I'm out of sorts right now
By then I will have found them

Don't call me the wierd one
I watch them come and go all night
I serve them, listen to their shit
These people just aren't right


Punch me harder

Punch me hard
Make me feel it
Could not pivot away
I have to steal it

I don't wanna take anything
I feel guilty when I buy it
I'm writing my lines down from now on
Maybe you should try it

Punch me harder

Check you out
I wish I could
I'm not allowed

If I had the right code
If I smoke the right smokes
There's a little red stone that's breathing
As you're leaving it sinks
It lies at the bottom of a non-reflecting pool

Punch me harder

Sprung a Leak

My bed(?) is like non you've ever seen
It's deep blue leaves(?) and pools of open green
Down here where the light has never been
Where I'm staying that's healthy for my skin

Yesterday you talked to me
Today I feel I've sprung a leak
Today you've got nothing to say
Today you just swam away

I know there could be
Well I know there could be no bond(?)
If you sank with me
Into this mildew(?) pond


If you sank with me
If you sank with me
If you sank with me


30 Xtra

[letra não disponível]

Tie a Rope to the Back of the Bus

Level that house tie a rope to the back of the bus
Suck it all out take a straw to the rest of the dust

I crack a heater board taking pictures off the wall
break this in the corner shoot it and see if it falls
Make a pile in the center of the room
Plant a flag and let's go
Set fire to the pile shut the door take a breath real slow
Take a breath real slow


Three sticks in the basement
Three upstairs
You catch your fingertips over the edge of the world just tear
And it's amazing but will soon be less than it was today
See me running outside with a box just to prove I'm a fake
yeah to prove I'm a fake


I'll take it they can't
If I don't make it


I want to know if it could be
I want to know if it was
I want to wrap my arms around your leg
I want to listen to you

In the press the soft bones crush
I want to hear you buzz

I want your fireballs ???
I want to grow inside your coat
I won't stand ankle-deep in the sand
I want to cross the moat

In the press the soft bones crush
I want to hear you buzz...


If you want to get out, get out
I'm not sure what you're crying about
There's no buried electric wire
There is no lock on this town

Well you say you feel trapped
Yeah I bought you a map
And I think you'll find
In any other sidewalk
It's the same old cracks

Put that out, you'll burn yourself
But ??? me
You'll never learn yourself
I kinda like this place
I wish you'd like it with me



[letra não disponível]

Throwing Things

I'm blowing up the street like a leaf
I skin my back a few times you'll see
Head over heels, my hands on my heart
I'm making a promise, and that's a start

You're leaving a trail for me
I see you up in the tallest tree
(You're) throwing things down at me
I'm starting to climb, well I'm starting on my knees

Somewhere along the way
Dusk it turns back into day
The sky is orange
The trees lie down against it