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Letras: Morangoland

01- Somersault
02- Hawkmoon
03- Ironica
04- Wry
05- Under the Sky
06- Distortion in My Mirror
07- Kill me Again
08- You Kill me Baby
09- Do You Dance With Me?
10- Nocturnal
11- My Blody Marble


The sunshine is so hot
And your skin is so weak
Every those years doing wrong things
What did you do?
What can a man do for you?
I find nothing baby, your face is not the same
And i´m staying line,you dind´t believe
And you got out stripe
I try to guide your pleasure
I try to guide your insanity
And you so weak
The moon is so fine ,your face is so pale
Hey, every those years fighting
For more never fight
What did you do?
Desire, you had baby
Suicide , you want baby
But you don´t know


[letra não disponível]


Life is dead
Just like i live it
Life is sad
Just like i see it
Without looking at my self
Na´everybody looking at me
I want´more and more
Whatch the rain falling down


I´ve got the way ,you know ,you say
So give your mind to me
Do you see the wry sky tonight?
So give your mind to me
See the sky
So open your mind to me

Under the Sky

[letra não disponível]

Distortion In My Mirror

The world comes back,when she says
The world comes back, when she says
The drink in my glass loses the smell
I´m sorry to doing it
The world comes back
The things in my room
Change the place
And the blue sky gets bloody
The world comes back
I don´t know what to do in this situation
In mirror the image twists itself
So i wait for the outbreak
When she makes, when she makes
The world comes back
The world comes back
When she says,when she pays...

Kill me Again

[letra não disponível]

You Kill me Baby

[letra não disponível]

Do You Dance With Me?

[letra não disponível]


[letra não disponível]

My Blody Marble

[letra não disponível]