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Letras: 1965

01. Somethin' Hot 
02. Crazy 
03. Uptown Again 
04. Sweet Son Of A Bitch 
05. 66 
06. Citi Soleil 
07. John The Baptist 
08. The Slide Song
09. Neglekted
10. Omerta
11. The Vampire Song 


I got your phone number, baby
I'll call you sometime
I think I might, be out tonight
Maybe give you a ride
Cocktails for two, down lover's lane
I wantcha so bad, after tonight
I'll never walk the same
And you're to blame

I wanna getcha high
I wanna get next to you
I wanna feel everything aboutcha, girl
I wanna feel good
You make me feel good

Baby, you don't know
Just how I lie awake
And dream awhile, about your smile
And the way you make yo ass shake
If that ain't love
I guess I'll never know
A sweeter lie, you'd be surprised
Just how far I'd go
To make it so


Whatever did happen to your soul?
I heard you sold it
To some old boy who lived uptown
Who could afford it
So what's gonna happen to you now?
Therapy... The pharmacy

That's what you'd like to believe
But it ain't easy
When yer goin' crazy
Over the rainbow

"I think your story's jive," she said
There ain't nuthin' wrong with me
If I use it to get me some sympathy
Some ecstasy
A memory... I wanna remember me

Crazy about ya
Crazy without ya
Over you


Uptown again
Nobody home
Feelin' surrounded
Should never left me on my own
Remember nothing, hypnotize
They say the eyes they never lie
Your eyes have failed you dear, deny
Deny, deny I know you'll try

Baby, untie me now
I'm ready to get down
Get down and move around
Baby, you cry too much
I'm tired of the sound
Yer such a baby

Uptown again
Throw me a bone
Feelin' surrounded
I've never done so well alone


Sweet son of a bitch 


You walked in
Just like smoke
With a little come on, come on, come on
In your walk
Well, come on
I've been waitin'
Are you waitin?
For my move, well I'm makin' it

So tell me baby, can you shake it?
If I can move it with ya
Will you let me take it?
I'll be down on my knees
Screamin' take me, take me, take me, take me
I'm yours
I've never felt so out of control
You don't even know what you're doin' to me
Come on and do it to me
Don'tcha stop

Come on, come on
Come on little rabbit
Show me where you got it
'Cuz I know you got a habit


Jean Content
He wake up everyday
In a government yard
Deep down inside Citi Soleil
Roll some bones and catch a fire
Evil minds, they will conspire
The moon to lose its light
The stars sink into night
Across the town
A young girl plays guitar
"Do you remember me?" She sings to a lover
She worships from afar
Roll some bones and catch a fire
Evil minds, they will expire
The moon to shine a light
Upon us all tonight

Ooh child, I'll meet you, child
On the sunny side, it's alright, it's alright
No lies, and no cryin'
It's alright

"How you like me now?"
My friend, he say
"How you like the madness of Citi Soleil?"
Roll the bones and catch a fire
Join the triumph of the choir
Citi Soleil, Citi Soleil
I love to say Citi Soleil


Hey... Welcome home
I got a little wine
Some Marvin Gaye
Come on and taste me
Come on and take me, I'm yours
Dance, little sister, dance
This is my girl you're talkin' to
There isn't anything I wouldn't do
So take me... Taste me... Erase me
I'm yours... Let's get it on

Anything for a lover
Anything for a friend
I only wanna see you happy
Baby can we pretend
I'd give anything to see you dance
I'd give anything to see you smile
But baby doesn't want just anything
She wants everything

Hey... Welcome home
I got a little wine
I got a little time
So come on and take me
Come on and taste me
Come on and waste me
Come on erase me
I'm yours... Let's get it on

I got the devil in me, girl


Don't make me worry aboutcha
You look so sad
What'd ya do, to make ya so blue?
I have to ask ya, where do you go?
You look so faraway sometimes
I don't know, where do you go?
I wanna go

Miles away and miles above
The vampire only wants a little love
You might be right, you might be
Everything that you said that you were
But, so?

Don't make me worry... Aboutcha
They say that goodbye
Arrives by design
Who do you think about when you're lonely?
I remember when you used to sing
About your one and only
You're such a phony
Now I finally know you really know me

Miles away and miles above
The vampire only wants a little love
A little love, a little more
He's got ya now
You're gone for sure


I knew a girl, extraordinary
Suggested something, unsanitary
As I asked her for a moment
To consider her kind offer
She blew a kiss and said to me...

I know you know 
You want it so
I want it too, so see it through
'Cuz when I do what I'm gonna do to you
Make sure you remember my name

You know it's true
I want it too
I know you know, so make it so
'Cuz when I do what I'm gonna do to you
You'll never ever, ever...

Intoxicated, by your aggression
I offer you my one possession 
You can fuck my body, baby
But pleeze, don't fuck my mind

Get you high, girl, come with me
Take a ride in search of ecstasy
I wanna roll with ya, I wanna roll
I feel you now, I never knew
You were so sad, i'll make it up to you
'Cuz I feel you now
I feel you now...


Up all night, again
Az for sleep, no comprende
I don't sleep 'cuz sleep iz the cousin of death
Least that's what Nas say
Sleep iz a state of mind
And to know iz to be on your way
I bought some bad drugs
Off these snotty little rave kids I met
And I shuffled off to Buffalo
If I have love, then I hide it
Then the people that I hide it from
Have helped me to deny
That it's not enough to show you care
You gotta take on every double cross
And every double dare, I swear to you

Unchain your mind, become divine
Surrender, surrender my love
And get on down here and say it with me
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Sick and tired again
Fucked and wired again
It's all so beautiful
Sound like a stone temple sob story to me 
If I'm on your mind again
You must be trippin' on some of that
Voodoo I been throwin' down
When you're high and lost in the clouds
Then you know it's time to get down, again