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Letras: Up In It

01. Retarded 
02. White Trash Party 
03. Hated 
04. Southpaw 
05. Amphetamines And Coffee 
06. Hey Cuz 
07. You My Flower 
08. Son Of The South 
09. I Know Your Little Secret 
10. Big Top Halloween 
11. Sammy 
12. In My Town 
13. I Am The Sticks


television's gone and i'm alone with Lucifer
what a drag
muthafucker lied to you
muthafucker took me head
you're never alone with your jones
and all you can't forget
so roll on up the price is down
so come on come on come on come on.
today the retard speaks to me and now i have it all
what a drag
muthafucker lied to you
it could never get that bad just ask
so go on go on go on go on
who you call retarded now?
i said who you call retarded now?
i see YOU standing proud
come on down & swallow hard


honey yer junkie ass is fryin
honey why don't YOU stop yer whinin
yer barn door opens & YOU don't say black
the sidewalk swallows don't YOU step up on the crack
hhhhhhoney i know what worth was waiting for
YOU got yer white coat mama
YOU got yer heart of soul
i see some crucifixion behind those two eyeholes
gonna take yer white trash home
better take yer white trash home
i see yer hardon for the black girl
keep yer bloody hands off me
take me to your white trash party
leave me swinging from a tree


i smoke a pack a day
i hit the pipe sometimes
& drink my pay
screw my friends
understand my need to offend
come home & smack the woman around
tried to apologize
but she deserved it that i know
strangled with her pantyhose
what's with the flowers
can't YOU smell me
i buried YOU & still YOU kill me
with all your crying i can tell
that your disease will make me well
twist your head so i can witness
come & crawl inside my sickness
i'm hated
never known why
now i like it


one eye open baby
both hands tied behind my back
surprise acomin in a cross street smile
how so the changes have come slow
takers drivin got to take the wheel
we got their lives ahanging & their souls to steal
give me a break [give me an arm] wishbone cracky good luck charm
rave on monkey
come on down little sister
what might be right for goose might not be right for the gander
YOU got on the mississippi mudslide
get up on the tchoupitoulis southpaw
YOU got to lie now chillun
you got to lie to be willin
o my soul it's time to awake
come on down give the kingdom a shake
& o my soul it's time to get down


hey man what is that yr thinkin
maybe YOU can get away
there must be lots of pressure
& lots of bills to pay
amphetamines & coffee
it almost makes you gag
too many big decisions
no more time to play
slip into something classic
turn on the television
ignoring all your children
accepting their derision
routine is acknowledged with pinnacle precision
the statistician stares at a family in division


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so what YOU make me hard
if i was harder now i would crack into a million things
things i didn't really need
but how i wanted so
what a nice dream
didn't want to wake up
so i kept it dark all the time
dark enough so not to see
but not as dark as the plans that YOU have for me
so what YOU made me smile
i had smiled at lesser things before i ever thought of YOU
before i thought my soul was mine
now i think about me only when i can find the time
flowers all around
put your lover in the ground
flowers everywhere yeah yeah yeah
nowhere YOU can be found
i have put YOU in the ground
nowhere is everywhere
for YOU my flower
better get myself a drink
better get a couple so i can look YOU straight in the face
tell YOU that i think of YOU
almost as much as YOU think of YOU


jane had a bottle of pills
she kept beside her bed
she took a couple when the sky came falling down
"what do you see in me"
she used to say out loud
i see myself in a year
if i'm still around
& i don't feed the doll no no
jane used to touch herself to make it go away
the loneliness that would follow her all around
& hold her pretty hand
& wanna be her friend
& hold the ceiling when the sky came falling down
i don't really need you
but since you're here
tell me all about yourself my dear
are YOU queer?
what happened to your wrists
do YOU need some help
i can't be checking on YOU like this all the time
YOU want some help then bleed somebody else
YOU know YOU ain't gonna be mine


he liked to kiss the boys
he liked to kiss the girls
he liked to kiss the inbetweeners
rub his tongue on their gums
rub his tongue on their gums
& lie with them
& lie to them
& light it up
i know your little secret
watch my eyes
they see what YOU don't see
they see what YOU know
& what YOU think i don't know
ah but now we both can share
everything we've ever done
everyone we've ever touched
YOU liked the boys and girls
i know your little secret
all the lies
all the hesitation
won't bring me closer now
won't you bring me close
i know your little secret


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