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Letras: To Mother [EP]

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01. Catatonic
02. Map Pilot
03. Primus
04. Laugh My Head Off
05. Spit to See the Shine
06. Ripe
07. The Quiet Room


I know the sugar plum fairy
Her name is Mary
She's halfway inside my arm
Half way does great harm
So she charmed herself to a toilet seat
And fucked herself gold holy
Silver beads shot out her eyes
Then the rain comes
When the rain comes
Then it got worse
I know you well
I wear your smell
Nailed at the hips
I see
You are me
Glad you're not alive
Back to hell again
This sick charade
This ditch I've spade
I've come to clay
I see
See you are me
Glad you're not alive
6-7-8-9-10 Back to hell again
Catatonic planet
I can't stand it

Mad Pilot

You are the one that feels like no-ones home
To be left alone is like the marrow from my bones
You are the one
You are the one
Can't stand it
Feel like a motherfucker when the curly black hair on my sweater spells S.A.M was here last winter
You are the one
You are the one
Serves me warm Russian tea
Carves our love carves our love into a tree
You are the one
You are the one
Mad Pilot Fly
Into The Mire
Mad Angels Fly
You Are My Sky


I remember way back when
Times weren't this hard
No they weren't this hard
And everyone had what we call
A sane mind
Roses are red
Well blood is too
And I found that out
When I needed you
Remember that one time you promised me ?
No wait it was more than once now wasn't it huh?
No wait how many promises
Little precious promises
Those precious little promises
That you have broken to me
Wheres your morals
Lost with your mind
Head must be where the sun don't shine
Wheres your morals lost with your mind
I'm hanging on a rope as thin as you
Hanging on a rope as thin as you
I want you as you want me right now
In black and white
Hell can't ya'see
Those black clouds linger over you and me
Are gonna kill us can't you see?
Your love has infected me
Like a big bad disease
Your love has affected me

Laugh My Head Off

Believe in me
Die for me
Drop at the feet of my dreams keep turning green
The noose you choose
Is nothing new
The tracks are loose
It's all an excuse
I hold my breath
I'm scared to death
This is the truth
Its all an excuse
Your thoughts askew
It's nothing new
You make me laugh my head off
The appeal of grey and evil rain dainty scantys strewn trail to ed rails damp shanty shack her head felt the whack the henchmans rent is spent he's at my door
And all the mirrors are smashed from this ones the last
You make me
Laugh my head off.

Spit To See The Shine

Granmas patch stole a hen party chicken
Scratch see how your garden grows
Get a thread and amend us both please
Well this I know
Grandmas girl is coming down
To steal violets from your crown
Glue them to her wrist
You have to spit to see the shine
Grandmas girl is coming down to steal violets from your crown
Glue them to her wrist
Hey Jak!
Cath-O-Lik Black
Stab them in the back Jak
You're so serious
You're a writer you better write quick cause your papers on fire
Take a lathe and scrape all the glitter off my blue glitter angel


I know I know I know shut up
Killer clean been a racecar on a skyway down
I've been shown these wrong ways
I now own
I now own all these wrong ways i've been shown
I know I know I know shut up
All the rapists keep asking me for cigarettes
I just try to grab hold of a solid piece of pavement and pray that
I have two legs
LeeAnn she has one
I know I know!
Shut up
My own notions go a choking my throat
All bad thoughts float around in a fury luring me into one big abyss of hit and miss
I empty all of this
Johnny Walkeround my ninety pound braincloud of how?

The Quiet Room