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Letras: Blind Melon

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01. Soak the Sin
02. Tones of Home
03. I Wonder
04. Paper Scratcher
05. Dear Ol' Dad
06. Change
07. No Rain
08. Deserted
09. Sleepyhouse
10. Holyman
11. Seed to a Tree
12. Drive
13. Time

Soak the Sin

I've got to buy some shoes
These ones are getting loose
My feet are shrinking in the sun, and it ain't fun
But it looks like rain up ahead in forty miles
A big rainbow took the blue sky
I'm gonna tell my momma, I love her so,
And thank you for giving me these bones o gold
I'm gonna run from my home
Jump in the river and let the
Water soak the sin in my soul
Fine time we all crossed lines
Make the music that makes us feel fine
Rednecks on sundecks hearing a
Hillside Romeo say "Boys this is the
Good shit so come on y'all and eat a little bit"
And if I ever got back home, I'm gonna set
Don't even say a word, it confuses me
What he says to do, is that we don't have to
We don't have to

Tones of Home

What do you think they would say
If I stood up and I walked away
Nobody here really understands
me, and so I'll wave goodbye, I'm fine
Tones of home
Said you don't like the way I'm living
Tones of home
And so I wave goodbye
I'm flyin, I'm flyin home
And I always thought this would be
The land of milk and honey
Oh but I come to find out that its
All hate and money
And theres a canopy of greed holding me down
See I'm so high to you, so I'll fade away
I said you're on your own
Your mom and daddy said, that your
Sister said, and your brothers saying
Everybody, is saying everybody, is
Sayin I, eye, good I gotta go
All my friends patronize me and
They say yo hey boy have you found
What your looking for
It seems they don't really know
Me cause its here, and its what they can't see

I Wonder

All along the broadening skies
Under thee every night I lie
Scratch and claw and grip the rails
Every day in my living hell
Oh god you know I try
I know how hard I try
Hey I'd like to daze away to a
Place no one has known
In a state of mind I could call
Mine, that only I could own
Where I could hum a tune anytime
I choose, and theres no such
Thing as time
Where I can feel no pain just
Calm and sane, what a place
For one to find
Now ya see I'm watching everything I do
And they're watching everything I say
Why won't they leave me be?
Why am I even here? I wonder
You leave me wondering
Won't you stop watching me
I said they're watching me, watching me, watching me
Now in my corner I got the celing in my eyes
Arms holding up my knees, and rocking
Back and forths my life
I didn't mean to feel this way when
I walked into the door, lord
Then they ripped away my memories
And I can't remember who I was before
I only wanted to be 16 and free

Paper Scratcher

Shuffle can to can nobody really gives a damn
For every living day I give myself a hand
Now Iím scroungy as can be
I got all you normals looking at me
Iíll scratch a hole in my life
So everyone can see
My mind is a mind that I have come to know
And my eyes canít conceive a world that can not grow
And Fridays are always fresh days
Screaminí at the sun, donít really
Know what he has done
He donít believe in God and a world as one
So he rambles through the weeds
And he will sleep beneath the trees
On the day I die, Thank God my
Soul will be released
Iíve seen all your eyes
And Iíve seen all your faces
Can you tell me honestly that you wanna be free?
Then look in my eyes
Iíve been lots of places
Can you tell me honestly that youíd want to be me

Dear Ol' Dad

Come now and listen babe
I gotta reason why I behave
Like a child with a light in eyes
Running naked on a cold winter night
I am like a pigeon that is spreading
itís wings to fly away to better things
Like a hammer that has made
a dent in every little single cent youíve spent
Said oh God youíve got to help me a little bit
youíve got to have a relief file for me
Now I know Iím always right, thatís a
thought that never even crossed my mind
Donít touch me there Iíve gotta be pure
So smack that hand, and read this verse
So I wrecked your life, what the heck
My new found faith will pay by check
This lifeís took a toll on my soul
So this is me and thatís my song
And I guess that you can see that we donít get along
Iíve shut the doors on what we had
so now she can sleep with her dear olí dad
my eyes are dry and my hands are clean
and I canít believe all the things Iíve seen
Oh my God


I donít feel the suns cominí out today
its staying in, its gonna find another way
As I sit here in this misery, I donít
think Iíll ever see the sun from here
And oh as I fade away, theyíll
all look at me and say, and theyíll say,
Hey look at him! Iíll never live that way
But thatís ok their just afraid to change
When you feel your life ainít worth living
youĎve got to stand up and
take a look around you then a look way up to the sky
And when your deepest thoughts
are broken, keep on dreaming boy
cause when you stop dreaminí itís time to die
And as we all play parts of tomorrow,
some ways will work and other ways weíll play
But I know we all canít stay here
forever, so I want to write my
words on the face of today
and then theyíll paint it
And oh as I fade away, theyíll all
look at me and say, hey look at
him and where he is these days
When life is hard, you have to change

No Rain

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain
I like watchiní the puddles gather rain
And all I can do is just pour some tea for two
and speak my point of view
But itís not sane, Itís not sane
I just want some one to say to me
Iíll always be there when you wake
Ya know Iíd like to keep my cheeks dry today
So stay with me and Iíll have it made
And I donít understand why I sleep all day
And I start to complain that thereís no rain
And all I can do is read a book to stay awake
It rips my life away, but itís a great escape
escape, escape
All I can say is that my life is pretty plain
ya donít like my point of view
ya think Iím insane
Its not sane, itís not sane
I just want someone to say to me
Iíll always be there when you wake
Ya know Iíd like to keep my cheeks dry today
so stay with me and Iíll have it made


Grab my knee and look at me
And try to tell me Iíll be home soon
Asleep in my bed and unstoned
Iím tired of me this way
I donít know what Iíve gotten into
But Iím glad itís now instead of sooner
This desert heat has crowded me strong
With a wish I had for winter
Itís not as gentle as it sounds
As though it sounded yesterday
When I heard a leaf of my life hit the ground
And as a bottle cap flew from my fingers
I donít know what Iíve gotten in to
But Iím glad itís now instead of sooner
This desert heat has crowded me strong
With a wish I had for winter
And the sands blew in my eyes
I stood on the edge and looked down to see
The light of a new life, shining up on me
With a wish that I had
The sand blew in my eyes


No time frame, for what I need to do today
Here at the yellow house. I think Iím gonna play
With free liviní lads down the street aways away
As I feel the moon rise
The time that all feels is the right time
Here in our sleepy house
As I wipe eye bugs away, the candle flickers at me to say
And in my head I sometimes pray
Hey arenít ya feeling fine
As I was as a little child
And Iím feeling better when Iím high
With a red light shinning on a little unity
The mistakes that Iíve made
No they donít seem to bother me
I sure as hell donít feel like
I missed any kind of train
If I could only show you how I feel
Then you wouldnít bother me
And then maybe youíd see why we
Donít mind being blind
As I was as a little child
And Iím feeling better when Iím high
With a red light shinning on a little unity
Iíll probably be in a little while


I was born on the banks off a hot muddy river
The child of one stupid steamy night
Born to roam beneath the sun
What do you think of me, Iím better left alone
I met a Holyman that said that he knew the way
And heíd like to show me so my life won't go astray
Take my hand child now little boy donít you be afraid
Iíll take your soul and walk on water
Holyman, ya donít understand
The cuts on me they run much deeper
Holyman, you righteous man
Iíve been shown the way a thousand times
Not one a keeper
Older man he said Iíll tell you boy
Youíve planted rotten seeds
And in a land of happiness
Theyíll grow us evil trees
Guided minds, and eyes that will never see
Holyman Iíll tell you
Just what it is that I believe
Holyman I tell you man you gotta
Believe in what you see
ĎCause its you that corrupt us man and
Deep throat philosophy
I donít need your spells or the little
Games you try to pull on me
Come to think of it I donít need your religion
Gotta get away
I wish you would understand
Everybody prays
Let me find my own way

Seed to a Tree

As I shit, I sit and wonder why
My floor is so cold and my back broken tired
But life is good, even though it won't be long
With a candle comes emotions that
Dance with the shadows on my wall
What were you thoughts, as they
Were flying through your mind
Compared to what you feel from
The bars your now behind
If they could speak, what do you think
They would say to you?
I do believe youíd been better
Off if youíd just told the truth
Never had a problem Ďtill I stood face to face with me
And I wish there was a way for me to go inside so I could see
All the faces of the people who have torn a piece of me
As I grew from a seed to a tree
Can you feel the power of the eye
Thatís hidden away 5 feet from where we lie
What do you taste, when you take a drink of me
Is it to much for me to ask if I asked you to leave
Please just leave 'cause I want to be alone
Thereís a fine line between love and my feelings for you
High time I washed it all away
Unkind, I watch your future burn before you
Denied, a chance of any love in your life
And I ask you one time. Why?


His feet are dirty
And his face, his face is long
And while heís peeking out
Through his hair he hides the pain
Till that Lennon song comes along
Heíll turn it off and say can you drive?
Jimmy, we need to borrow this for a minute
Cause we need to escape
Now thereís so many things that
Heís gonna do in 5 lifetimes
Hell I could do Ďem all
Yeah and while heís rolling his own smokes
He says to me heís buying a new ride today
A classic deal the boss will give
He said the same thing two weeks ago
Youíve seen that sweaty jet rag
Feeling come over him, and Iíve
Seen that boy nod into a dream a time or two
And on his way out his glazed stare
Will make you stop and wonder
Hey William is that the last time
Iím gonna look at you?
But the next day phone will ring
And it will be him
Can you drive?
Jimmy, what would you say
what would you do
Oh should I pray?
Or do you think that this blind mind
would listen to me, anyway


All these people they won't leave me alone
And we need a little time to ourselves
And half the reasons why
Iím sketching all the time
The result of a life in this hell
But oh well, I think itís time
My faith is falling like the leaves from a tree
The pockets both take it away
The sun warms my body as Iím
Sittiní on a swing watching
Columbus clouds bring in the rain
Oh well I think itís time
Its time to go
My mind is playing tricks on me all the time
To let you know that I am real
And all the worries you build
Up inside your soul
The ones that make your world stand still
Mean you can feel, that itís time to go
Are you fed up, Are you fed up with me?
Do you think you could do better?
Do you think that I know better?
Do they think that they know better?
Five fed up faces with the itch to kill a king
Blood red sunshine, and a breath to air thatís clean
I drink from the faucet
From the porch I take a pee
I look at you through the bushes
Where you canít see me
I laugh and slip into another state of mind
To let you know that I am real
And all the worries you build up inside your soul
The ones that make your world stand still
Means you can feel, that itís time to go