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Letras: End Hits

1. Break
2. Place Position
3. Recap Modotti
4. No Surprise
5. Five Corporations
6. Caustic Acrostic
7. Closed Captioned
8. Floating Boy
9. Foreman's Dog
10. Arpeggiator
11. Guilford Fall
12. Pink Frosty
13. F/D


can't ask for more so why unfulfilled we take apart everthing we build had it right here but now it's gone on and on break


all origins are accidental you've got no papers and no roads lead home anymore chance is the root of all place position all maps are random all scales are wrong legal illegal no passion for the difference legal illegal false premise forge the nation may all your borders be porous free transmission smear genetics c est la vie yawn yawn yawn i can't stifle my boredom so why not act your age fear of contagion the violence of a fence builder's dream that masks the phrasing of "all the pleasures of home" legal illegal i want to go home


recap in taxi no clothes no food take care of the children we'll send for you soon alien you find you feel at home everywhere you'll get by with so much less than anyone decieved entrapment through belief disclosure would decree accusations would be shed instead we stand over the dead the vultures all well fed killer running free outside the window the passing night sky fills with people i know taking me home


hey what's your name? do you feel the same way too? siphon fuel don't make a sound and most of all don't let me down it comes as no surpriese we're destabilized lock eyes shared plan no c.i.a. could understand defile define critique and salve no c.i.a. no n.s.a. no satellite could map our veins


moves so slowly grows so smoothly takes so neatly it's as if they belong and they've been here all along grows so smoothly moves so slowly takes completely it's as if they belong and they've been here all along this one's ours let's take another check the math here check in ten years clusterfuck theory buy them up and shut them down then repeat in every town every town will be the same this one's ours let's take another five corporations there is a pattern


lights out for the cynical sharps for their wide-eyed foils and all attendant props supporters of flash and pan-fried fucks who grease like cops throwing round their weight and i feel dangerous and vexed swinging two ton second guess and every motion just cuts too cruel too cruel and the implication is that you're implicated like a caustic acrostic spelling out your name lights out cos i can see in the dark sidewind m way to the mark of fuse lines gas-wet for a spark i crash i burn i've fully lost it anyway and you're nowhere lights out loser


your etiquette your rules on interaction what are you waiting for? nobody's home we're all out trying to find one what are we waiting for? the recipe a clear connection the time the time the time the time the direction we just want we don't know this one wants the art this one wants the politic everybody wants their own damn station if we're so fine maybe you can tell me why no one counts until they're dead i asked you, i asked you a question, i just want i don't know the imperfections are here to find if your position is so unkind everything is not alright and since we live in present tense the only hopeof making sense all depends on the source of light everything is closed captioned so come one


the sun came up the sun came out the sun did us in the sun came out and tore us up it ripped the shit out of our behinds we drove home on towels off the heat of the seats with sand in our teeth alright down on the ocean down on the sea water and wave under me we're no brave but we're down for the count alright


here's an all new version teeming with distractions trojan horese rolled backwards mastered buy your own device then splice in then cut to the sad sorry image of some grinning 'caster staring at a sinkhole piling up disasters making the footage raw now parade the muscles trying to make their dicks grow warring with their bodies dimensions oversold "i wonder if i pierce it will my body stop lying to me? now mouthing mile a minute blasting like a furnace fogging up the lenses with the dampness of spew loss of concentration/ loss of obvious laws of stimulation/ signed anonymouse it's a stock set up man check it out! a well worn cop's shoe's kicking out a door frame classwar extra pr-ing like a foreman's dog "what a slob but i guess you know he's got to make a living somehow" tossing a wild eyed greaser right onto the pavement scanned into the bright light maxing the pixels to glow how did it come to mean nothing but this?




down at the station we question our rations but you seem satisfied with the little recieved fractured appetite with bismuth pink on tap ascetic limbs gone tight and your lips are clamped and grey crash your appetite erasing every mark you make standing in the corner while you're working up your mantra 'derail the train the train the train derail the train' take the time to hesitate while what's glistening on your plate goes dry and cold and not in your mouth alright you see your programmatic mind surrenders appetite and you crash yourself all over the place snake ingest 40 times their body weight but you you emaciate you crash your shit all over the place now open your mouth!


animosities and apologies back and forth we struggle, falter, refrain with glue and string and deciphering we try, try, try to stay together despite the pain it's no our first time through nor our waterloo back and forth from situation we move to episode but if we can find some piece of mind intertwined the delivery is worth the load


son of a gun and knife and bomb son of a bitch earned every stitch son of a father's son yes i know i'm one now it's time to pull the switch touch with your eyes drool with my eyes touch with your mind drool with my mind touch with your eyes drool with my eyes touch with my mind drool with your eyes pornsmanship and sales filtrate shoulder blades and things concave and every smile that marks a lie dressed in silk and flavored milk bred in bone and finely honed to always sell what we can't own