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Letras: Red Medicine

1. Do You Like Me
2. Bed for the Scraping
3. Latest Disgrace
4. Birthday Pony
5. Forensic Scene
6. Combination Lock
7. Fell, Destroyed
8. By You
9. Version
10. Target
11. Back to Base
12. Downed City
13. Long Distance Runner


your eyes like crashing jets fixed in stained glass but not religious you should pay rent in my mind say like the french say bon soir regret a demain do you like me i guess white witness moves to petition the state of virginia for 27 prisons while in bethesda an office flaming youth group singing firemen calling in lockheed lockheed martin marietta do you like me i guess end of the lesson time for one question end of the lesson time for one more question do you like me


i'm sick with this i'm sick with this situation avoided or just missed? my own sweet time says it's ten twenty four hardly recognise simple things anymore i don't want to be defeated this is the point this is the manifest bed for the scraping dirty little secret reason for the gathering consequence what else is there to do but go outside and look around look around


i am a message prescient forecasting there is a limit so take my temperature you say "your turn" but i think the invite's open to all so come on take your medicine hey doctor heal yourself or do you got too much to lose you are a message precious extracting forging a tactic to get your motion through you say "don't know not sure" but i think no holster's empty for you so come on take your medicine hey doctor heal yourself or do you got too much to lose shoot out and shoot out the window


this is a birthday pony this is a strange kind of rest because i feel like a guest when i'm right here at home i'm not right here at home i opened up these accounts all these separate accounts because i can't comprehend the single ride to the end i needed something to do and so i split into two but now the pattern takes hold i find i'm losing control laugh boy i don't want to be free this is a birthday pony


in your memory not so gentle perversify slash sentimental caught between and caught without i'm a failure not your failure now in and out just like a knife would tax the flesh and leave a cheap wound fucked and fucking love and lay congenitally fractured anyway unclipped unclean this forensic scene's all played out the defense rests and sorry's just a no shit sherlock mouth talk con job from your memory to this instant worked so hard for working distance like a mouth too late to shut i'm a failure not your failure now




here's a list of side effects practice tested covering every malice angle for example you will sleep forever you will never sleep again yawn to yawn your face is born to mask the shade of shit you're in now it's time to fake resignment room assignment next door to the generator what the fuck it is whatever powers lights to burn all night your teeth to grind to grind so fine you'll find out sooner what it is to ring the alarm or you're sold to dying fell, destroyed and long out used step into it green in laying water blue cop a feeling coprophagics say next in line well how about you freedom's fiction sorry fifteen time to sell the softer shoe ring the alarm or you're sold to dying (respects to tenor saw)


generation fuck you to define and redefine you'd make them all the same but molds they break away safely inside looking outside go keep on picking at it it's just going to get bigger not yet an also-ran the note left in your hand is by you asked to cease and desist what aggravation preordained it feels so good laying down i won't ask to get up again where's my life you're in control like you don't know don't say you're along for the ride sitting down when you should stand the line is in your hand and it's by you hand over hand over hand




it's cold outside and my hands are dry skin is cracked and i realize that i hate the sound of guitars a thousand grudging young millionaires forcing silence sucking sound forced into this conversation so i shine let their planets collide this is the darkening down of my mind we could be making it oiling like crime we could be making it staking last dimes if you want to sieze the sound you don't need a reservation the torch is pased it's yours to return lay at their feet now use it to burn for marketing the use of the word generation a false alliance of money persuading forcing silence sound sucking forced into this conversation now if you want to sieze the sound you don't need a reservation so open so young so target i can smell your heart you're a target


autonomy is a world of difference they're creeping round but they know they can't come in back from the front with observation it's still there across from me an extreme example bringing you what they want twenty four hours a day whole lot of not but it's convenient pray for fire they'll tell you anything it's speculation pure speculation bringing you back to base


i want to go i want to get out all guns are loaded and have gone off now i'm channeling 17 dead revolutions that have long gave up the ghost one drink of water and i'm drowning the space between the dime and the dollar the space between the city and the suburb some kid took another kid pumped him full of holes just to see a new horizon one drink of water and i'm drowning in it not alright downed city downed city two and two sawed in two


the farther i go the less i know one foot goes in front of the other it all boils around to not hanging around to keep moving in front of the gravity the answer is there the answer is there but there is not a fixed position it keeps moving along so i keep coming along and that's why i'm a long distance runner and if i stop to catch my breath i might catch a piece of death i can't keep your pace if i want to finish this race my fight's not with it it's with the gravity long distance runner