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Letras: Vampire on Titus

1. Wished I Was A Giant
2. #2 In The Model Home Series
3. Expecting Brainchild
4. Superior Sector Janitor X
5. Donkey School
6. Dusted
7. Marchers In Orange
8. Sot
9. World Of Fun
10. Jar Of Cardinals
11. Unstable Journey
12. E-5
13. Cool Off Kid Kilowatt
14. Gleemer (The Deeds Of Fertile Jim)
15. Wondering Boy Poet
16. What About It?
17. Perhaps Now The Vultures
18. Non-Absorbing

Wished I Was A Giant

"Wished I was a giant" said
"Man get off the street!"
Spoken like a traffic cop
Cronies at his feet
Turned on his radio and picked up the noise
Age rules with reason
and who's to disagree?
Not Mr. Spit with his abrupt delivery
And Mr. Intelligent is just a wannabe like me
And who makes the breakfast?
And who gasses the truck?
The same little bee that stung the bull
And caused the bull to buck
Only a matter of time before we have to pay
If you were 10 years younger
And I was a sunbeam
"Wished I Was A Giant" said
"Man, it's just a dream"
Only a matter of time before we have to pay...

#2 In The Model Home Series

My automated spouse has a bug in her blouse
Invading my private space
And secretly she sees...
My cyber-son has found my gun
My favorite son has found my gun
...And now the fun begins...

Expecting Brainchild

It isn't quite ready, it's almost 5:30
Scholars and flunkees
Faggots and junkies
Incinerator in a blood red sky
Kill the head and the body will die
I can't tell you that I'm happy
But I can tell you that my clothes are snappy
It's time to draw the line
Superman died tonight
Ate a pound of Kryptonite
Drank a quart of brotherly love
Fell straight from the sky above
And if there's a hell below
Kenneth Ray ain't gonna go
He lost his soul in the Korean War
I lost my concentration when he opened the door
It's time to draw the line

Superior Sector Janitor X

In this bitter world
Known only as a number
It was given.
Blessed in its task
I transform into Superior Sector Janitor X
My coats are blue
But my visions are white (aren't they?)

Donkey School

I lie, ingest
Breathe in deeply
I lie completely still
It's not the things you said
It's not the things you did
It's not the way you moved
So learn, so learn


Comes the sign of wasted times
I will wait no more
Ever trudging through the aimless
Forests we explore
In our boots and money chains
Misfitting cloaks we can't contain
Hidden hates of urgency
Declaring our emergency
And up the tallest window world
The distance was not clear
Unoccupied my brutish thoughts
We had no cause to fear
A lesson so severe
Hotter than the fire we built
Darker than the truth
Ignorance reflected in the windows of our youth
Push me now beyond the bounds
Of healing hands and thorny crowns
And all the sadness it implies
I've tasted with my own two eyes
And as the cattlerack was cleared
The floor was brightly stained
And larger though we grew in size
Not a thing was gained
...The fate as so ordained

Marchers in Orange

The white lines are tracers for the facers of the aftermath
Positioned in the situation, lost in battles of love
Still yearning--not learning, unborn...unhatched
Yet, but wait! It's time to collide
To decide, if you will a purpose for the marchers in orange
And still a circus for the children in disguise
Throwing bones to the drug-sniffing dogs
Protecting what we've come to know as ours
For the colors we wear in our dreams
For the flags we fly in our films...


I walked into a place--a living space of total grace
I stepped into a place--a living space of total grace
And time without 'cause I'm tripped out is through
And there's nothing I'd rather do than be here right now
There's nothing I'd rather do...

World of Fun

It's a world of fun--don't lie to me
I'm thinkin' it's all open
For a chance to break your heart
And it's a world of fun for you
It's a world of fun for you
Come on now to the world of fun now for you

Jar of Cardinals

Droves of growers rolling by
In the trees and way below
Simple factors foiling time
Never did we seem to know
She was high and I was low
Sitting in our bungalow
Eating something wonderful
Never ever getting full
Nests of crows are hoarding coins
In the competition zone
Hush now seedling, don't you cry
Maybe I'll be coming home quite soon for you
Quite sinful you...

Unstable Journey

The poised tongues on easy street
Are shifting and delivering
The insidious snakes/the hackers and the meat
Are counting out the face of things
I know when you bring back sweet Dougy's? car
You don't tell him where it has been
He's funny and cool and so is your pose
Conditional love wins out again
I'm feeling good and I don't know if that's alright
Deep in the rot I can't distinguish day from night
But all of it will transpire
Transactions made through the wire
Kiss me while I still speak
Hold me as I'm too weak
Enjoy it...delusions
Pushing closer to the rush
Opening and closing
You recognize me--feel the hush


Perfect birds sit on plastic bush
In my cubicle
I've been knowing this for some reason now
And anyday I expect the delivery truck
To bring me mine, the order is late
But still I wait for the starfire demon
...or leave it to fate

Cool off Kid Kilowatt

Combustions, man--yeah, that's where we live
We're starving for the season
Jonesin' for a reason
Isn't it interesting? Isn't it odd?
Picked to finish last
I will speed my way past
Like a psychodrama, like a skeleton man

Gleemer (The Deeds of Fertile Jim)

I'm sitting on 2 heads
"Some seat" I heard some said
Just waiting for Sunday
Four days after Wednesday
The higher clouds are closing in
To hide the deeds of Fertile Jim
Could this be a brand new low
One that we can't talk about
One that we can't live without
One that we can join in now
I'm standing on 2 feet
Now buried in concrete
Just waiting for sundown
So as to be not found
The higher clouds...

Wondering Boy Poet

Dream on child of change
Throw your javelin through the sun
Pierce the heart of everyone
Though we push to slave the days
This is not reality, this is just formality
The cup is only being filled
For a chance to have it spilled
Flowing--just like the days
Sailing--just like the days...

What About It?

Now and then it's a way out life
Yes, indeed it's a strange effect
A couple o' brothers with a jar full of oil
Said "Grab it quick before it spoil"
What about it?
What about it?
Time is money if not well spent
Ain't now doubt it takes practice
To reprogram that static jive
And fly away like Grandfather Five
What about it?
What about it?
(We're finding time for wasting time)

Perhaps Now the Vultures

Shot down from the rafters and off to everafter
Consider this a failure, so be it--urchin promise
The curse is working--the trail of bodies
That leaves no suspect, what did you expect?
And get it, get it here, get it now
The news is not worthy
Don't even look
You're cornered into thinking
Invited to the lynching
Specify instructions
I'll shoot the arrow straight up
I'll frame your holy mugshot
Add insult to buckshot
And then I'll drink with glycerol frog-eye
Yeah, she can tell you every detail..


Do you see me--like I see you?
Time lost--can't ever understand
The lines like most
We wants to be alone, but we can't be alone
Do you see me--like I see you?
Can't believe the things we ask,
Can't believe the things we want
Do you see more than I do?