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Letras: Do the Collapse

1. Teenage FBI
2. Zoo Pie
3. Things I Will Keep
4. Hold On Hope
5. In Stitches
6. Dragons Awake!
7. Surgical Focus
8. Optical Hopscotch
9. Mushroom Art
10. Much Better Mr. Buckles
11. Wormhole
12. Strumpet Eye
13. Liquid Indian
14. Wrecking Now
15. Picture Me Big Time
16. An Unmarketed Product

Teenage FBI

Someone tell me why
I do the things
That I don't want to do?

When you're around me
I'm somebody else

Someone tell my why
I act like a fool
When things don't go my way
And you're around me?
I'm somebody else

There is good reason I guess
Having it once gone to far
When you clean out the hive
Does it make you want to cry?
Are you still being followed
By the Teenage FBI
Someone tell me why

Zoo Pie

Zoo Pie
All I ever wanted by you
Was to be a man

Get by
Every cop I beg I will stand

Come on baby do it
To me you can do it
I've already a plan

But zoo pie
All I ever wanted by you

Come on baby do it
To me you can do it
I know that you can

Things I Will Keep (for Jim Sheppard)

Coded-ancient the crease
Unlock the timers
And strike the chimers
In my sleep

Grab the coat - Steal the fleece
From behind the curtain
It will most certainly
bring peace

To those with countless numbers
No cold or hot
Like things that I will keep
And hide them in my sleep

Coded ancient
Oh brightness we shall see
Loaded up and at night when
We shall flee
Not to tread through the
heavy life
Sink in the dream
On the right night
you'll find her waiting

Selling things for cheap
The things that I will keep

Hold On Hope

Every street is dark
And folding out mysteriously
Where lies the chance we take to be
Always working
Reaching out for a hand that we
can't see
Everybody's got a hold on hope
It's the last thing that's holding me

Invitation to the last dance
Then it's time to leave
But that's the price we pay
when we deceive
One another/animal mother
She opens up for free
Everybody's got a hold on hope
It's the last thing that's
holding me

Look at the talkbox in mute
At the station
There hides the cowboy
His campfire flickering
on the landscape

That nothing grows on
But time still goes on
And through each life of misery
Everybody's got a hold on hope
It's the last thing that's holding me

In Stitches

What have we here?
Where the fragmented mind is

A new gift for crying out loud
A small token of our appreciation

"Human Amusements at hourly rates?"

It all makes for trouble math
But when the light comes on
You leave me in stitches

I hear you singing the spiritual getaway
Yearning to hike away
From hurt and spiny things
Who use you for their practice
and settlements

Permanent holy wars dissolve
and crash
On the red horizon
Busted bottle red sunshine
Moonfire flickering

Dragons Awake!

Dragons Awake!
Take me through the voodoo, Buddha
You are the King of Things
I am a fake

Over the treetops
An automan
And automatic girl

Predator skin an orangutan alive
I have two eyes
Sprinkle the pearls over the ham

Grand Peter, Might it be the
Pipes of Pan?

Softer tits will great you
But they have been tapped
By suckers of the sap

Now I'm going home
In the distance I can see them
Proudly waving flags

To separate and free them

Dragons Awake!
Forever and ever
For everyone to see


Surgical Focus

With surgical focus
She stared at me and said
I'm willing to reach out
Get in to your head
And I will keep you
and cleanse you
She glared at me and wept
A change is not going to hurt you
Not this time

And I've been waiting in line for this
Now that it's taken forever
I insist
Until I get it, I can't breathe
Climbing high upon the rocky cliffs
We fly
With surgical focus

Optical Hopscotch

Meet me at the market
Where you bought me out
Closely examine
The contact point of the
opposing rams

Now we are playing optical hopscotch

Now we are over here
Sketching the field of the spies

Front me a coroner's allotment
I'll not fail to return
An exact Earth pinprick

Now we are engaged in optical hopscotch

What's left of our vision?
Our swimming vision?
Of what division?


Mushroom Art

Living without you is difficult
But our dead dreams awake

In mushroom art
Do not observe her beauty
Cloud faced oldman winking
You see, he tests me
He wants I should join him
in gratitude
For his craft
He calls this love
But hardly so

Happy the universe
Happy is the act
A bejeweled crow on a quilted tent
Yea, at the zenith
Our dead dreams awake

Much Better Mr. Buckles

Time is "gone out"
If you pick up the weekend
Precisely, do you see?
The weak ones of a shifting ethic
Are packing up

Let me know if you go
Much Better Mr. Buckles
The kind nod of his employment
Wishes you well

Slow and unsure
Do unfurl your lips and call me
Entice me - take a drink
The sick list of a cryptic print
Is whited out

Let me know if you go...


I am an earthworm following
There is a nighthawk watching
me crawling
La la la la -

it's a lonely night
I'll take the airwaves home tonight
crawl with me in to the hole
Where everyone can hide

We're in the wormhole
Seeking to be safe again
Without a single brave soul
Leaking out tonight

After the fires there's a falling rain
Washing us free of the daily pain
Off the hook and down the drain
And out to the other side

To where the soil is rich and muddy in the riverbed
Feed on the urgent promise
Of the dead tonight

Strumpet Eye

Strumpet Eye
Draw below
She got me to go

Every hand grabs
Every moment
Can I see you, strumpet eye?

Strumpet eye?
Dig a rare earth angel gone

Strumpet eye
Was cheated in a romance

Strumpet eye
Can barely get into her own pants

In time
Strumpet eye!

Liquid Indian

Arcane offices delivering deluxe information:

1) The Quaker's Seal of Approval
2) More movies less trivial pursuit

I'm a born again boot stomping witch-humper
Are we there yet?
The skips and flips are taking sips of

Liquid Indian
Liquid Indian
Liquid Indian
Liquid Indian

Soft clay orifice
Quivering like new structures and formations

A perversion not known to the perfect ones

A stinging disruption, alas
It is quick like the ultimate brush-off

Is it time yet?
We've coupons and stamps
And valuable cramps from

Liquid Indian
Liquid Indian
Liquid Indian
Liquid Indian

Wrecking Now

Wrecking now
I could say no way
But she's calling out my vice
Wrecking now
And so I'm through with you

She's bleeding now
She's receiving now
She's defeating now - wrecking

Wrecking now
Turning on all the boys
And the boys have lost
their heads
Wrecking now
And so I'm through with you

Picture Me Big Time

Picture me big time
Up along the range
With this woman of mine
Driving me insane

Parasites baby....
Don't you know
I can't lie to you

There was a band from Beantown
They drove the now sound
With a girl at the top of her lungs now
Yeah, a girl at the top of her lungs

She'd tell the people baby
The world will settle down for no one
I will deliver to you

To one another in every place
Who speak like brothers
And leave no trace
Of a world still divided by tongues
Yeah, the world's still divided by tongues

You want to keep it closer now,
don't you
But there are words that speak to everyone
Which I will deliver to you
I will deliver to you
I will deliver to you

An Unmarketed Product

An unmarketed product
Is shining clear for many years
The time it takes you to put up
Shut out the fears for many years

How do these things
come in to our lives
So obtrusively?
Why do they change
their prices so accordingly?
Well, I can give you credit
Suitable and custom tailored
And if you have any luck
You'll get ahead
Before you're dead