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Letras: Unsung: The Best Of Helmet (1991-1997)

01. Repetition
02. FBLA
03. Bad Mood
04. Sinatra
05. In the Meantime
06. Iron Head
07. Give It
08. Unsung
09. Better
10. Just Another Victim (Helmet / House Of Pain)
11. Wilma's Rainbow
12. I Know
13. Milquetoast
14. Rollo
15. Overrated
16. Disagreeable
17. Pure
18. Renovation
19. Like I Care
20. Driving Nowhere
21. Exactly What You Wanted


Sit there pathetic
Admire myself
Pass offers of great sex
No threat the evil goes
Pig Fuck your eyes wide
Once lead, gone shy
Not a thing in common
She looks just like a boy


The angry and young
Fellowship did stress virile and
So well hung

Down and right
Did it wrong
Time to kill you're so depressed

Presence that won't

Bad Mood

It's no bad mood
It's a look you thought might kill but
You knew better

Wake up cold
Do you know you're not dead
Make the same mistake
You've lost your head

Rearrange events again
Let them suit your next complaint

You're all wrapped up
So deep inside
Just think bland thoughts


I can't move her
Obsessed with protection
This is a bad idea
She needs affection
What, me?

Drive around town forced to talk
Pass that church again
Where's a parking spot
It's Sinatra's world
She just lives here
I hate everything as much as
I hate me

What's the best for me?

She doesn't see me
I don't care
Just move around some and
Fix your stare
I had more fun
Took half the time
Cost three bucks, buy a magazine

What's the best for me?

In The Meantime

Earth tone suits you
So give it a smile
If I could hold your feet down
Get to know for awhile

To make due is a promise
Hard to keep without help
Never taught to look in
I'm too concerned with my health

Help me spread right, ash is
Cow fertilized
Come down in a feed town
Strength to minimize

Hold it

In the meantime


Safe to kill
It all comes back or
Stick it out and
Wage my own attack

Lift me up through
What I've found
Bite my lip
How far down is down?

Time to take
What I know
Keep it in and
Live here all alone

What's the worst or
Better dead
Wear it out
The pain is in my head

Give It

Killing hurts
Has to be done
Peace and love and
Who's number one
The right to give
Learn to bleed it's free
Pain is outside
Lift it up to see

Step ahead
Always wear the past
Dying soothe me
Beneath the smell of grass
No world secret
Kept is too intent
I've got my nerve
Self-help confidence



Your contribution left unnoticed some
Association with an image
Just credit time for showing up again
Attention wandered I'm left with it

Gone by sin too slowly
Can't pass it up
Then I thought nothing is right
I turned it off

To die unsung would really bring you down
Although wet eyes would never suit you
Walk through no archetypal suicide to
Die young is far too boring these days

Your will to speak clearly
Exposed too much
Unsung once too often
Could not rub off


Get it right
My last word sins
I taste it now
Omission wins

For keeping down
My better side
I still ignore
and try to hide

So get out

The easy word
Will never slip
I brought it down
To take the lip

Don't need to know
Don't have to feel
Your better side
I had to steal

Your better, you die better

Write down the day, expend it
Work it in again, death ends it

Just Another Victim
(Helmet / House of Pain)

But you're in bed
Stumble out
And run dead
If it ever paid
To self start
Make you smart

Just another victim
Just another victim
Just another victim, kid

I heard it once
But not before
Begging off
And livin bored
My hands are tied
Webbed feet again
Fell in behind
And claim us dead

Just another victim
Just another victim
Just another victim, kid

Cast this
In spite of truth
Give it up
I'll lie to you
Blame and flame this
Turnid stat (???)
Pointed finger
You fall apart

Just another victim
Just another victim
Just another victim, kid

You played yourself
Now you're pointin' fingers
How i've robbed and raped ya
Bruised and scraped ya
But those are just lies
Cause in your eyes
You've been victimized
It's how you size it up
You disguise it up
And try to make it look real
To cover up the low self esteem you feel
And afterthought
Swimmin in guilt's your favorite sport
But now you're caught up
In the undertow,
You never knew a man
Could sink so low
But now you know
Cause you're John Doe
In a black bag
A tag on your toe
I built the House
I felt the Pain
You're victimized
But got no one to blame

Just another victim
You're just another victim, kid

Holy diver
I'm a surviver
Feeling like DeNiro
In Taxi Driver
With Jodi Foster
And Harvy Keitel
Looks like I'm walkin'
Through a livin hell
So spark that owl
And I'll get lifted
Feelin the effects
Of what my spliff did
Cause I'm gifted
I read Sun Tzu
I bought a gun too
So you'll never come too
The weight of the world
Ridin' on my shoulders
Cause I'm a soldier
I thought I told ya

Just another victim
You're just another victim, kid

Just another victim

Wilma's Rainbow

You heard about, "be your own man"
You talk a lot and loud
Illustrate the obvious boy
You're mentally endowed

Watershed year comes
You're flush with fever
The richest junk dealer

Honestly, a book you read once let you
Think in rhyme. The old extreme sits
Pale and molds now for the
Millonth time

Wilma's rainbow of peaceful colors
The richest junk dealer

I Know

Wafer thin
The waif is in
She's chlorine clean and portion fed
Feed the dog
Slop the hog
Shine the Baptist and debark the dog

It's all right, I know
You're the only one who can
Show us at all

Get it done
What I hear, fear motivates
So intense
So sensitive
In your head where fashion lives

It's all right, I know
You're the only one who can
Show us at all

It's ok, I know
You're mean and hard and bored
It's always something


Tell me if you think it's all right
I'll give in to what you know
I don't see the habits that
Become me
I've saved up my useless thoughts

Well means, it works I'm on your side
I said that? Well so, I lied
Remeber I tried not to be wary
This failed me once too much

Well preserved
Don't forget what you heard


Sorry for myself, I've lost my
Kharmic wealth but
I can take from you with antiseptic stealth
I'll dig my own grave, get my
Front yard paved
There's always a penny earned
Another dollar saved

What lies ahead

I always make my point, soak
Bread in dirty oil
"Right's" too strong a word
The neighborhood's been spoiled but
I know what I know, stuck that
Inner glow
I don't have time to learn
I said I know what I know

I'm wrong, I won't admit it
I won't get it


Today's another day you won't deny that
It came so slow you don't remember
When you got so fat
Up above the bathroom mirror the light'll
Make you weak but
It's that pacifying lie that grows now
Every week

And still you hate it, it's overrated

I'll never forget things like, "Who did what?"
Cover old ground and drag
What's useless up
I won't feel quilty about being late again
There's no one to answer to and
No one to hate


[Não disponível]


Affected by what you had lost
They're not the habits you'd protect
At any cost
Blur the details of your hand
Anything your barren conscience
Can't defend
The limits of attention span
Successive thoughts you don't have
But you still pretend
Keep on talking anyway
Protected by what you know
No one will ever say
Because you can't be pure
You're self-assured


When it's time to leave this place
I'll follow what comes easy
Elude the human race
Discover what still feeds me
And if my interest is waning
I can't fake it
Your captive audience
Escaped for "soul renovation"
I know I might be wrong
But I'm sick of pretending
I've listened to you too long
And nothing's ever mended
You can stretch the truth
And patience wears you so thin
It's just as easy to see through
Your high self opinion

Like I Care

I'm paralyzed
Just listening to you
Now I am receptive
I know you sleep
So sound every night
And you are deceptive
It always feels good to be right
And if it helps you sleep at night
I'll tell you what you want to hear
And act like I care

Driving Nowhere

Confront the daily setbacks
All the lows and highs
With anesthetic means I'm
Fit to socialize
Driving nowhere fast
Accelerate to pass
Now I've got time to kill at last
Bombing hometowns I can
Watch it free from harm
United Arab Emirates
Still keep the gas in my car
Driving nowhere fast
Accelerate to pass
Now I've got time to kill at last
Keep the gas in my car
Let me go far
I'm driving nowhere fast
Accelerate to pass
Now I've got time to kill at last

Exactly What You Wanted

I'm not so good realizing
Who I can or cannot trust
It's best to keep what matters vague
With harmless lies I can adjust
I get a "D" for disappointment
Now there's nothing to regret
Everybody's good for something
At least you know what you won't get
I let you down again
What's another harmless
Lie between friends?
Now you can be disappointed
I thought I gave you just exactly
What you wanted