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Letras: Automatic

01. Here Comes Alice
02. Coast To Coast
03. Blues From A Gun
04. Between Planets
05. UV Ray
06. Her Way Of Praying
07. Head On
08. Take It
09. Half Way To Crazy
10. Gimme Hell
11. Drop
12. Sunray


Here she comes walking down the street
She's got something you would love to meet
It's her heart and her heart is black
Think of ice cream sliding into a crack

The heat sticks to summer's heavy sweat
Hang around it'll get hotter yet
You got the shakes and it's gonne get worse
Don't you know it's all a part of the curse

She's got the hit that takes you into space
Suck mud and make a deal for that taste
You got nothing but you're riding on a star
You couldn't guess that she could take you that far

Some things are so hard to say
Even though you'd say them every day
Don't let your life be the butt of a joke
Get your lips round a cool black Pepsi Coke

Here she comes


Feels like something pumping through my veins
I got the junk gun fever sinking to my brain
Feels like God in heaven's gone insane

I got a cat scratch engine takes me on the road
Wheels get rolling back to the world I know
Takes me just as far as I can go

I got my senses strung out to the sky
That desert city's got me reaching high
Here I come here I come

Junk town nothing got to keep it coming
Hipshake gunning kick start and I'm running
Just don't make it guess you got to fake it
Here I come here I come

On the road
Under a sky
Coast to coast


I don't care about the state of my hair
I got something out of nothing
That just wasn't there
And your kiss kiss kiss
Is never gonna blow me away

Dreams of escape keep me awake
I'm never gonna get out and make it away
I'm a stone dead tripper
Dying in a fantasy

Like a cracked open sky it helps you to die
Don't split it scrape it
You're screaming automatic pain

Too young kid you're gonna get hit
Looks like your never gonna make it
Off the government list

I don't mind about the state of my mind
But you know it's good for nothing
And I left you behind
It's a sick sick city
But it's never gonna make me insane

If you're talking for real
Then go cut a deal
You're facing up to living out
The way that you feel
And you shake shake shake
'Cause you know you'll never make it away

Well I guess that's why I've always
Got the blues


Suicide standing sucking in her cheeks
Too much lips and too much eyes
Hasn't slept for weeks
She don't know just where it goes

Jackie T said she saw death
She's done it fifty ways
But she's been off that medicine
For almost fifteen days
She don't know just where it goes

So turn around and run back where you're from
You can't get on
Don't shake those hips don't bite those lips
Just keep it hid

Come on now you gave it away
And all the friends you had got paid
Come on now you were never that shy
And that's no way for you to say bye bye

Baby you drive me crazy
Don't come around here no more


There's treasure in the pit of the hideous sin
Unpeel ice cool velvet skin

Junk eats trash in a chemical kiss
T.V poison tastes like this

Broken down jeses with the taste of trash
Ice cool hip swinger moves too fast
Tear stained nightmares in the cold light of day
Sick sick nightmares just won't go away

You gotta kick it while it's on
You gotta take it while it's going
You gotta walk before you run
You're getting fun fun fun


Fall to her call on a Saturday night
She's got the hip dippin' trick
Of all time done right
She's got her lips sticking tight
To her find tonight
She's keeping time keeping time
With the mystery rhyme

And she's crazy to want me to taunt me

Deep on the scene she is waiting for me
Like a sin scraping skin
She is screaming for me
Hope in hope in the sky she is talking to me
She's keeping time keeping time
With the image of me

It's her way of saying a prayer for me
It's her way of talking to God for me
It's her way of talking to jesus christ
It's her way of talking to jesus


As soon as I get my head round you
I come around catching sparks off you
I get an electric charge from you
That second hand living it just won't do

And the way I feel tonight
I could die and I wouldn't mind
And there's something going on inside
Makes you want to feel makes you want to try
Makes you want to blow the stars from the sky
I can't stand up I can't cool down
I can't get my head off the ground

As soon as I get my head round you
I come around catching sparks off you
And all I ever got from you
Was all I ever took from you

And the world could die in pain
And I wouldn't feel no shame
And there's nothing holding me to blame
Makes you want to feel makes you want to try
Makes you want to blow the stars from the sky
I'm taking myself to the dirty part of town
Where all my troubles can't be found


She could take my time and that's okay
You got to get right down and show me what's the way
I got what she gives me and that's okay

Shake up baby and wake up to what is real
Stand up tall to shout out what she feels
What she don't she don't have time to steal

I got what she gives me and that's okay
She gives me what I need and that's okay


Crazy I'm halfway to crazy
Suicide could save me
Oh is that much too extreme
It's such a sad and sorry scene

Lovers tongue tied
And tied to the tongue
Making deals going bad by the dawn
Every dog must have it's day
And then it's got to pay and pay

That's me being torn at the seams
Going mad in the middle of a dream
Catch me getting it wrong from the start
Catch me 'cause I'm falling apart

Crazy I'm halfway to crazy
Suicide would waste me
Homicide would break me
Tongue tied and tied to the tongue
Oh is life as bad as dreams
I guess that's just the way it seems


Gimme hell gimme hell gimme hell
She said as she fell
Tongue tied tongue tied tongue tied
She could never lie

So come on little sugar
Let me get your soul
Dig deep crazy like a success show
She can't bawl and she can't shout
She can't bawl and fuck it out

Gimme hell she gives me hell
I'm fucking up anyway
Well I've been good
And I've been mean
And I've been looking for a Coke machine
So come on


The way you drop is like a stone
Making out you're flying
But you've just been thrown

Till kingdom comes
And through bitten tongues
These eyes get stung
With every curse that's sung

These twisted times
Can't compare to mine
And heaven knows where loving goes

I should have guessed
When I took that pill
Do I love her still
Well did Jesus kill