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Letras: Curtains

01. The Past Recedes
02. Lever Pulled
03. Anne
04. The Real
05. A Name
06. Control
07. Your Warning
08. Hope
09. Ascension
10. Time Tonight
11. Leap Your Bar

The Past Recedes

And then the past recedes
And I won't be involved
The effort to be free
Seems pointless from above
Yor're looking down at' me
I'd rather stay below
Than have you staring up at me
Ay, this business of how long we try to stay alive
Why to be here you've first got to die
So I gave it a try
And what do you know
Time was so long ago
And thinks come back you see
To where they don't belong
And every drop of sea is the whole ocean
I lied to the greatest thieves
About anything and everything
I'm a figure of forgotten speech
I'm our of reach
I can't play it safe
But I might just in case
I'm disguised as a reaching hand
I'm working man
I'dont understand why clockout
Comes so slow every thome
That's one line I stay right behind

Lever Pulled

You're the feeling of hurting
More is what I'm asking for
Little lies cross overboard
Wait for the cry
Love to aim at besides
Lever Pulled
Go where you are little pond
Never be seen by your saw
We'll work it out
Now the feelings are right where you saw
Forever is right where we were
Never be clean
Lever pulled
Be where you are


Anne you can't hide
You know we'll find your
It's a matter where pride flies out the window
I never got the weight off the ground
I just forgot what's up and what's down
How many get the way I feel now
There's no regret
There's just the sense that
Nothing is coming my way
There's so much that happened today
The Gods of the city have called my name
It means more to them than it means to me somehow
I left my body
I left my fate
But it is so hard to keep away now
Nothing is final because it seems all the while
There wasn't anything for me
I always faked my smile
There's so many careless angels responsible for me
They give me disease
They give me a pain in my neck to feed off me
Saying pay us the cost and we'll be gone
Now they shut my eyes and I can't see now
These are the times I was scared of
These are the fares I pushed out of my way
Now they've come back here to haunt me
It's plain to see who the winner and loser will be

The Real

I dont know the real from what I thought I saw
I can't remember where I went
Where I was
I'm gonna move toward a point in time
Where where you are is a state of mind
And anytime I can read your thoughts
Some of them yours and some I thought up
There's no good reason for heartbreak
Nothing's repeating every Monday
It's no good saying you'll always be mine
These jokes life's playing they make me so tired
It's already to much to always see you off
The sense that hours go back is enough
I like to fade when I write this line
There's every reason to paint a decline
And every mile i walk is five
I'll get where I'm going in the next life
And all the while there's a false face
This every killing is left untraced
This kind of falling saved my son
This constant longing for what's gone

A Name

These don't have a name
I've been a fool to let it out that way
And it'll keep on coming back
A fool gets laughed at
Now go on and on and on
Letting it out when the feelings strong
I wonder who in the single thing
Made this night and its ugly dreams
These all pass away
It is clear that one can see through a day
And I may have met my match
Completely unattached
With no one no one no one
On whom to rely
Let's sing that song
Well I didn't read the last page
You thought of me at that final stage
Eenie meenie miny moe
It's about time
About time to go


It's not the way I go
It's not the way I go
No one here hears me
I'm sick of people knowing me
Life's confusing me
There's so much I don't see
Something's controlling me
It's no way to live
I haven't got a thing to give
And as those signs trad off
I'm a line from loud to soft
For what I have to say
I wanted to build a stage
I wanted to feel this way
All these things are real
I don't know my own field
You will prove me wrong
I don't know one
I see now what I've got
It reveals just what it's not
Someday I'll take it away
There's nothing for me anyway
Love don't choose me
Wide don't see a thing
What I'm saying is now
I don't know what it's about
I wander through the dawn
So much goes on
Who will make me run
I admit I might be wrong
These letters shelter me now
I wonder how

Your Warning

You're warning me to get out of the way
Was the safest thing to say
This trying to get out a very tight spot
Isn't even worth a shot
And all of the world calls out at once
Give us pain
It's a friend to us
And we don't decide for ourserlves very much
What we are we owe to the fear of love
Don't bring it around I've reached for that
Once it is found it turns its back
What's it called when you're married
And you've fallen out of love
What's it called when the family
You raised you don't know at all
Give us a point to miss
Endings are killing me slow
I only ask for this
Emptiness replace my soul


I feel the hope running low
We never found our way home
There is no more world
the land is gone
Water is all that survived that one
There are no escapes
Gone are the days of mistakes
Our mistakes
And did you see
The night wore on
And became the days that never begun
The disappearing day
You know where I'm from
Is the only place that forever stays young
Lost at sea
We're lost at sea
I Wouldnt know my face if you all were me
All we have is all we see
There is no more hope
There are no dreams


Coming up to the end
These feelings weren't always pretend
Review your whole life and you don't even have to die
Life would never leave me alone
A choise which way i wanted to go
And everything I've seen is wrong to make me what I'll be
All men
You don't need anyone
Just hold on to the end
And you don't even have to look good
You do fine on your own
You're free to cry and you don't have to wipe ypur eyes
You once saved me
And now I'm where you want me to be
Ascending endlessly and I don't even hav to try

Time Tonight

For changing lines
I've got no time tonight
In these times the wind surpassed the tide
when the wake up's hard to find
Dreams make upfor your life
This crazy shine it never lets you die
Going up
We become what you want
Again the moon rises up too high
And we don't need the sky
Wonder what it is that makes the world turn slower
Wonder what it is that makes me feel so mad
Everyone that talks to me I so which wouldn't
I wouldn't evencare except I feel so bad
Why is there no one in my life
There's no time tonight
There's no room to see wide
There's no time tonight

Leap Your Bar

Hannah go leap your ar
This is how right you are
I'm in a way it seems
People are cold and mean
In the valleys noon
The things that I can find
Nothing's simple soon
The stitche I can time
I was so bad
Endless the weeds you blink
Nothing's for sure to sink
I cared an open door
what is the world good for
The beloved carrs that went to where they went
Did they actually go were they really sent
Life is so sad
Hanna go fill your jar
This isn't right
You are
When does the whole of to be become infinity
Headed for the moon
The mission I can buy
Forever in a line
The friends who walk right by and never see you
I never see you