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Letras: Niandra LaDes & Usually Just A T-Shirt

(Niandra LaDes)
01. As Can Be
02. My Smile Is A Rifle
03. Head (Beach Arab)
04. Big Takeover
05. Curtains
06. Running Away Into You
07. Mascara
08. Been Insane
09. Skin Blues
10. Your Pussy's Glue To A Building On Fire
11. Blood On My Neck From Success
12. Ten To Butter Blood Voodoo

(Usually Just A T-Shirt)
13. Untitled #1
14. Untitled #2
15. Untitled #3
16. Untitled #4
17. Untitled #5
18. Untitled #6
19. Untitled #7
20. Untitled #8
21. Untitled #9
22. Untitled #10
23. Untitled #11
24. Untitled #12
25. Untitled #13

Não existem letras oficiais para esse álbum. As letras reproduzidas aqui são interpretações extraídas do site The John Frusciante Tablature Archive e estão creditadas ao autor, quando citados.

As Can Be

One Two Three Four
When you've got a clean smile
You can walk with style
He can be naked with no brain
In your pussy I'm cumming
And I love you, and always had to
Thank God I found you
Beautiful talkin' well it was to me
Do you see? There's no more me
I'm happy as can be

My Smile Is A Rifle

My smile is a rifle
Won't you give it a try?
Ma nem me mah ne ma menema.....
So you like the way we're entertwining(?)
When notes come to you
Hoo hooooooo
You know i love you
You're all i waaaaaaaaaaaooh yeeeah....

My smile is a rifle
And what are you...
My smile is a rifle
And i point it at you
My smile is a rifle
You'll know when you bring me in from the rain....

Head (Beach Arab)
Trascrito por Thatyou

I want to be an Arab on the beach with you
climb as those yawning from the sun
your head knows me in between you gotta play rest hey smile
please tell me lies so when you girth I do it
I just gotta say my ball out your way da-aaaay
Head, head is like the birds head laughing on

Big Takeover

No one dared to shuffle that shower
When nobody cares to be clean
Was not even pushed underwater
Just another nazi scheme yeah
The big takeover

I'll do habit so-called sition ?
Prepare yourself for the final quest
The world is doomed with its own integration
Just another nazi test yeah
The big takeover

So believe me when I say
There's no hope for the USA
The world is doomed with its own integration
Just another nazi test yeah
The big takeover


The curtains were made for moving
Cause you know sometimes your not always there
You don't need it now, your head's shaped like a cow
Till all is here, the world's just a sphere
No bigger than the balls you suck

Hey you with your hat down
Don't you know that can't be where it's always at?
You've all been always there, your head's shaped like a pear
You search thru the light, instead of jumped in the pie
Of life that you slice till it's just dry.

You're so often seen along
The westside wheel of the meals that you steal
To get around the coaching of this loss
It's always made you feel the best
You always made less and less of the casual forces
That lead you away from the nest.

I know your face, It's all out of place.

Running Away Into You

Drive up and down thru water
Live where poor
Big dreams nice
Sighing babys go to work

My name's rooted look
Thru the back of the room
Play him a tune down low
If the sun could melt like snow
I would run to you and flow into
A cloud running away into you

Ants (Cassette Version)

[não disponível]

Mascara (4 Versions)
Trascrito por Shelly Griska

There's a belt of sun dripping through a porthole
In a set design
Can you read your name?
It's been so long since we blew from the inside
So where have you been since you fell off the flat edge
Of the world under an ugly sky
You've been lying by
But they meant you, dance under the moonlight
Do what you think is the sum
Of the flesh and blood
Above there's small birds gone to trembling
In for thousands of your years

Voice 1: You felt like crystal in your thighs
Voice 2: You get four red candles
Voice 2: On the table with your penis by your eyes
Voice 1: You're the one that makes me realize
Voice 1: Big water flowing through to tomorrow
Voice 2: Through to your vacation
Voice 1: Apples and cake must have been your stake
Voice 2: ? (something about "a gallon of wine") but the smile you send in my direction
Both: Makes me feel like I'm alive
Voice 1: You're hidden by your wooden legs
Voice 2: You're my kind, You're my kind
Voice 2: You always make me feel like a moon in my life
Voice 1: Stay here in down at the world's edge, for a time
Voice 2: It always makes me feel good to know you're alive, wrapping your ties
Voice 1: Down by the whirlpool, I finally realized you must have bittenyour snake,
your little guy
Voice 1: I've been insane well the time is slow
Voice 2: I've been to a society where you can't see yourself and you can't feel sunshine
Voice 2: And if you see me roaming the hillside won't you come along? It's all gone to
the top of yourself. You'll always be alone.
Voice 1: The Pope don't matter when the pawn is your sea, don't you agree?
Voice 2: I like you in my love, makes me feel good just to know I can love someone like you.
They'll make it hard for you choose. I can understand but when you see the tears coming you close your eyes.
To you I'm sure it's no surprise that I could be one of the dead.
Thank god my underwear's full of lead without you. Without you.
Voice 1: When you're around I'm wound around your thumb. You wanna be numb inside the gun.
All your different delights are one big fight against thebaby inside that you've mistaken for pain.

Been Insane

I've been insane well the time is slow
The pope don't matter when the pawn is your sea,
Don't you agree?
When you're around I'm wound around your thumb
You wanna be numb inside the gun

I've been in pain hope it doesn't show
I've been insane well the time is slow
Don't you want sunshine instead of phony lights?
All your billboards in light
I want big fight against the baby inside
that your mistaking for pain!

Skin Blues


Your Pussy's Glued To A Building On Fire

Your pussys glued to a building on fire
I paint my mind just cuz I'm alive
If you see me roaming the hillside
Won't you come along?
You paint your eyes
Mine are in the sky
No worldly word I could say would be golden
The smile on my face isn't always real
But the way you make me feel is all that's really real
You little duck house

Blood On My Neck From Success

A suit that dates spines
Does fine in the winter
Occasionally find
Splinter fins pryim (sic - does that even make sense?!)
I've got blood on my neck from success
For planning on the part of scum
Wild as I can be,
They put me to sleep.

Ten to Butter Blood Voodoo
Trascrito por Thatyou

Exclaimations feel
the fall you're set to conceal
she loves the man you told
Could you see me flying coach
Hey sister its unreal
the way I take the sky in my automobile
could you show them the ten
ever hear about heaven scent
your highs taken to the sky
yellow and zebras fly
your skys taken to the flies
next is found west
feeling the best

Untitled # 1


Untitled #2
Trascrito por Itay Auerbach

shadows been word
one win a hand
to sell it thru their thick little back let clock,
it's a,
it's a passage way to drive, walk or run thru,
or the wind and water can carry me.
i except what didn't happen just now to just happened
to just hear me up, part of the quan skies one.
and body betrayls that's design by the shadows
now that forward or up or down climb to top
it's the bottom so there is no rush,
and you don't get tired,
just knows, when it burn the creeves that's around you
trying to pretend,
burrying it wherever it grooves itself to the rage life
that balance,
and move like you do cuz you do it for them.
i've been followed and i've been so wrong
mistakenly killed for being so thin
i can flip inside out
the song of trash that can rise in depression,
it's closing
so it grooves
i assume that whenever slides in her own ground spending life
so you flip each day to the night
that holds you soft in position
folding pain tightly so it knows what it means
for it silent vowels to be all that bleeds
like you knows the sided
or what it needs to keep trying
and it didn't mean to be N I A P
my body is light
cuz the way of whatever carring me thru the weak traps around
that bleed
i've stepped anyway not falling my being my way to be
i'll never go empty for fex to have thee
sitting around feels like running and crowds
dangle me from their thighs widely cross where life is here
cuz my love is crying
i'll share the way i've lost
cuz i'm a pretend me
and i'm real cuz i can hit me softly
blood i can hear
cuz i'm here now and it's far from me
fall back into the ground
flip dive to it's holes
burring the all thing (???) unimportent
as long as i'm giving the things that swirls
like selling dreams to cannabis
telling too to jump free.

Untitled #3

A dove is a glove
That I wear in my heart
And though I like to dress smart
It doesn’t have any part of the world of fashion
And you’re there to put me down
And I’m sick off the frowns that follow me around
I would like the sky but there’s no reason why
She’d say to this world with the nose of a girl
Turned up so loud that it rings sings the cloud
I’ve never been here and though you’re physically here
You’re pushing me away to decay like the day that I loved

There is a girl, blabbing nothing outside my window
What do I have to show
To a world that the only way to destroy
Is to die like a baby boy
I could be happy in infinity
Of the space of my eyelid
But I know I’m somewhere else
Where the words on this page
Are better than the scribling nonsense they are,
And it would be real,
And I eat my last meal
Wish that I could feel
But now I don’t even know if I’m real

Untitled # 4


Untitled #5

Speed of light,
You think so?


show you around

Untitled # 6


Untitled # 7


Untitled # 8


Untitled #9
Trascrito por Thatyou

Ahhh softer rook, sweet heart noisy waters
p-peach come shaking trance
Long benches for heads failas bra (?)
hand down feel a pawn an ending yeah
laxatives munich in pawn soap (?????)

Sight can't you I'll see have I'll see
You when say you do It maybe turn the
All light, light the where wait turn
All right fly with me can't, can't
You fall its a scienty the fall or
Makes head crystal I'll taste

Untitled # 10


Untitled #11

Sold a hole to a disaster
Nail the strong winds tied to a door
Know the crimes that stick in thru
Unfastened belts on your heart
And I've never been very smart
But I connect you with your shadow

Untitled #12

Blind your head in catastrophe icicles
No-one’s fed in cycles led by cycles dead
Ask to shine the flag
Love is distance and blue sits like apples bite
And flows through our hands
I said ‘Hi’ to a man who shot his sister
Panned through the station
And jumped in front of a train
Said I’m a bit confused to meet you
Life’s what scissors do to a day
So their smiles pave the way
Sand drips with waves
And clouds my head cuz I’m a fortune fellah’s bed
And I’m the tunes played by the goons
Who ride in fairy’s wombs
And stole the road the other way
And sold tomorrow to yesterday and
I know the feeling of pushing you out of a building
Tiny people pulsating hit the sky
Still the ground got up and wiped your face
You expected to fly, wind up your misfortune
Sling ‘em to a Maitre-Dee
Who wears dead butterflies on his face
And is hoping to grow wings
He really wants to tell you
‘hey give your tears to today’
Grind yourself souvenirs under your stolen years
Hands in your pockets
Your hands getting numb been hurt in grinds jive
Do the avenues that seem to meet defeat you
Did you ever try to hug the sky behind your head
I walked forever sightseeing a screen
Shuffled a mean green ping
Dives head first into a hole in the water
Drives side to side like a floating machine
Dove dancing to a fable told to a sea of disintegration
Crawl to a celebration of dirt that leaves that taste of wine
Sucked from a hair that digs into the darkness
Full of the fair that my head rides.
I slide your kind through a ladder
Hanging on a star
Stray close so far
Away from the climb
A tape like section of introspection
To rewind would be to recline.
Hit the pounds underlying gently
Ride on the side
Tell your problems to zero
He’s got nothing to hide.

Untitled # 13