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produzido por Angus Andrew
Drum's Not Dead
Lançado em 2006 pela Mute Records Ltd.
# catálogo: 724596930120 / 9301-2

01. Be Quiet Mt. Heart Attack!
02. Let's Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack
03. A Visit From Drum
04. Drum Gets A Glimpse
05. It Fit When I Was A Kid
06. The Wrong Coat For You Mt. Heart Attack
07. Hold You, Drum
08. It's All Blooming Now Mt. Heart Attack
09. Drum & The Uncomfortable Can
10. You, Drum
11. To Hold You, Drum
12. The Other Side Of Mt. Heart Attack

01. Drum's Not Bread [por Julian Gross]
02. The Helix Aspersa [por Angus Andrew]
03. By Your Side [por Markus Wambsganss]

- "Drum's Not Dead" é um pacote de áudio e vídeo. Tanto a versão em CD como a em vinil incluem um DVD com três diferentes versões visuais do disco.

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produzido por David Sitek e Liars
They Were Wrong So We Drowned
Lançado em 2004 pela Mute Corporation
# catálogo: 724596923528 / 9235-2

01. Brocken Witch
02. Steam Rose From The Lifeless Cloak
03. There's Always Room On The Broom
04. If Your A Wizard Then Why Do You Wear Glasses?
05. We Fenced Other Houses With The Bones Of Our Own
06. They Don't Want Your Corn - They Want Your Kids
07. Read The Book That Wrote Itself
08. Hold Hands And It Will Happen Anyway
09. They Took 14 For The Rest Of Our Lives
10. Flow My Tears The Spider Said

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produzido por Steve Revitte e Liars
They Threw Us All In A Trench
And Stuck A Monument On Top
Lançado em 2002 pela Blast First / Mute
# catálogo: 9187-2

01. Grown Men Don't Fall In The River, Just Like That
02. Mr. Your On Fire Mr.
03. Loose Nuts On The Velodrome
04. The Garden Was Crowded And Outside
05. Tumbling Walls Buried Me In The Debris With ESG
06. Nothing Is Ever Lost Or Can Be Lost My Science Friend
07. We Live NE Of Compton
08. Why Midnight Walked But Didn't Ring Her Bell
09. This Dust Makes That Mud