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Letras: Golden Lies

01. Intro
02. Armed And Stupid
03. I Quit
04. Lamp
05. Hercules
06. Batwing
07. Take Off Your Clothes
08. You Love Me
09. Pieces Of Me
10. Push The Button
11. Tarantula
12. Endless Wave
13. Wipeout
14. Fatboy/Fat/Requiem


(With samples from "The Baka Forest People of Southeast Cameroon")


Blue showers - stars open
New pennies for heaven

Chorus: And the sun wants a place in the sky
As it spins all around
And the rain thinks that it was only dreaming
As it kisses the ground

No feeling, poor shooting
Find trouble so soothing


No body - pure science
No body - pure essence

(Chorus - Chorus)


I believe in everything
In the whores and the silver ring
I believe in everyone
But the flame has just begun

I will I quit
Can't stand the sight of it
I am I know
In the path of your evil glow

I believe in the gathering
I believe in the plastic king
I believe in everyone
But the flame has just begun


I believe in the rotten rope
I believe in the cantaloup [sic]
I believe in the haunted house
I believe in the Mickey Mouse

Don't believe in humanity
Think they got the best of me
I believe in carpentry
Gonna build a galaxy



Put off the light
Draw the line at anything natural
Flesh is fine
Redefines the meaning of natural
Nothing could own us.

Draw the wine, raise the glass to all the unnaturals
Raise the glass, raise it high to all the unnaturals
Nothing could own us.

Chorus: Rub your eyes sending it back
Before where it came from...
Drop the lamp, try to find if anything's happening
Drop the lamp, stumble to find if anything's happening...

There's nothing below us



Chorus: If you don't look you won't see
Everybody is Hercules
If you don't watch you won't be cool
And nobody will like you

You just experienced the latest invention
In a place that's too miserable to mention
And someone did some things to you just the other day
That are just too dirty for me to want to say
Well you just experienced the latest thing
I know it's just another thing
Just when you think that you're safe and alone
There comes a big, fat zombie witha taste for your tail-bone


You got a problem?
I think I got a problem
I've just been molested by a prehistoric goblin
From Mars with a Martian eyeball
And it's just like a jelly fish nailed to a wall


I see a spider-man vigorously jumping
Up and down on a little pink dumpling
Never-Never Land sparkles in the midst
Of the dust of a table being beaten by an ape fist.


Serious buy curious, buy anything
Buy it or shaving cream goes down the drain
Blue-vine batwing cannibal
Hurrah!! Hurrah!!

Novice tomboy sugar wrestler discipline
Body vintage flea hypnosis anti-trend
Blue-vine batwing cannibal
Hurrah!! Hurrah!!


It's alive she said
It's a dream, a lie
It's a lie she said, come alive, alive

Chorus: Oh my god I must be dreaming
If this is a dream, then why am I screaming
Take off your clothes there's nothing showing
Out of the sun a cold wind's blowing

All the lights have started popping
Once it starts it's always stopping

Take off... Out of...

You're a dog she said, come alive, alive
Like a dog lay down on your side, your side

(Chorus ---> Repeat verse 1)


You're the one and the every one
I got a list of the things that you've done
Life's dirty and you know that it's true
Take a look at what's coming out of you

Chorus: You love me, you love me, you love me
My lamb, hovering in the moonlight

Little cheap and it's never untrue
We never met but I feel it in you
Ever think that it's everything wrong
In a world that is totally blasted


Mostly I'm scattered with castaway matter
The usual stuff that you see
Palm trees and babies and televised time
And occasional pieces of me

Once I was something but I can't remember
Whatever that something should be
Palm trees and babies and televised wind
And occasional pieces of me

I still have the hole where my heart was
And the head where my mind used to live
The rest of my ody was kidnapped by aliens
Who took everything I had to give

There's palm trees and milky machine guns
And sunsets that melt like a gem in the sea
Hours and hours of televised time
And occasional pieces of me


With a mind that's sick and crazy
Put together like a baby in a fist fight
Here comes an angel flying
Like a moth to a backyard bug-light

One mind two hearts somehow got torn apart and healed
But never grew together
Like a rock tied to a feather
The ocean's parted for the boiling ice cream vendor
The condor circles in the vapor up above

The misses cheering
As the worm departs the apple
The old machinery
Has registered its love

In the air there is a rumbling
It sends the two hearts tumbling
Into a pool of thick black tar
Sink to the sky and hand like a black star

Tunnel of love sincerely
I miss your poor heart dearly
I wish I never had killed you
The blue birds sing so sweetly


They'd been gone for so damn long
I'd nearly forgotten that they could be near
They fly high and so far gone
You can hear them but they seldom appear

Chorus: And they live, live on a mountain
And they hardly, ever hardly see the floor
And the clouds grinding around them
Created a terrible roar

Fine glasss book, their pages newly amended
And planted in steam.
Witchcraft sppons breed rhinestone radioactive
Bull frogs in antique magnetic cream


High I.Q. brand rhinestone carnival barking pumpkin
That walk without feet
Low-rent hunchback elves sell sweets to the children
Who play in the street


I have always been a monster
Tho it seems a game of fools
And I have always come out losing
When it's someone else's rules

Chorus: The song across the endless sea
Sends a wave that crashes over me, over me
The song above the giant roar
The endless wave that crashes over me...

I could never make the journey
I can hardly even swim
That's why I'm so fascinated
Just how deep I've been pulled in


Here's the horns of my dilemma
What's behind the siren's song
Do I crawl to my own drummer
Or am I being dragged along



I don't know what it's meant to mean
If it doesn't sound real
Or if it's just what it seems
I don't remember, I forgot what I said
But don't let it go to your head
And don't hold me it's just the sound that I make
And what do you care what I say anyway
Unless you choose to hear me confuse
I guess I got nothin' to lose

Chorus: No one's really complaining
About the pouring rain
There's no sense in explaining
All the sense has been drained

Somewhere off in the sunset the river bends
And they all seem so happy our pissed-off friends
The sound is totally fake
Kind of like the noise that a cow makes:
Stupid, no more than stupid, so dumb I ought to be beaten
Should be cooked and be eaten - chewed right down
Planted like corn in the ground
To be fed to the hogs...


*Like a wipeout I hit my face
Right down like a turtle by the fireplace
Glass eyes starin' to the rear
On the table is a baby with five ears
And the baby's got plans to an airplane
The product of his big fat brain
And out in the bushes he hears
A small voice ringing in his extra ears

Repeat *
Chorus... Chorus... Chorus... Round... Round... Blah...


We went down to Leroy's double-barrel sun
Varmints always whippin' ass on Leroy
Devil-rabbit costume, gettin' on was fun
Always whinin' "Stop the war on fatboy"

Chorus: Stop abusing Martians
Stop reducing calories
Clip your eggs together
Monkey one

Keep gettin' on - part of the plans that were made
We held up the donut just before the sun
We all argued who would service fatboy
Fatboy has the knowledge, knowledge overcome
Super hand of wonder it's the fatboy


Fatboy claims he's triplets, I believe each one
Always, always lying, it's the fatboy
If I claim I'm triplets it's knowledge overcome
Super hand of wonder is this fatboy