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Letras: Huevos

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01. Paradise
02. Look At The Rain
03. Bad Love
04. Sexy Music
05. Crazy
06. Fruit
07. Automatic Mojo
08. Dry Rain
09. I Can't Be Counted On


Laughing gold carried on silver
Open robe waving by the trailer
This is paradise

Ivory whales high on corn bread
Wind-filled sails fly to the door step
Hey little girl, hey young lady
I'm not wrong, don't say maybe
Out at night gazing at the heavens
Hold on tight, hold on eleven


Been down to the corner
About once or twice
I don't know but it's been nice
I ain't got no money
I can't buy a damn thing
That I might like
Let's go down to the dimestore
On some moonless night
And look at the rain

I got a shirt that cost a dollar twenty-five
I know I'm the best dressed man alive
I put it on and head down to the local dive
To put the icing on extraordinary rides
When I am done I leave 'em happy but insane
For to look at the rain

I'm a messed up tord down
Worthless bad of trouble
I take way too much
And I get right in your hair
I got a real sharp ping
With which to burst your bubble
This is trouble distribution
And I'm giving you your share
Won't tell you nothing 'cause that's my aim
But I love the rain


I see a robbery
That's nothing new
I see a robber
Broken right in two

Took a little something
From the wonderland
Took a little lovin'
Love that burned his hand

Now here's the problem
There's nothing wrong
Compared to no love
Bad love can't be wrong


Let me see everything
Let me live forever
Give me wings and show me how
To control the weather

Give me the mountains
Give me the sea
Send a couple maidens
With soft hands to rub my feet

Give me superhuman strength
To wipe out what is wrong
Give me all of everything
I've wanted for so long

Unearthly visions filled my head
As A lay there and sexy music
Tumbled all around
And then the music turned to
Emerald feathered goblins
That cast their burning pearls
To the ground

Hot as the sun
The red rubber fountain of ecstasy
Flows from the palms of my hands
Like the wind
Hot as the sun


Whoa, crazy, got myself a job
Oh, crazy, one more bank to rob
I was lazy, had no fun in a while
Now, crazy, I got a reason to smile

When icy rain is falling
Then I can hear you call

Oh, this popstand, got no ocean view
Still I'm happy, something feels so new
Drop the problem, unless it's something you need
Oh, crazy, plant a different seed

I love the clothes you're wearing
But won't you let them fall

Take a minute, take an hour or two
Oh, crazy, I got nothing to do
Crazy moonbeams cover up the sky
Oh, crazy, you're the light in my eye

And after one has fallen
I got to have it all


It's a swamp
Just a jungle
Tigers slipping through all the time
Snakes and alligators
Want to have a piece of what is mine
I don't pay
No attention
To the nastiness going down
Just above me
Within my reach
There's plenty of good things hanging 'round

Fruit on the vine
Ice water fountains
Fruit on the vine
Fruit on the vine

I reach up for an apple
I grab an orange by mistake
I don't mind, it's alright
In the jungle, I get what I can take
Got a taste for watermelon
A taste of pomegranate too

Got a taste for watermelon
A taste of pomegranate too
Nevermind, I'll take a cherry
Any ripe and juicy one will do

My mouth is full
My face is messy
I'm feeling better with each bite
I take a break
For just a minute
But nothing satisfied my appetite


It's righteousness is shining
It walks in ruby shoes
There's not too much of nothing
You cannot make it do

I cross the muddy river
To dig a diamond mine
I got a good thing working
On diamond mining time

I got some cotton candy
I got a spool of thread
I'm gonna weave a basket
And put it on my head

Inside the mighty basket
I carry rattlesnakes
You got to be a monkey
To see the sense it makes


You said you'd make it grow
You said you'd make it green
But I see dusty fields
Broken rock is all I see

And all around me
I see your storm clouds
Another lies about to fall

It seemed like it was real
Felt like water to my skin
But I stepped through the rainbow
And saw the desert deep within

And all around me
Are roaring waters
But I won't let me
Be swept away

And all around me
I see the Pharaohs
I see collections
Of hats and guns


Give me lots of money
A house up on a hill
Send me pretty women
Or threaten me and still

I'll come out to your house
And attempt to fix your sink
Do a mediocre job
As I'm leaving you will think

If you're needing something
You know that I'll be gone
I will not answer when you call
If you're waiting for me
Then you'll be waiting long
I can't be counted on at all

My eye is on the pork
The pork is in the pan
If something needs a 'doing
Well, you know I'm not your man

If you're counting on me
You know I'll let you down
You can't be counting on me
Cause you know I'm just a clown