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Letras: Monsters

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01. Attacked By Monsters
02. Light
03. Meltdown
04. In Love
05. The Void
06. Touchdown King
07. Party Till The World Obeys
08. Flight Of The Fire Weasel
09. Strings On Your Heart
10. Like Being Alive


C'monna, Y'wanna, surely gonna
Make it a try-chiquita
I need ya
Cut me off a piece of ya

Attacked by monsters
Kissing dogs

Smokin' and pokin'
Changing in the blink of an eye
Fly high by my window at night

Lately a message
Talks about a place in the world
Little by little
The mystery begins to uncurl

Snakey's awakey and it wants
A little piece of the pie
C'monna, Y'wanna
Surely this'll cause you to die


Fiery spider
Candy stars in bloom
Crystal fire fractures
Sparks into the room
Shadow seems have opened
Right inside the blaze to catch the spinning


Flaming river
Burning in the sky
Falls of silence
Over land to dry
Gathering the elephants
Turning light to day beneath the current

Essence of the will
Time and fire
Turning burning still
Upon the hour table
Dreams of light are laid
But I'm not sleeping


It's out of wire
It's undergrown
It's out of line
It's just a question of what you know


Too good
Too real
Five aces
A square deal

It's what it is
It's what it's not
And all in all
It's just a question of what you got


Sandman walks the islands
Over camel's bay
Wishes balanced captive
Pushing time away

In love
In love

Disappearing pictures
Falling from the sky
Sandman in the shallows asking
How'd I ever get so much

Sometimes always captures
Always slips around
Love is linen surounded
And floats like lion down


He's got a kind of stupefieying attitude
You almost see those little wing shoes
Like a tight, almost shining through the air
He's a touchdown king

The air is energy whenever he's around
With bolts of lightning from the ground
Like the wind almost flying through the air
He's a touchdown king

He's had some hard breaks on the wrong side of the line
Time and time again he's out of time
Like a light almost shining through the air
He's a touchdown king


They draw the line you cannot see
They build the cage that sets you free
They drop the word from up above
They crack the whip you've grown to love

Say what?
Party 'till the world obeys

They pull the load with all your might
And have you blind to fix your sight
You fly on wings into their snare
They sell you tickets to thin air




I see it, I get it, to find it below
You know me, your fire, but I can't let go
In silence, through canyons of motion we start

Beyond us there motions
Emerge from the dark
Now I'm tied up in circles
So I won't fall apart
Tied up and tangled
Strings on your heart

It's clouded in mystery surrounding your heart
It stumbles to finish before it can start
In silence, through canyons of motion we start
Beyond us these motions emerge from the dark


Tie me up, get it right
Pull the knots, good and tight
Toss me in a car
Take us out for a ride
This is almost like being alive

I'm not here, I'm nowhere
Someplace else, I don't care
Give me half an hour
Let me know when you arrive
This is almost like being alive

Night is here, time stands still
All things move, outside will
Look me in the shower
Stamp the door when you arrive
This is almost like being alive