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Letras: Up On The Sun

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01. Up On The Sun
02. Maiden's Milk
03. Away
04. Animal Kingdom
05. Hot Pink
06. Swimming Ground
07. Buckethead
08. Too Real
09. Enchanted Porkfist
10. Seal Whales
11. Two Rivers
12. Creator


A long time ago
I turned to myself
And said, "you are my daughter"
I saw that the image
I saw there was well,
"So you are my daughter"
Well then we've got something to talk about
Who told you so?
That gold burns slow
Like coal camper's candles
All lost in the snow
Lay down - you're on
The warmth that I'm weaving is for you alone
Up on the sun where it never rains or snows
There's an ocean with a wind that never blows
And if you see it closer then the finer points will show
Not too much more, too much more




Below the road a dozen times now
Within the leeway behind the sandhouse
The fascinating book of strings pick the leaves
That drift down in between
Suns to lift up in between
They told some stories like you've never seen
Just about everything slips down in between
Mine to lift up and to follow
In the steps of fluids hollow
Without time we pick up all the streams
To find the leaves
That drift down in between


Down in the valley there's an animal kingdom
You can't even see it till the sun goes down
Up in the mountains there's beautiful rings
On fingers that dance to invisible sound
Up in my head there's an animal kingdom
I am the king of the animals there
Up in my head
I'm a beautiful singer
To birds that dance on invisible air


Hot pink volcano in the heart of the tornado
Is shaking the lemonade tree
Hot pink forest is backed by a furnace
That boils the lemonade free
and it all went down
Tomorrow is a number
Hot pink apple with the sweet golden dimple
Has stuck its claim in me
Hot pink rubber comes in every color
And every style that you please


The sun is up and beating down
Hot enough to melt the ground
A little water would do us good
The clouds would help us if they could
They'd send showers of pouring rain
Get everything wet again
We could go and float around in our favorite swimming ground
The best place I ever found
Wasn't close to any town
Was a little swimming ground
Everything just floating around
Out to lunch and out of town
Pretty close to falling down
A little water would do us good


Got no head it's a bucket with teeth
It likes to dream it likes to sleep
It knows hot it knows cool
It knows what's what it's no fool
Fill up the bucket with whatever you got
Make sure it's something that the bucket likes a lot
Fly on a window looking through
It's tiny bucket knows just what to do
It goes over here, it goes over there
It takes its tiny bucket almost everywhere
I'm a buckethead that's the truth
What I do sure shines through
And what goes in get mixed around
And overflows and makes this sound


Around here it's all the same
I said it's all the same
When drops of sunshine start to turn to rain
I said it's all the same
They don't know what to call it
But they all say it's wrong
Well I don't see no greener pastures
This must be where I belong


Pistachios turn your fingers red
Row your way back home you know
Roll right into bed
Pick it up in a week or two
Flags jump out your head
Row your way back home you know
Roll right in bed




Two rivers rolling by
Two waters side by side
Never touching they reamin
Two rivers different names
When they meet the waters change
Two rivers one name
River flows with many names
Water leading water's aim
Finding ways to change again
Finding yet another name


Everybody's got some kind of belief about creator
Some say openly, "I don't know"
Some build elevators
To take the chosen few who can afford the scenic view
To the top of some big tower looking out on fields of blue
Walking clouds on caves of emptiness that fall around their minds
To flirt openly with vapor and the trail it leaves behind
Fences fly and sidewalks cry concerning our creator
Turning loose the butterfly that ate the alligator
Picking up its open-ended holographic roots
It moved out to the tower to look down on me and you
Walking caves of empty water in the boring morning rain
Making love to open windows and the vapor trails refrain