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Letras: The Proximity Effect

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01. Hyperspace
02. Amateur

03. 80 Windows

04. Mother's day
05. Troublemaker

06. Bacardi
07. Bad best friend

08. Dispossession

09. The voices

10. Firecracker

11. Slow down

12. Robot




hands up who thinks it's now?
home base is the bathroom where the lights are bright,
it's never too late if you know how,
we've got our own brand ot hyperspace,
you cannot change anyone,
there is no peace,
there's only sun,
when you wanna go,
i know you will,
and I can see it all and i'm ok,
i wish there was another way,
there's no right and there's no wrong,
there's just the balance of the things you know


you made me feel like i'm ok,
I could be happy,
now i can sit not run away,
stupidly laughing,
wipe out all self-pity,
it's slowing me down,
turn off feeling pretty,
dressing up dressing down,
i walk around the city,
out of my way,
looking for something,
i've got all that i need to save my day,
so why'm i running?
you said i should get professional help,
it always makes me cry,
i know i'm just an amateur,
but i've gotta try,
i had a birthday party and it was packed,
got friends who love me,
we hung a disco ball up and watched the lights,
they were so lovely,
when exactly are we?
i get the decades mixed up,
i like the streets when they're empty,
i can make the rest up,
every day is new year's eve,
every night is the last night,
every time is the last time

80 Windows

clusters of people talking secretly to each other,
in a bar you cannot talk openly to anyone you don't already know,
they have got the right idea,
they jump the line and hit it on the nose,
when we sit and we get quiet,
then we look and see who's home across the way,
there are 80 windows we can see,
it's christmas-time and they all have the same tree,
you tell me the patterns you already see,
i wonder if they see us in our bed,
you said you like the one with the father who always eats with his son,
i like the rows of lights because they keep me calm,
i feel far away from you,
so what else is new? the moon is closer to the sun than i am to anyone

Mother's day

i wanna know,
do you have the balls to ask,
what do you see when you look at a girl?
is she a game you wanna win?
if no-one was looking,
what would you do to get in?
do you have friends who would be proud if you went in for the kill?
do you have friends who would do it even against her will?
what if they did that to your sister?
what if they did that to your mother?
why are we so slow?
i bet you think you're such a hottie,
but a body afraid is not a sexual body,
everybody's been laughed at and,
everybody's been left out but,
that's no excuse to turn it around,
no boy has the right to hold a girl down,
on your star wars sheets,
when you set the scene,
was she seducing you,
or did she want to scream?
it's you versus you versus you,
i can't forget that tomorrow's mother's day,
i'm talking to you, you know who you are,
going too far, you'll feel good for ten seconds,
she'll be screwed up for life,
blue balls and all of that bullshit


why do i feel bad again?
i shouldn't be sad or miss a grin,
doubt creeps in and doubt creeps out,
skews the view from my cloud,
troublemaker tempting fate,
questioning the path i take,
showing me the twists and tums,
the forks and points of no retum,
i would hold my breath so long to wash ashore where i belong,
broken roses on the steps,
like promises i never kept,
promises i never made but could have honored anyway, tied to years,
slave to fears,
i will always hold you dear,
troubled but sincere,
wishing... fuck the rhyme,
wishing i had a time to wish you mine,
every day i choose to spend the rest of my life with her and every day i break the molds of lives and worlds,
i already miss the things that i will never know,
i will never know the things that i've already missed


when you walk home from the party,
drunk on bacardi and listening to the voices that lie to you nightly,
make you frightened of everyone,
make you sorry for something,
you go home and spend your life alone with the stereo,
watching the late show,
or force yourself out in the night,
to meet your generation,
you feel like claymation in fluorescent light,
on our knees,
we made it hard to see,
we made it hard to breathe and the air was thin

Bad best friend

i only wanna say things that are pure,
now i won't be talking anymore,
i only wanna do things that are true,
every time i move i'm hurting you,
i wanna know what is it that you do,
to keep from hurting anyone but you,
cause i still say your name when i don't feel right,
just like i used to,
and if most people fade to gray and black,
you'll fade to light blue,
i think too much and then start talking mean,
where did i get all these selfish genes?
best friends, best friends,
i'm a bad best friend,
i'll meet you today when no one is watching,
we'll throw our money away,
i'll meet you today


my coat, leave behind my coat,
and my belt, leave behind my coat,
and all that, i don't want it back,
it's called undertown and it's over that way,
some people leave in the morning,
some people leave when they go to bed,
inside it's been rotting,
for a long time now,
ever since i found out, i'm not to blame when i get left out,
my coat,
leave behind the looks,
magazines and books,
don't want it back,
we're going away,
we're dropping the lot,
we'll take another tack if we ever get stopped,
it's the last plan we made before we came unglued,
everything is touch is on the blink,
gotta find a place to land,
find a place to think,
who are you people?

The voices

why do i worry, what do they think?
what is she saying to them?
i can't ignore anything,
you're eating up my world,
like my every second was haunted,
were you just like this since you were a girl?
cause it's all i've ever wanted,
i'm just like you,
peel away the layers two by two,
you're just like me,
piling on the pressure three by three,
we're almost done,
shutting out the voices one by one,
what is she telling her friends?
i can't ignore anything,
i'm planning out my moves,
like my every second was graded,
i'm obsessed, i get no rest


this time,
the win is mine,
my pertect life,
room spin,
don't know how to stop,
don't know how to start,
firecracker, the one you keep inside,
you don't know how to light,
so sink in the tailspin of plans and sleep,
or come and crush me tight,
my favorite high,
here comes the film,
PG l3! crackdown,
no net,
no cage,
no first mistake

Slow down

you see yourself sitting on top,
so self-assured,
but when your parents bail you out you somehow feel not free,
you're bored to tears in school,
it's not like what you thought at all,
trouble is not the answer,
i know what you want to know,
slow down,
why you wanna move so fast?
why you wanna walk so far?
i think i know what you want,
your father toys with you hoping his evil game will win,
in order not to lose,
the trick is not to play with him,
anything good you do is added to your past,
your wealth,
you'll need it all the day you finally choose to ask yourself,
slow down,
why you wanna move so fast?
why you wanna walk so far?
wait and find out who you are,
and how you're gonna make it last,
something's gonna change,
now re-spell your name,
tired of highs and lows,
now derail your train,
and if this letter finds you lost and out of touch,
i hope you know by now you mean so very much to me


you're just walking round your little mazes figuring out how to get by,
how to get laid and get famous,
get yourself paid, impress the guys,
you're taught to divide the world into buddies and wifes,
sluts and wimps,
and ever since,
you've kept a scorecard,
how else to prove you're such the pimp?
you are just a robot,
executing a program,
you get on the train where the crowd is tightening,
to push yourself up against a girl,
and when you're not getting play,
you keep trying,
you don't understand the consentual way,
you are just a robot,
an imitation of a man,
she told me one night,
when we were lying quiet and cold,
something not right,
it had been months since the good times,
once there was sun,
now there was night,
she said to me as she turned on the light,
"there's something you don't know that keeps me from feeling right,
i once knew a guy,
i'd seen him around,
he knew all my friends,
he came from town,
one night at a party,
we both were there,
he followed me into the bathroom,
he grabbed my hair,
and she said
"i still remember just how the floor felt and how my head would hit the tub"
now where is that robot,
is he alive or is he done?
does he breathe the air that i breathe?
is he kept warm by the same sun?