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Letras: Amazing Disgrace

01. Daily Mutilation
Please Return It
Hate Song
Precious Moments
Fight It
Everybody Is A Fucking Liar
Grant Hart
Broken Record
The Certainty

Will You Ever Ease Your Mind


We were just a pair of dice when I let you in
And the numbers were aligned as the wheel grinned
And the center of your eyes was a lucid lake
And the little trust you gave was a big mistake

It's a daily mutilation as I walk along with you
A daily mutilation and a bludgeoning review
A daily mutilation and I'd like to see it through
But a daily mutilation
A daily mutilation just won't do

And the water doesn't work and the pipes are iced
And the bread is full of holes and it's never sliced
And your kindly downward stares live in a weather vane
And the wind would like to know who's going to cut the vein

It's a daily mutilation as I walk along with you
A daily and a bloody shade of blue

Extra, extra, bleed all about it
Bleed all about it


When I told you what you wanted to know
You said, "Take me to Ontario"
When I showed you what you wanted to see
You said, "The flower that you planted in me has gone dry"
Big birds flying overhead, who gives a shit?

When I showed you what I wanted to build
And all the enemies would never be killed
There'll be a saint living under the stairs
So we'll be free of material cares
Black paint on the walls in summer, it's cool, it's cool

I wanna go, I wanna go -- to Ontario

When I asked you, "Why Ontario?"
You said, "It sounds good on the radio"

Black birds flying overhead, waiting for somebody to die


I remember giving up the gory details
And it left me tongue-tied (such an elementary sickness)
Now I don't want to think and I don't want to feel
I wasn't aware that this was part of the deal
When I put my finger on a greater expectation
But just my luck, I lack the patience of a statesman
And all of my language will fail to convey
That I'm terribly twisted around what I say
And the message I threw away

So I keep hiding and it only grows to hurt me
But time is wasting and I'm watching it desert me
I'm digging a hole and I'm making it deep
And I'm starting to question the hours that I keep
And the answer that I put to sleep

And so I'm writing with the hope that someone's reading
For all to likely runs the risk of me repeating
But I don't have the guts to prevent the decay
And I'm terribly twisted around what I say
And the courage that I threw away

I don't have it now

Please Return It

Now, now is the time
Time to reckon
Time to beckon, be surprised
Like a letter
I just sent it, please return it, just forget it
When we live the life we live
It's never ours completely
Not completely
Like a movie, like a style, please return it, please return it
like a flavor, like a glance, please return it, please return it

8, 8 is the hour
hour of our trials, ours too sickening to live
please return it
put it back, I take it back, I can burn it
When you let me live my life
You didn't do it completely but you were discreet
Like the year I spent comparing me to you

Like a servant, like a sewer

There's an 'upside' -- there has to be an 'upside'

When you took me by surprise
That's half the fun of everything
Do you miss the point like I do?
In the certainty of friendships you can ask
Bring the balance back to you
In returning

Hate Song

Don't look around at the scenery today
'Cuz you probably won't understand it
Don't settle down in a permanent way
'Cuz you haven't the right to demand it

I'm writing you a hate song
I don't want to have to hold your hand
I'm writing you a hate song
And I'm hoping that you'll understand

Let it be said that it hasn't been said
When there wasn't the will to unearth it
Relive the germs to awaken the worms
Just to ask them if it's worth it
So let's get one thing straight:
The halls have narrowed, leaving aphids in the marrow...

So you say so
And I say what
And the difference ain't worth debating
I never wanted the mud in the face
But I couldn't have known what was waiting

Precious Moments

The bloodlees toil
The endless foil
You'll never see your home again
Everytime you dial that phone
It rings like it's got no end

Life, what precious moments
And it's only getting worse

The mud filed cracks
Of rutted tracks
You'll never see you mother again
Everytime you dig that grave
Why do you bother to fill it in?

I hate to see what trials can be expected of the ordinary
Before you can recoil in horror
You'll discover life is life's destroyer

We've all got some blood for brothers
Why do we never share with other

Sisters pure -- the vein is sure
You'll never hear music again
That's enough

Don't waste your time -- I can't hear you...

Fight it (if You Want)

There isn't time to tell you all you need to know
But I get as scared as any and I wish it wasn't so

And I don't like it
Anymore than you do

But you'd better hold in spite of doubt
Left swinging to the right
Never lose what you found out
You can fight it if it doesn't kill you
You can fight it if you want to fight...

We're going to make a listing of all the things we don't need
And then we will ween them slowly, all the fears we feed

But you'd better hold in spite of doubt
Sense swinging out of sight

Everybody is a Fucking Liar

Everyone I know is trying to get into this show
Everybody is a fucking liar
Time and time again
Whoever's in the room is your friend

There's no mercy here
A mercy killing of abject fear
Act brave in the press
Conventionality's what I detest

And you who reject masculinity:
Baby, I'm with you
As soon as you forsake virility and aggression too

Back off in disgust
Must honesty jeopardize trust?
Is everybody such a fucking liar?
Damsels in dismay
A man's an Edsel in his own way

And just as God in his his infinate infancy thinks he's in control
That's when God in his infinate infamy
Decides to damn our souls

Let's throw it all in
And think of places to back up & begin
To build something higher


It's another detachment
Same arrangment, different placement
I'm the saddest of moments
All alone in my unspoken
I was dying to feel you
To be in you, and to feel you
I was grieving the distance
Realizing my insistence

And I see the only real I know I feel I have it all

You are the world, you are the world
You're the only world

We were such an amazement
When I found you in the basement
Spent a night on the ceiling
What a feeling, what a feeling

Grant Hart

I can't cry, I can't apply a word to sum it up
Under stress I can't repress the moment it erupts
Hear the sound of paper drums and shredded paper voice
Got to turn up 'Keep Hanging On' as if I had a choice
Prairie fires and pitchfork choirs inspire as they create
Turn it up, It's too far down, until we can relate
Minnesota new day rising first day in the store
Take the couch at someones's house and wait around to score

Nervous children making millions: you owe it all to them
Power trios with big-ass deals: you opened for them
I can see it all with my one good eye
For a start take to Grant Harts & call me when you die

Broken Record

Sunny day at the oasis
As the roasted take their places
And the undertaker mumbles
"You're screwing it wrong..."

Like a broken record
Sir Repetitious:
What a beauty to be needled
The new posistions looking fetal
So take a letter, sayonaro
We're putting you on...

The certainty

Here's how to understand your friends
It's been like six years of the same thing
Nothing can be believed unless you say it
Nothing but good times up ahead for you

Here's how to occupy your mind
Take some skills and learn to build a reason
Nothing can be perceived 'til you betray it
Nothing but fine times up ahead for you

And if we build a car that drives on empty eyes
And call it "laughing matter"
Nothing matters
It's all up for you

Song #1

When I see you cry talking on the phone at night
You never tell me why
When it all goes down and you know shit gets around
And rumors are true
I'll never have a friend quite as lovely again

And I'm not responsible for the ending that I know is inevitable

Yes,I understand you're happy now
And I understand your hand-me-down towel

Better to be happy than to never know

Well it pins me to an exaggerated view --
Correct me if I'm wrong
And it's man's best friend & the tins's empty again
Degrade yourself now
I never took a pill that wasn't guaranteed to thrill

And I ought to know you standing up sobor
I ought to know your black & white look
I ought to know just what your dad told you
I ought to know mistakes you mistook

You can paint it black, you can use the thickest shellac
And still be see through
And with everything I say I mean it in the best way
To have it be true

And it's not impossible for a friend to heed the slack behind the pull

Will You Ever Ease Your Mind?

Will you ever ease your mind
Will you ever wake to find you're burdenless
Will you ever please your mind
Will you ever see a sign that tells you
This is the direction
Now that your perception's finally clearing up...

Will you ever show your face
Will you ever speak and not feel out of place
Will you ever brave the brine
Will you ever find the time your missing
Out on what you wanted
Frustration flaunted in your gentle face

I'm sorry that the simplest things are hard to understand
But aurora borealis has been waiting in your hand
Waiting for a plan
Waiting for a beautiful escape

You may never ease your mind
But you will never cease to find me still around...