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Letras: When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear It Up

01. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
02. Ask Me How I Am
03. Making Enemies
04. Black And Blue
05. Last Ever Lone Gunman
06. If I'd Found The Right Words To Say
07. Batten Down The Hatch
08. One Night Is Not Enough
09. Chased By... I Don't Know What
10. On / Off
11. An Olive Grove Facing The Sea
12. When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up
13. Make Love To Me Forever
14. Firelight

Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

Something snapped me out of a dream that I was having
I'd fallen down an elevator shaft but now I'm back again
Tidying up after the fight we had

Happy with yourself well you've never looked so satisfied
Teasing me with stuff like a spoilt little brother
You finished yet?
Have you got what you really want?

Ask Me How I Am

Has nobody asked you how you are?
You look like you might not last the day
I wouldn't have made it very far
So we'd make a good team right away
I've not made amends for yesterday
My lip won't get me out of it
Waking up dreading hearing tales
Of all of my nightmares being true

I take a breath and grab the phone
Secretly hoping you're not home
I'd leave a message I was out
Out of my mind on drink and drugs

Making Enemies

We're just waiting for our man
To come through with a plan
Of how the hell we turn this round.
And dig ourselves out of the ground
We don't really want to know
The things you claim to know
it could fall around our ears
Might not hurt for years and years

Black And Blue

Blood-red lips like soft intentions
Kiss my eyes they're black and blue
Even if I shouldn't be here
I cannot help myself with you
There's something that I should have told you
We won't get a second chance
Just one night is all we'll spend
Together and it's killing me
She rescues me

Last Ever Lone Gunman

This heartbreak's never ending
It's like it never happened
A fall from grace is close
Why not speed it up?

I've never been so angry
To find out that I failed
It didn't even work
I have to make amends

I shot him from the window
The world just held its breath
And I made my escape
As if no-one could see

I took off in my pick-up
Kids screaming in the back seat
They heard the shots too
And screamed 'cause that's their way
I do alright in my own way

We've all got bigger plans
But when it comes down to it
Mine might save the world
At least for one more day

Don't judge me from your sofas
On TV things don't ever
Come across so true
They're made up in your minds

If I'd Found The Right Words To Say

Right about now if I'd found the right words to say
I'd tell you you're safe and take hold of your hand
I'll be there by your side for the rest of your life
Our bodies could fall off the end of the world

Something told me we'd be happy forever
I don't see how this could change any of that
I will follow your ghost as it climbs up the rock-face
And lie with you on the grass above

And I'd like to change all this
And I'd like to wake up from this
By your side

How did we ever survive for this length of time
Living with only a care in the world
But the light that shines from her
whenever she's happy Is worth every minute
that we've saved ourselves

Maybe there's hope in just one final second
A flash of her love as she waves us goodbye
Don't torture yourself with what we might have given

We did everything that we could ever do

And I'd like to change all this
And I'd like to wake up from this
By your side

Batten Down The Hatch

Batten down the hatch
'Cause we're all coming in
Like uninvited guests
Romancing everything
Keep your hands away
From what you can't afford
We don't think that we'll stay
Now that you look bored

God only knows
What brian wilson meant
Pick out your clothes
With some real intent
You don't seem to care
That I've been waiting here
Pulling out my hair ,
For you to come
My dear

I'll go all the way
As long as you go first
Running all this way
Has given me a thirst
Believe in what you want
As long as you can see
What's right in front of you
I guess that that's just me

One Night Is Not Enough

You left your door wide open
Couldn't help but walk in
It's the last place I should be
But I'm dying to see you

Have I held out for something
That is never gonna happen

It's not me that you love

You woke up cold this morning
Shied away from my touch
I would never mean to hurt you
'Cause I love you so much

Was it always only one night
That you ever wanted from from me

It's not me that you love

Chased By... I Don't Know What

And I'll come running for my life
Scramble through these greasy pathways
I can't look up for fear of forwards
I hear your words reverberate

An easy ride is all you said I was

Please try to control your feelings
It doesn't make me want you more
I'm terrified by every vacant
Glance you shoot across my way

On Off

I couldn't believe what I was seeing
Faces all screwed up like what I'd done
I didn't mean to hurt you so much
I knew it would hurt you but not like this
We all make a mess from time to time dear
But it'll take me a lifetime to get this cleared
Somebody muttered something under their breatl
But I let on like .l was a little deaf

Nobody's perfect that's what I say
No one has hurt me so much you say
I'm sorry

Running away seemed like the easy
Thing to do because I wanted time
To put a smile back on my dour face
For once nothing's missing and I feel fine
I was afraid to tell you some things
But some things all find a way to get told
Hearing it from the lips of somebody else
Must have knocked the wind out of your sweet chest

An Olive Grove Facing The Sea

Sworn to secrecy I might go after school
She was an angel I saw her swimming there
I am in such a mess I can't cope without this
She just teases me pretends she can't see me here

So let me go out there
I can breathe fresh air
Stay with you all night
Just let me love you
Just for a while want to
Be with you all night
Be with you all night

Until I fall asleep
Just let me be here
I won't tell anyone

Don't want to wake up

The blind lead the blind so why can't I find my way
This could be heaven but I don't know where I am
I am too scared to come out from behind here
My body is aching it feels like it's wearing me

When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up

You're not fair
Telling me
You faked every orgasm
You've had with me

That's just fine
Now it's over
And I'm out here
Banging my head

After all the dancing
And spilling beer all over the place
I lie out here
In disgrace

You've had your fun
Kissed some bloke you shouldn't have
Right in front of me
Punched him to the floor
I could have killed him there
But I got thrown out
I'll get him some other time
When he least expects it

Make Love To Me Forever

It took half the time
I am still afraid
So stay by my side
And hold on to my hand
Try to teach me that
I'm alright I guess
But there's so much wrong
But there's so much right
I guess we'll agree
To differ on one thing


Firelight, firelight, fire little, firelight

We won't get much sleep

Reaching out to touch
More than I should have
Love my simple life
I will stay right here