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Letras: Hang Time

01. Down on up to Me
02. Little Too Clean
03. Sometime to Return
04. Cartoon
05. Beggars and Choosers
06. Endless Farewell
07. Standing in the Doorway
08. Marionette
09. Ode
10. Jack of All Trades
11. Twiddly Dee
12. Heavy Rotation


He's a stranger to authority, 
welcome to the minority. 
It's not someplace you have to go, 
it's not something you have to know. 
Don't do this, 
don't touch that. 
Hey, draw the line 
I'll speak my mind, 
maybe I'll wait for another time. 
Sometimes you get close to those who wait, 
Sometimes it makes you hesitate. 
Some folks find more humanity, 
some folks find more than sanity. 
Don't do this, don't do that, 
don't try this, don't do that, 
Don't try this, don't touch that. 
Hey, do it for the last time. 
By the weight of the world coming down, 
down on, down on up to me. 
Down on up to me, wait for another time. 
When you look down on me, I get so uppity, 
Starting my own army, 
just me and my friends, 
said you better get ready. Hahaha. 
Coming down, down on, 
down on up to me, 
down on up to me. 
Coming down, down on, 
down on up to me, 
down on up to 
Though it might just come down to trust, 
It sometimes just comes down to lust, 
that's just one person's point of view. 


Thought I heard you screaming 
And pulling out your hair 
Furious and steaming, a state upon your stare 

Don't you know dirt will find you and 
Dirt reminds you that 
Dirt will always be there, it's only 
Dirt around you and dirt surrounds you and 
Follows you everywhere 

Here's a dirty joke, man, filled with filth and smut 
The heart of it, it sparkles, the more it can corrupt 
Don't you know, dirt can't hurt you 
I'm truly certain, usually washes out 

Don't you know, rain will wash out the 
Stain and all of your pain will work itself out 
Work it out, 

Affraid you've lost your innocence 
To some-odd social scene, 
you're right on top 
But you've been replaced, 
by a shiny new machine 
And dirt keeps following you, 
and you don't know what it means 
You're a little too clean, 
a little too clean, 
a little too clean 

One day dirt will bury you and you will understand 
There is nothing much more than the ground on which you stand 

Don't you know dirt will find you and 
Dirt reminds you that dirt will always be there 
It's only dirt around you and 
Dirt surrounds you and follows you everywhere 

'Fraid you've lost your innocence, 
to some-odd social scene 
You're right on top, 
but you've been replaced 
By a shiny new machine and dirt keeps following you 
And you don't know what it means, 
you're a little too clean 
A little too clean, 
a little too clean 


I ran away I walked a fine line wasting time only to find 
You were callin' I think finally to remind me I am fine 
What you are is what you see and you see me and we can be 
Something you can call real we are, we are, we are 

Doing the best we can, working without a plan 
I'm beginning to understand, its getting out of hand 

I have seen these closing doors,
I've woke up on this floor before 
Picked it apart for hours and hours and hours 
Of turning, tossing and looking and listening 
To you and all the fucked up things you do 

But you're doing the best you can, with every grain of sand 
Its trickling through your hand, sayin' catch me if you can 
If someday comes early, comes whipping comes whirling 
To take you for all you have learned 
The tables are turning, the bridges are burning 
My destination sometime to return 

Throw away your calender and saddle up your salamander 
Get up and get down ride in to town and look around 
Get up and do something,
no time to choose it, do it, do it, do it, do it 

Doing the best I can, with or without a plan, 
I'm taking what I can get, I haven't seen nothing yet. 
If one day you wake up and find what you make up, 
Come and get me, come and take me there. 
Into your illusion, I'll make my intrusion - anytime, anyplace, anywhere. 
The hour glass is draining fast, it knows no future holds no past, and 
all this to will come to pass - never, forever, whenever. 


Now everybody's looking after me, 
If I'm dragging by some coat tail,
I can't see it's too dark, 
But I've got to know what's got the best of me. 

When the circus that you left goes on parade, 
And those things you see seem so far in your charade's too far, 
But I'm feeling like I don't dare look away,
Don't look away. 

Did it almost make you feel,
that something's got to happen soon, 
When you wake up feeling lost in your own room. 
If you're crying and you fear you're gonna drown, 
If you think we'll rise above,
you'd better look around, you'll see. 
It's a mountain made of sand crumbling under me. 
Maybe I'm chasing shadows on your wall, 
They loom so large, but make me feel so small somehow, 
When you're chasing your own tail spinning your own wheels. 

And a time to leave, and a time to stay,
I guess the things I look away. 

Did it almost make you feel
that somethings gotta happen soon. 
You're in the movies now that I'm in your cartoon. 
There's a ringing in my ears that's heaven sent. 
There's a beast out on the ruins,
some broken down lover's lament. 
It goes on and on but it won't go away. 


Right before the aftermath, I saw where it would end. 
They said it was an accident, I guess that all depends 
On who you talk to and who you know, 
And where you come from and where - where you go. 
In your crowd of pushers and users, takers and loosers, 
Beggars and beggars and beggars and choosers. 

Your childhood days are over as you stuff your shirt and say 
Made a choice it's wrong or right, it's this way I will stay. 
You'll sell it to your children, you'll sell it to your wife. 
Buying is your business, and selling is your life, It's your life. 

The vultures are all circling around you 
Scavengers, evangalists will get to you some how. 
Your mother and your ex-best friend,
letters that you never send. 
Your illegitamate children are coming for you now. 
They're always dragging you down,
it's looking like a showdown, 
Between revenge and in the end you can't defend. 
Can you try to imagine, a story that has no end? 
I think you better steal it while you still understand it, 
And sell it to one of your friends. 


Rise and shine it's you're razor sharp. 
Size up yourself in the mirror, a slice of life, 
To last through all the years,
because sooner or later it all comes back to you, 
And we will remember, the fine things you can do. 

I'm giving back all the things that you gave to me. 
I'm saving up the price to pay to be free. 
Remember the first time you saw the rising sun. 
You may be done but I've just begun. 

The leaves are burning and the ashes have flown away. 
I'm turning over new leaves almost every day. 
You let him think you just as soon stay
you let him think you had nothing to say. 
Just let you go away, to find some mangled security, some strangled form of purity, 
To restore your faith and all the things you've come to hate. 
You give and you take and you leave, leave it alone. 
What i want so badly for this to be a place you can call home, and I haven't felt this 
Way since yesterday, but I don't remeber when. 
What I want so badly to be someone you can call a friend, till we meet again. 
Endless Farewell. Hello, Hello, Hello again. Endless Farewell. 


Standing in the doorway,
wondering if it's safe to go outside 
Wondering if I'll come back,
wondering if I might just drift out with the rising tide 

Sitting and waiting and hoping to find,
something you're good at to use up your time 
To crawl from the ocean and lie on the shore 
A moonbeam the rests on the dust on your floor 

I'm not going out there, don't try to tell me I'm paranoid 
Wouldn't say I'm not scared,
though it may be safe to say that I am annoyed 
In the intersection traffic lights are red in all directions 
Everyone breaks the law sometimes,
we all break down have foolish pride
and Beg for some affection,
I can't say I know how you feel
everyone seems to know 
Are you sure I would if I could help you remember,
what it's like to feel good 

Chitter and chatter and everything matters,
I ask how you're feeling 
And you just act shattered,
asleep on the couch with your eyes open wide 

Standing in the doorway,
waiting as you come and as you leave 
You say get out of my way,
won't you stop and talk about the hectic life you lead 
They're all going somewhere,
they all have some place they have to be 
Maybe I should join them,
I wish I could I think I have to stay here with me 
It brings a tear to your eye to get out into the open,
I can't believe I see myself 
Coming into focus 


Marionette I haven't met you yet 
I hear you're good I hear you're made out of wood 
Not quite as blind as you might think she'd be 
[???] as deep as a dream

And they cut off your wings and replaced them with strings 
Now the strings attach to everything 
It's twisted and tangled and troubled with anger 
But somehow you still swing 

Tried all my tricks I tried to steal a kiss 
Splinters and slivers stuck all over my lips 
She thinks she must be doing something wrong 
They pull the strings and then they string you along 
And they cut off your wings and replaced them with strings 
Now the strings attach to everything 
It's twisted and tangled but I've got an angle 
On just what makes you swing 
Hanging by a string 

Know the boss he makes her do things his way 
So why do you think she's so scared of you 
What do you think makes her that way 
When push comes to shove she'll push and shove 
It doesn't always have to be this way 
She's saving up for a vacation somewhere 
Why do you think she's so scared of you 
What do you think makes her that way 
When push comes to shove she'll push and shove 
It's very hard work when you don't get paid 
And they cut off your wings and replaced them with strings 


Well my friend Jud he was a fuddy-dud 
Chewed his cud, was a stick in the mud 
I swear he hated everyone 
And he's bumming nickels and bumming dimes 
But most of all you know he's just bumming time 
And every day was a bad day 
They walked out and on and over him, he was turning gray 
Never knew love he gave up on hope 
Stayed in bed and he stopped using soap was a dirty old man 
But he never said poor little old me, poor poor 
Now one fine day he won the lottery 
Instant millionaire without a care it didn't change a thing 
Drove up to Reno he lost everything at a roadside casino 
You know he never made it into town 
Where the bright lights trickle down, he was a casualty 
And all he got was more lewd and crude, he was very rude 
The only thing he hated worse than the city 
Was charity and self pity he'd been around 
I talked to him that's what I found, he was a casualty 
Poor little old me, poor poor casualty 


[não disponível]


Twiddly dee fe fi fo fum 
There's a giant sleeping and his pants are undone 
He shows no pity for anyone 
He's sure to be killed before the morning comes 

Twiddle my fingers and I twiddle my thumb 
'Cause I ain't gonna quit 'til my work is all done 
I'm a high society skid row bum 
Well on my way to Kingdom Come 

I twiddle in the middle of the moon and sun 
I'm wishing and dreaming I'm a special someone 
Don't leave my load on anyone 
It's way too high and it weighs a ton 

Do re mi fe fi fo fum 
I'm a slave to the music of a father and son 
I never force it on anyone 
Can't keep it a secret so I keep it on the run 

They may say what they say
about the way that we stay 
They may do what they do
about the things that we do 

Ain't worried about the dumb things I done 
Ain't worried about the dumb things to come 
Sometimes I wanna be friends with everyone 
My friends tell me it can't be done 
And some days I feel I don't know anyone 

Now what goes up doesn't always come down 
You'll never believe the things I've found 
Amazing what you learn just hanging around 
Can't put a square peg in a hole that's round 

They may say what they say
about the way that we stay 
They may do what they do
about the things that we do 

If we win or if we lose it's a pleasure to play 
Work all night and I sleep all day 
Just because I'm lucky I can live my own way 


[não disponível]

(T. Jacks)

Put the bone in, she yelled at the store
'Cause my doggies been hit by a car
And I do wanna bring him home something
Put the bone in, she yelled out once more

Because the meat from the pork is so sweet
And the bone from the pork meat to be
Put the bone in, she begged him
as she paced across the floor
Put the bone in, she yelled out once more