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Letras: Superchunk

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01. Sick to Move
02. My Noise
03. Let It Go
04. Swinging
05. Slow
06. Slack Motherfucker
07. Binding
08. Down the Hall
09. Half a Life
10. Not Tomorrow

Sick to Move

finger on my pulse
i got my finger in the socket
why build a cradle
if you don't plan to rock it

i got my things together
all in one place
i got my stuff out of your way
i got myself out of your face

i thought that
you said that
we were gonna
so come on

now i'm too sick
too sick to move

i'm sick of no connection
i'm sick of my reflection
there's a field outside my house
i think i'll crawl there for protection

at this point when i planned
you know i planned on going wrong
it's just i never thought i'd plot

the course of failure for this long




My Noise

it rides beside me
it has no choice
it's my life
it is my voice
it is stupid
it is my noise

it's old and silver(?)
but to me it's gold
it's never silent
and that's dangerous i'm told
i'm told

Let It Go

I bet you lost sight of everything
I know the pleasure that repulsion brings(?)
...squeezing something nonexistent
and of the ... guilt is there no existence(?)

chorus (x3)
let it go
[let it go]

...focus...on squeezing the invisible
does that ... excuse the ... it's invincible(?)
pull apart, examine
and put back again



is nothing there
i feel the air
i scream and yell
i'll break your teeth(?)
but not until you let it go
not until you let it go


you used to move(?) too fast
now you dont move(?) at all
now you start talkin
we ain't talkin' at all

go back to sleep
i didn't say (see?) anything

without a ... to...
and i want it back

you don't care if i live or die
but that's all right
that's all right
you don't care if i live or die



-(i have this problem with first lines, don't i?)
i move slowly toward the door
it's all static
i don't need this anymore

it's slow going
it's slow

you put something in your secret place and now it's gone
this ain't the way it's supposed to happen something's going wrong
don't look at me i've been here in my place all along

my feet are made of lead
and my legs are cast in stone
this pen leaves no trail of ink
i can hardly dial the phone

there's a stiffness in everything
in my bones and in this house
i gotta find someone who knows(?)
i gotta work it out


i wasn't trying to correct you
i was only trying to protect what...
don't look at me i've been here
everything is fine

it's slow going
it's slow going

Slack Motherfucker

You haven't moved from that spot all night since you asked for a light
You little smokestack
You've wasted my time, I'd like to see you try and give it back

I'm working
but I'm not working for you
Slack Motherfucker!!

Relax, sit down I'll kick that stool right out from under you
You ran out, sitting outside
Well I can do the same thing too





from black to grey
the night goes
with hours...
my eyes go (?)
with words and pages
my vision blurs
the written word
i can't read anymore

yeah binding

i thought i'd see it comin'
i thought i'd see it comin'
i see... (2x)
i see... (2x)
i thought i'd see it comin'

Down the Hall

i don't see anyone
tying you down
ther are no chains
no chains
so what's keeping you around
and your mouth is full of shit(?)

and i know what you're thinking
and i need to be by your side
[by your side]

isn't that what i...
you're useless
how do you live like that at all

Half a Life

verse 1
visting hours are over
leave my young, my..., my...
you wait by the photograph
on the dusty mantle on the door

one day out of every week
is never enough time to speak
the words that join this half with yours

a house divided...confused
only half my heart is used
not touch these

verse 2
but don't stop whining until you're looking for words(?)
you'll find them(?)
some people...anything that fits(?)
don't you know there's something ahead
you just keep making do until you're dead
until you're

visting hours are over
leave my young, my... my,...
you wait by the photograph
on the mantle on the door

repeat verse 2

Not Tomorrow

i can see that...

but what're you gonna do

chorus (x4)
not tomorrow

i can't sleep
you're growing tired of this
and i can't tell
if this goes down an empty well(?)


i can't sleep
you're growing tired of this