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Letras: Blackberry Belle

1. Martin Eden
2. Esta Noche
3. Teenage Wristband
4. St. Gregory
5. The Killer
6. Decatur St.
7. Papillon
8. Follow Your Down
9. Feathers
10. Fat City (Slight Return)
11. Number Nine

Martin Eden

Black out the windows
I'ts pary time
You know how I love stormy weather
So, let's all play suicide

The crowd wants you bleeding
The eyes from your head
Get off your knees
You'll be fine

How wide?
How deep the river?
Black as dark as night
How long?
How far?
I'll know when I get to the other side

Whatever it is you've stolen
I'll recognize
I'll sympathize
I reckon that I've seen it all
and start falling

I breathe in
Unchain myself
Tonite's the night
No wind, rain, conversation
Brings me back alive tonite
How wide?
How deep the river black as night?

Black out the windows
It's party time
I see a light
That I recognize...

Esta Noche

Esta Noche Lyrics
Come little lately
Get your shine on
Meet me at the gate
There's nowhere to go
I can't be late

I feel cool
Aware that I'm sinking
The firmament is swallowing me whole
and I'm on a roll again

Come, little lately
Get your shine on
Kiss my pretty face
and let me bleed awile
the people want a taste
So taste me

I feel cool
I get around
My blood they wanna steal it
A lonely boy will stand
When others crawl
and I can feel them coming at me

Esta noche
All the lights will breathe the same air
As I behold the view

Come, little lately
Get your shine on
Step out of the shade
and let me breathe awhile
For god has come to play
So play me

The air
The night
My blood you're gonna feel it
The everlasting love has turned to snow
and I wanna fell it all over

Never no one
I wait ever
I feel this light
But I conceal
No one complete
This mess, replete
Perfumed in mud
Christened by a wave
This is neverlasting love

Teenage Wristband

You say you wanna go there,
Ride then
I did and I loved it
Say you don't wanna be here,
Leave then
Time comes , to get gone
Say good morning to another set
Of creature
My dear, I'm gone she said

You wanna go for a ride?
I got sixteen hours to burn
And i'm gonna stay up all night

Tell your mama fever come
Back again
Look what you started
And break it eazy to your boyfriend

She said
You wanna go for a ride?
I got thirteen hours to burn
And i'm gonna stay up all night

She said she said
You wanna go for a ride?
I got no more money to burn
And i'm gonna stay up all night

St Gregory

hey there, boy
so good to see you again
i heard your woman left you
i heard you quit your band,
how you on money?
you still feeing that jones?
man, you don't look like you used to
my god, you look like a ghost

there's a riot goin' on
inside of me
won't you come inside
see what i see?
them boys was drinkin'
goddam, i got me a gun
we goin' cappin later on
don't that sound like fun?

i know how to get my way.
to make you love me enchante'

now, hey love you when yr alone
let's call jackie, see if he ain't home
baby, i'm alright
playin tricks with the light

they love me down in texas
my home while i'm away
god knows, i got my reasons
for every muthafuckin thing i say
everytime you go away
take me down, i have gone astray
take me down.

The Killer

I think we're lost, don't worry
I've been here before
I'm sure I thought I knew the way
Out of here yesterday
Dove cuesto, mi dolce?
Your driver called, it's time to go
Your driver's waiting for you

And I caught a fever
A holy fire
Til I was crawling on the ceiling
Come out of your hole
I know you know
You know I know
I wanna go

Such a pretty thing, i've never seen
Someone so perfectly deceive
I loved her smile
And her beguiling way with me
She smelled exciting, I wanted some
Your drivers' gone
Like everybody
And that's why I need ya
To catch on fire

I want you to burn me til I feel it
I know you know which way to go
I wantcha to show me
So I can steal it
Where should we go?
Where should we go?
I knwo you know that I'm
Gonna need it
I know you know which way to go
I know you know
I wanna go

Decatur St.

Down around the corner
Lives a naughty little girl
Who clicks her tounge, I love the way
She talk
She pay no attention, knows I'm one of
Them sad boys
Who's hypnotized by girls who walk
The walk

I'm no good and I like it
And the end iz comin soon
Above, the lion
Iz hungry for the dark side of the

Decatur, the complicator
I want a little more
The savior of misbehavior
It's alright, circle tight, say goodnight
Hit the town

Up high the sky iz dark and wide,
It looks like its gonna fall

Are you all alone or shall I
Squire you home?
Or would you rather see me crawl?

I know what I had and I know
What i got
Maybe my soul iz like a vacant lot

Baby it's complicated,
Though I'll never know
A favor to run away
You wanna party? you wanna party?
You wanna?

Do ya? do ya?
Do ya wanna roll with me?
Do ya? do ya?
Do ya wanna roll with me?
Cuz i'm juvenile
And i'll make you cry
You wanna ride?
Ain't nuthin free
See somethin you like you gotta pay
Pay me or play me


Bye, bye butterfly
I get a little outta control
You mind your mama
Else she gonna swallow you whole

Infect me, protect me
She gonna resurrect me, I know
Cuz baby, I'm livin from dime to dime

If down iz up
I think i'll be doin alright, tonight

And I roll and it feels good around
I got sold for nuthin as it seems
Infect me, protect me
She gonna resurrect me, I know

Bye, bye, butterfly
I get a little outta control
Cuz when the moon done
Get snuffed out
On your knees, you gonna see the sun
Cut down

Neglect me, select me
She gonna disconnect me, I know

And I roll....

Follow You Down

Get the wheel, let’s go for a ride
if you’re trouble then I’ll follow
you down
last night I saw the strangest light
I wanna see it again

I’m wide awake
somebody put a gun in my face
go ahead I said erase.

Get the wheel, let’s go for a ride
if you’re trouble, then I’ll follow you down
last night, last night was alright
I wanna see you again.


Wherever you're going
I know you knew
That nobody cuts me
Quite like you do

And i'm gonna crawl
Not that it matters
Nobody bleeds the way I do

Wherever you've gone
I can follow
The path of destruction
You leave like crumbs

And i'm gonna crawl
I'm gonna scratch and claw
Though i am broken, i still bleed
Whoever said?
No wind, no rain, no conversation
Will bring me back alive

I got it bad and i won't sleep
Until i breathe the sweet perfume
You love

You're gonna crawl, my precious
I'm untethered
Waving in the wind like feathers
Feel you near me, disappearing
If you take, you better kill me

Break me, steal me
If you don't kill me
I'm gonna crawl, til you crawl
Crawl like them all, my precious
I'm untethered
Waving in the wind like feathers
Crawl, my love

Fat City

I musta been near, unclear
Its dark as hell and hot in here
But I'm ready for the stroll
So release me so I can find
The couple comes over, I fear
That they'll lead me to the garden
Where anything I want iz close
Everything I wanted most

Nathan runs a little river
Cathy gets high
Joey got arrested when he messed up
Round about sixteen times
Why you take from a giver?
Why you gotta get high?
Why you watch a carwreck,
Cuz it looks fun to die.

The ship it listed and things got twisted
Bow down and get yourself lifted
Party at the mansion, y'all
Party on the day before the fall

You all Better Listen
Don't question my volition
The hard way, the eazy way,
The only way
The lonely way

Save yourself, you little sinner
Path it up right
Take the road less traveled
Make sure you keep that shit all tight
Kali nichta...

Number Nine

Sweet talking fly on the wall
Blackberry belle of the ball
Just like you told me
I’m gonna crawl

You trouble me
And I ain’t myself anymore
I’m crawlin around like a whore
And you love me there on the floor

Do you know what album had this song, can you report to us below?
Come on, boy, don’t be such a baby
And maybe I’ll bail you out
One more time
You got number nine starin atcha

If you can not find the lyrics you want, You may want to request them.
Get back, boy or I’ll make you blind
You fucker
This here’s where we settle up
One last sweet drink from you cup
Hand it over, slowly
I’m gone

Come on boy, don’t be such a baby
And maybe I’ll sell you out
One more time
You at the foot of the master
I’m faster but I’m gonna take
My time
And I’m gonna make you blind