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Letras: Murray Street

01. The Empty Page
02. Disconnection Notice
03. Rain On Tin
04. Karen Revisited
05. Radical Adult Lick Godhead Style
06. Plastic Sun
07. Simpathy For The Strawberry

Thurston Moore

These are the words
But not the truth
God bless them all
When they speak to you

But thats all right
On an empty stage
Sing out when
Theres no other way

Come drift the town
Where secrets lie
Where friends & neighbors
Keep drifting by

But thats all right
You're here to stay
Sing out tonight
The empty page

I always thought i'd see
Your name in flashing light
You did it all for free girl
& freely ripped the night
(yr free to fight)

These are the words
But not the truth
God bless them all
When they speak to you

But thats all right
You're here to stay
Sing out tonight
The empty page

Do you remember the time
When you were new in town
You smashed yr head in the mirror baby
And kissed the frozen ground
(yr ripped up sound)

Thurston Moore

Did you get yr disconnection notice
Mine came in the mail today
They seem to think im disconnected
Don't think i know what to read or write or say
Glossaries injected daily
Words + numbers spell out the price to pay
It simply states, "yr disconnected baby"
See how easily it all slips away

This is noh direction
Prepare for the city
Angels turn on heavens light

Hurry up the stage awaits you
Don't forget memorize yr lines
Missed yr mark now we medicate you
Out of step just cant find the time
Will we pass thru undetected
Everything right here inside our file
Not so free to be unprotected
A secret mona lisa hides behind her smile

Thurston Moore

We all hope
To signal kin
Days of gold
Now rain on tin
Gather round
Gather friends
Never fear
Never again

Lee Ranaldo

Heard yr name the other day
It's been a long long time
Ancient history some would say
Another state of mind
You smell of memory
Felt tip'd electric childe

She takes a plastic pill/she plays the weatherman
She screams 'religion kills more than it save ya, man'
She painted filigrees/she was the acid queen
She claims society is just a fever dream

Now you live in the trees and salty seas 
Tripping out in the blue skies
You shut the door on everything
Too busy getting high
And me, just another dream theory
Lost inside yr eyes

She's not in yr history books/lost her mind, kept her looks
Down beneath the radar screen/ she's lit up like gasoline
Been thru a million kix/looking for the one that sticks
Never would've known it then/i might not see her again

Top hat and tails for thrills
Red lips and famous hands
Sidelong and glancing still
In tiny dancer land
We kissed/time slipped
Hard edged/tight lipped
Come home/sometime
Ask me/if i care
For karen
Miss communication
Stuck in isolation

Thurston Moore

Send the moon thru the skylight
Bells together outrageously
Noiseball, flirtatious example
Bless her soul to further degree

Theatre goddess, film destroyer
New york girls are sure to enjoy her
Fuzzy peach, teenage computer
A shocking figure in the eye of the universe

I am dead by the beauty of strangers
In horror my eye-head transforms them
Into smiling, beatific room mates
From dust to dust they create rock n roll

Here comes something: you are lou reed
Transformer cracked by the backyard stream
Killer tunes, bubblegum disaster
Radical adults lick godhead style

Kim Gordon

Plastic girl with plastic gun 
Plastic smile under plastic sun 
You burn my heart w/yr frigid stare 
Rip me off w/yr greasey hair 
I hate you and yr fishy friends 
I hate you and it never ends 

Tired of the times i wound up dead 
Tired of thedogs inside yr head 
Tired of the needles beside yr bed 
Tired of the crap you keep me fed 
Tired of the people you keep misled 
Yr blood is turning my blue eyes red 
Get yr hands off my tomato 
Cherry juice on a rotten potato 
Subway slasher is on my ass 
Steals my money and smokes my grass 
Watch yr back or yr dead meat baby 
Throw the dog a bone + you still get rabies.

Kim Gordon

Let me introduce you 
Since you saw my shadow self 
Living underneath you 
She can't resist a tickle out 
I'm a girl scout 
Searching for the new stuff 

Did i mention that it melts away(allgone)
She puts a sign out 
Out of order (a want a building that says) 
Makes you strongly disobey 
Guiding you away 
Chiding you away 

So quick to hide when i turn around 
She will rise just to embarrass me 
She likes to dance when it's dark inside 
Just a flashlight there 
For a guide 
Try and catch me if you can 
Free and wild 
Watch where you stand 
Below the net 
Desire it grows and grows 
Like a strawberry not a rose 
Prickly patch don't you stand on me 
Squishing down 
In the mud ahh!