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Letras: Madonna

1. And You Will Know Them...
2. Mistakes & Regrets
3. Totally Natural
4. Blight Takes All
5. Clair de Lune
6. Flood of Red
7. Children of the Hydra's Teeth
8. Mark David Chapman
9. Up from Redemption
10. Aged Dolls
11. The Day the Air Turned Blue
12. A Perfect Teenhood
13. Sigh Your Children

And You Will Know Them...

And You Will Know Them By The Trail Of Dead

Mistakes & Regrets

If I could make a list
Of my mistakes and regrets
I'd put your name on top
And every line after it
Because every inch of hope
Becomes a world of shame
I've had to walk through
Each and every day
And if I screamed "you were wrong"
At the top of my lungs
It would never return
All the faith that I've lost
Because there is nothing left to say
That has not been said
If I shouted, you wouldn't listen
I dought it'd even sink in
If you forget how to feel
Reach inside your chest
Is there a heart beating?
Is there just emptiness?

Totally Natural

Look at his hand move!
Check out the shape of his hips as he goes!
Well he's totally natural!
Well actually he's a white ghost
Performing in a video.
He's totally natural! (he's only an actor)
He's so beautiful to see,
But something's lost underneath,
Enter the wounded animal,
Refuse the medals they bestow
Shake a hand, take a bow
It's so au natural
(He's only an actor)
(He's on the screen...)
The chains lie broken one by one
Of the molten- sod illusion of a broken home
It's a street fight, it's a Friday night alone
It's a bottle that's warming on the shelf
It's feeling just inches away from death
It's a street, it's an icicle
It's a panic attack, it's only an act, yeah.

Blight Takes All

Just another Poland pose
With this new haircut...
What am I to do?
Just another ringing alarm
In this empty room
I know what I can do...
As spring hits my eyes
I revel in the mist
Something lustful bores a hole
Formed from dought and worthless plans
This blight takes all
Just another death rattle dance...
Are we homeward bound?
I know what can be blessed
When I heard that lost song
In this empty room...
I know we'll be missed
As spring hits my eyes
I revel in the mist
Something lustful bores a hole
Formed from dought and worthless plans
This blight takes all...

Clair de Lune

Well the mood settled down
Once the movie hit town
You know all the movies I've seen
You never did understand
How I watched all of them
Can't figure how you never did
Well the moon is so gold
That it conquors the soul
Like that very first moment we kissed
But you never will go far
In a Japanese car
Just thinking of the things that we've missed
...What good are promises
If nobody honours them?
And so we never ask 'why?'
Don't say anything nice
And don't talk if we meet on the field
Because I want you to know
That I let it all go
Even if you never did.

Flood of Red

Follow you into this suicide
Place a foot into this city of refuge
Carelessly mock those around us who
Laugh and cry
Carefully lock those fears... surround them with lies
From what I know
Can it do harm?
From one deadly...
A burn to my skin
Blaze the underbelly with no remorse
Kiss the placid face of this frozen lake
Taken by the screaming rhetoric
Follow you into this suicide
From what I know
Can it do harm?
From one deadly sin...
A burn to my skin
A flood of red
Bound by lust
From what I know
Bound by lust
Bound by trust

Children of the Hydra's Teeth


Mark David Chapman

We pierced the side of the idol
With the sharpened neck of an electric guitar
Bottled the water from the wound
Holy relic- the essence of star
But what does she care, it's just another blank stare
To a world that loves and hates you on a dare
Where the orphans ask the widows the meaning of 'fair'
So let this be a drink to quench this uncontrollable thirst
Tie the belt a notch tighter around anxious hearts set to burst
And when this once at least gilded cage has been
Stripped bare of flesh cold and numb
What have you done, Mark David Chapman?
Let all the desperate hours of boredom
Lead you to some meaning of truth
Bumps and bruises and notebooks for heaven's jury as proof
The emotions were shrink wrapped, sold as scraps
Choose any scene from the vending machine
Somewhere lost in the night, a satellite transmitted dream
Industrial revolutions of the soul interchangeable hearts it's manufacturing
If we wear out each other it's o.k., just go buy another
So let this be a drink to calm the shaking hands that you've found
Let this be release, forever unwound.

Up from Redemption


Aged Dolls

Drip... drip on to the tombs of the soulless...
Drip on to your aorta...
Drip as fiery cinder
On to this sweltering town
No one gives a damn about your end...
This is something you can count on
Drip down onto my forehead
On to my aorta
Drip as fiery cinder
Onto the sweltering town
So I'm sweet on you
I am transparent
So I'm sweet on you
I am a motherfucking ghost...
(To amuse... to seduce...)

The Day the Air Turned Blue


A Perfect Teenhood

Take one
Take two
Believe it or not this is a plan of action
A perfect teenhood is a drug racket
It's a beautiful day and I am up and at 'em
Motorcycles and cops are the main attraction
Tommy Gun
Blood Lust
A perfect teenhood
Fuck you
A freak visitation from a sister planet
A holocaust situation requires network access
Information society takes a new direction
The highway and a gun, the latest fashion
Tommy Gun
Blood Lust
A perfect teenhood
Fuck you
Take one
Take two
So believe it or not, this is a plan of action
This ain't no mercy mission, this is target practice
The atomic thrust is gonna tear you askew
Agent X is Bettie Page, she's in the rear-view
Tommy Gun
Blood Lust
A perfect teenhood
Fuck you...

Sigh Your Children

Sigh your children
Who have we?
All our lives & countless years
When your world
A glass heart aches
Wraps us unheard, unscathed
Will we, your children
Pine away
Your good news our destiny?
Is it something wrong
If this is what I want?
My time to fuck shit up.
When all your gods
Turn to stone
Throw them all
Out the door.